Board Minutes 1997 12 Annual

Minutes of the LION Annual Membership Meeting

December 16, 1997

Present: Jan Day, Mark Hewes, Gabriella Kaye, Marie Shaw, Marlene Palmquist, Karen Smith, Ann Penfield Sandy Ruoff, Nancy Wardell, Leslie Scherer, Liz Creighton, Betty Page, Paul Price, Linda Rusczek, Anne Clement, Marcia Lewis, Joel Marks, Elsie Jenkins, Ann Davis, Helene Tieger, Sandy Long, Bill Edge, Ed Murray, Gale Bradbury.

Guests: George Duffy, CPA, Ann Montgomery Smith, Lewis Daniels.

Absent: ELY


The meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m. by President Ed Murray, at the Russell Library, Middletown, Ct. Members around the table introduced themselves.






Karen Smith moved and Marlene Palmquist seconded a motion to approve the December 17, 1996 Annual Membership Meeting minutes. All voted in favor.


1. Auditor's Report:

A written report was mailed to the Board. George Duffy noted he had been with LION since the beginning and that he was happy to have our business. He thanked the staff for helping him to do his job. A review of LION finances for the past 5 years showed that LION continues to have a good financial status. Ann Penfield moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion to accept the auditor's report. The motion carried.

2. President's Report:

Ed Murray handed out his written report. He thanked the Board for their work during the past year. He acknowledged Ann Calvert's work for most of the year. He noted that the Board met 11 times during the past year which reflects the amount of work that was done including the Connecticut Library Partners, the Rob McGee study, and the telecom network. He thanked the officers and committee chairs.

3. Executive Director's Report:

Bill Edge handed out his written report. He noted that we did not achieve our goal of a single shared integrated system but each network has committed to make a selection on a new shared system by June 30, 1999. Our efforts have shifted to a new telecom network. He discussed staff changes that occurred during the year, the LION databases, running the LION system, the Joint Project, CLN and Partnership Plus. Bill also commented on the ILL statistics. LION comes out well in the report. 84% of the increase in overall ILL activity last year was from LION Libraries, 90% of the public library fill increase was from LION, delivery is good with 66% filled in 8 days, LION Libraries fill 98% of all of their requests received, compared to 67% for non-LION libraries and LION is a big net lender, 5 of the top 7 are LION libraries. He discussed LION statistics, the distribution of LION terminals and the year ahead. Bill thanked the Board Officers, Committee Chairs and staff.

4. Associate Director's Report: Mark Hewes handed out his report. He discussed how his duties have changed during the year. He praised Karen Conover for so capably handling her work in his absence, and Rick for taking over the telecom network and troubleshooting any problems. He mentioned the gaps left by Joe Fromme's departure which he and Rick have had to work out. He noted that the Joint Project takes up a great deal of his time and he values that time. He feels LION is well represented in the Joint Project.


Bill Edge reported on the Official designation forms and mentioned the libraries that needed to submit them. Forms are needed from Durham, Russell Library, Levi Coe Library and Three Rivers Community Technical College.


Valerie Harrod presented the following slate of officers for the coming year, 1998. Ed. Murray – President Jan Day – Vice President Karen Smith – Treasurer Sandy Long – Secretary


Honors and Recognition:

Bill Edge recognized Ann Penfield for her many of years of service to the LION Board. Ann will be retiring at the end of December. She was presented with a gift. He also thanked outgoing Secretary, Gale Bradbury and presented her with a gift.


Jan Day moved and Leslie Scherer seconded a motion to adjourn at 10:25. The motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gale F. Bradbury, Secretary

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