Board Minutes 1997 09

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
September 23, 1997


Present: Mark Hewes, Sandra Ruoff, Jan Dan, Marlene Palmquist, Gennett Grinnell, Ann Penfield, Joel Marks, Valerie Harrod, Marcia Trotta, Sandy Long, Liz Creighton, Nancy Wardell, Leslie Scherer, Karen Smith, Paul Price, Ann Montgomery Smith, Linda Rusczek, Elsie Jenkins, Lydia L. Main, Marie Shaw, Marcia Lewis, Anne Clement, Susan Donovan, Ann Davis, Bill Edge, Ed Murray, Gale Bradbury. Absent: PEQ.



The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Vice President Jan Day, at the Russell Library, Middletown, Ct.


Introduce Joel Marks the new designated voting Alternate for Mitchell College and Ann Clement the new designated voting Representative for Old Lyme.


IV. ELECTION OF PRESIDENT:  For remainder of Anne Calvert's term.

Jan Day called for a report from the Nominating Committee. Valerie Harrod reported that the Committee nominated Ed Murray to serve as President for the remainder of Anne Calvert's term. Jan asked for nominations from the floor. Hearing none, all voted in favor of Ed Murray serving as President.

Ed Murray immediately took over. He noted that LION is in a time of great change. The Joint Project is forming with Ann Montgomery Smith in the lead, LION is looking at a new telecom network and the possibility of a new integrated library system. There has been a large staff turnover and we are looking ahead to a new calendar year. He asked members with committee responsibilities to stick with their committees for the next 12 months to provide some consistency.


Sandy Ruoff moved and Marlene Palmquist seconded a motion to approve the August 26, 1997 minutes. The motion carried.


Bill reported on the August 31,1997 interim Treasurer's Report. He noted the beginning balance from July was off because of incorrect accounting for value of the T-Bills and Notes. The problem dates back to 96 but will be resolved as part of the annual audit.

The August report reflects a low income which is normal for the second month of the quarter. He noted the Dividends/Interest for August were not known yet. The current month Income and Assets reconciliation are both off – probably due to problems in properly accounting for maturation of T-Bill on August 15. Assets figures for both Merrill Lynch Securities Account and Merrill Lynch CMA Money Fund are in question. A final report will by given when the problem is resolved. Expenditures for the month were average. The new equipment for 1,311 was for 3 wyse terminals. There was a consensus to receive the report.


1. Status of Joint Project:

     a. Monthly Report/Discussion:

Ann Montgomery Smith reported that all 3 networks have approved a planning budget and that Anne Calvert was warmly welcomed at their last meeting. The Governance Committee has set up an aggressive series of meetings to work on a document for all boards to approve. The Away Team is scheduled to visit a site in Suffolk, NY which is using III. She noted that Bibliomation is setting up the remote running of a LAN with CARL on a trial basis. They have levied a special assessment of members for the Joint Project. The Joint Project has come up with a budget formula for costs. 20% will be split equally among the networks and 80% will be split based on the number of member libraries. The total cost per library will range from $240 – $270. The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 8. CONNECT is very interested in a telecom upgrade. On the memo of agreement calendar most things have been done on schedule. The procurement process is behind. CONNECT has signed a lease agreement with CARL to lease the equipment needed for the upgrade plus 12 months of running the system. The Connecticut Library Network (CLN) has chosen The Library Corporation as the vendor for their product.

     b. Cost Sharing Formula:

Bill Edge handed out copies of the Joint Project Formula budget. He invited members of the Joint Project to attend the Ameritech presentation scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 9th. Bill noted the 20 – 80% split noted earlier and that Groton/Waterford and LEAP may be included. This was one of 7 or 8 formulas looked at and there may be other formulas used for other parts of the budget. Whoever does the invoicing will do so quarterly based on the formula. The budget has been adjusted to reflect the hiring rate for Anne Calvert and reflects the balance of FY 98. The total cost per system/per library is slightly higher for a smaller system. It was noted that Groton/Waterford is not paying into the Joint Project but they do pay to belong to Partnership Plus. Bill would like to see the Joint Project take over the Partnership Plus project.

     c. Understanding re: part time work for JP:

Bill handed out the Joint Project Administrative Support Services/Understandings and recommended approval by the Board. Elsie Jenkins moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion to approve the Joint Project Administrative Support Services/ Understandings. The Joint project has budgeted for 15 hours plus a pro-rata share of overhead expenses. LION will need to keep track of the actual time spent on the project and bill accordingly up to 15 hr/wk. All voted in favor.

3-4.Planning Committee:

     a. Recommendation on LION telecom:

Leslie Scherer handed out a report of the Planning Committee meeting held September 18, 1997. Ameritech has asked to come out and demonstrate to LION their new products which the Planning Committee felt would be worthwhile. An all day meeting has been scheduled for October 9th. The morning will feature a demonstration with the afternoon devoted to a discussion of ways to get around the 256 user limitation. LION will continue to load all new releases to keep current on the system. Mark has scheduled the load of whatever is in general release – hopefully including 170, on December 17th.

The Committee discussed LION's telecom situation and felt we should focus our attention on upgrading the telecom as soon as possible. Libraries would probably have to pay part of the cost which would be worked out as part of the workplan. Possibilities include having LION float a loan to libraries who did not have the funding.

Leslie Scherer moved and Ann Penfield seconded a motion to have LION proceed with a work plan and formal procurement process for the acquisition of a replacement telecommunications system. This plan should include provision and management of Internet access.

The changes would be made possible at the end of this fiscal year or early next fiscal year. There is an advantage to having the network under LION control rather than to go through many different vendors. If we want to stay together as a consortium or Joint Project we want the consortium to run the network. All libraries are at different places and we must move forward quickly on this. If we do not do it together libraries will go on their own.

Location of LION is also an issue – LION will need to know where they will be for the next 5 years. We don't want to install a system and have to move it in 2-3 years.

Bill Edge noted that we need to develop a policy of who pays for what. He suggested that LION pay for the term servers, which he equates to the current Paradyne multiplexors, and the library pay for the frame relay costs including the DSU/CSU and line costs. LION would install and maintain the network.

PAC Committee recommendation concerning Network Support:

Marcia Lewis handed out copies of a motion made at the last PAC Committee meeting. The Committee recommends that a network support person be hired by LION to help with LAN development. The Planning Committee recognized the need for this support but felt the first priority should be the telecom upgrade. Marcia discussed the need for LAN development and felt it should be simultaneous with the telecom upgrade. Marie Shaw spoke from experience that her LAN without the telecom upgrade was too slow but now that she has the telecom upgrade in place she wants her LAN. Marcia mentioned a demo coming up for shared statewide licensing. Bill Edge suggested we learn from the experience of the other consortia that LAN support can turn into a nightmare. The motion above was called to a vote. All voted in favor.

     b. Contending Users:

Leslie Scherer discussed a report done by Mark on port usage. We may have more room than we thought to buy enough time before we need the next system.

Marcia Lewis and Linda Rusczek suggested that libraries interested in moving ahead with LAN development get together and perhaps hire a consultant to begin working on it. Leslie Scherer suggested using the document Joe Fromme developed. She described the simple model which Wallingford uses – peer to peer – which works as an interim solution. Marcia Lewis recommended that the PAC Committee change their focus to LAN development and that they look at the Wallingford model.

Mark Hewes reported on a discussion he had with Ed Riding at Ameritech regarding their long range plan. They have had trouble retaining network support staff to manage their in-house system. Their costs are out of line. They plan to scrap the data base and move to a three tiered environment in the next 3 years. PCs are too unmanageable – they are looking at a network machine with JAVA and a server to run the machines. However network computers are not ready yet. What is available is a remotely managed PC. Mark has asked them to address this issue when they visit in October. This means that WAN and LAN administration must be coordinated. A recent demo on network computers was good but not great. Cost was not much less than a PC. It does allow for a mix of terminals.

2. Personnel Committee recommendation:

The recommendations have not been set yet. The Personnel Committee will meet on October 15th at 10 a.m. at the Blackstone Library in Branford to discuss salaries and job descriptions. The Finance Committee will join them at 11 a.m. to work on a budget.

5. Nominating Committee:

Valerie Durham presented the Nominating Committee's slate of officers for 1998. President – Ed Murray Vice-President – Jan Vail Day Secretary – Sandy Long Treasurer – Karen Smith



1. LION Staff Reports:

Bill Edge handed out his written report. Uptime for the month was 94.46% – not great. 37.11 hours Central site (mostly electrical problems); 1.55 hours Terminals/ Bar code readers – mostly EHP and WBR Telecom problems. Anne Calvert has started part time work for LION and the Joint Project. She begins full time September 29. LION is ordering a new PC (including book keeping/accounting software) for her using Joe's furniture. Will be a while before new files are set up – lots for Anne to learn. Bill handed out the barcode label order form and asked that it be returned to Anne Calvert by Wednesday, October 15 – including 0 orders.

Bill handed out a copy of a letter he received from PEQ regarding their intent to terminate LION membership along with his response. Their data output will be done in early 1998. They are officially out of LION as of July 1, 1998. This is a loss of 11 GP terminals.

MXC is opening a satellite site in Meriden and will possibly want 4 user workstations with LION access. Durham is planning a T-1 frame relay asap. LION is working with SNET on this. BRB is still "not fixed" but is working fine now.

Bill requested that Russell Library reconsider its December 27, 1996 notification of intent to terminate LION's lease. MDT has purchased the house next door and was on the verge of moving Tech Services there. LION has been invited to consider renting the 2nd floor of that building (about 3,500 sq.ft). Bill requested that LION take over the present Tech Services space in exchange for their current space for an increase of about $300/month. It may also be possible to put the Joint Project on the 2nd floor of the house. Linda Rusczek reported that the Board is still deciding what they will do before making any offers to LION. They hope to decide at their October meeting and may have an offer for LION's October meeting.

Mark handed out his written report and a report of statistics gathered about users logged in at various times of the day. At any one time 25% of the terminals are in use. The report is a snapshot showing how active we are on a particular day -Wednesday. Mark will refine the report to show PACs vs staff terminals and the library. It is highly unlikely that users use all the terminals at the same time. Bill Edge noted we currently have 222 Universe licenses with 246 devices and a capability of 256 devices. This gives us some breathing room.

2. LION Committee Reports:

     a. Planning Committee: Reported above

     b. Finance Committee: No report.

     c. Personnel Committee: No report.

     d. Bibliographic Committee: No report. The next meeting will be Oct. 2.

     e. Circulation Committee: No report. The next meeting will be October 9.

     f. PAC Committee: Report above. Representatives from PAC will attend the CLN Board meeting       on  creating a newspaper database. The next PAC meeting is Nov. 12. Libraries interested in LAN development will meet Oct. 21 at 9:30 a.m. at the Wallingford Library.


The designated vendor for the Connecticut Library Network is the Library Corporation. The cost is within the budget.


Leslie Scherer asked members of the Planning Committee to meet after the meeting to set a date for the next meeting.


1. Next meeting: Tuesday, October 28, 1997 – 9:30 a.m. at the Russell Library in Middletown.

2. Refreshments: Blackstone Library. 3. A motion was made by Karen Smith and Seconded by Lydia Main to adjourn at 12:00 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,

Gale F. Bradbury, Secretary

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