Board Minutes 1998 01

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
January 27, 1998

Present: Jan Day, Marlene Palmquist, Valerie Harrod, Ann Davis, Marie Shaw, Lydia Main, Sandy Ruoff, Gale Bradbury, Sandy Long, Karen Smith, Linda Rusczek, Liz Creighton, Joel Marks, Howard Einsohn, Elsie Jenkins, Anne Clement, Lee Clapp, Susan Donovan, Leslie Scherer, Gennett Grinnell, Nancy Wardell, Marcia Lewis, Mark Hewes, Bill Edge. Absent: PEQ, MOC/TVY.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 9:34 a.m. by Vice President Jan Day at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT.

II. ADDITIONS TO AGENDA: A revised agenda with additional wording in bold for clarification of item VI.5.d. and g. was distributed.

III. PUBLIC COMMENT: A Membership Meeting is hereby announced to be held immediately prior to the February 24, 1998 Board Meeting, for the sole purpose of considering revisions to the By-laws. Recommended By-laws changes were distributed.

IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Leslie Scherer moved and Ann Davis seconded a motion to approve the December 16, 1997 Board Meeting minutes. All voted in favor.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT: Bill Edge reported on the December 1997 report. Under Disbursements: Maintenance – Bib $13,963 is the one-time annual LC Books English subscription; Capital Expenses – New Equipment includes 2 wands and 2 wedge bar code readers for replacements as needed. Under Assets: $40,000 of the large balance in Webster Bank checking has been transferred to Merrill Lynch Ready Assets subsequent to this report.


1. Status of Joint Project:

a. Bill Edge reported that the official name is now PCL – Partnership of Connecticut Libraries. The monthly report, which had been emailed, was distributed. PCL hopes to have the By-laws approved by all 3 organizations by the end of March.

b. PCL submitted a statement to CLN expressing concern about the importance of the networks and the network libraries to the design and implementation of the products selected by CLN, to insure their value to our members. As a result, at least the two CLN implementation committees now envisioned, ILL and PAC & Cataloging Services, will invite representatives from the networks to participate.

c. A Procurement Committee will recommend to LION and the other participant's procedures for selecting an ILS not later than June 30, 1999.

d. A report from NESC, "Conclusions From Discussions With Key Players PCL, January 15, 1998," was distributed, which describes problems not yet addressed by PCL.

e. PCL met with a telecom consultant and is working with him to produce a telecom plan. PCL is still assessing reasons to do something in conjunction with CLN on telecom. PCL is concerned with how member libraries will access the CLN system.

f. CLN has agreed with Capitol Region for them to continue negotiating prices for databases. It's important for the Statewide Database Committee to recommend products and priorities for implementation to CLN early in the year.

2. A suggestion was made that the Board Meeting minutes be taken by a LION staff member in order to allow the Board Secretary to fully participate in the meeting. This would require a change in the by-laws and would also require additional staff time not currently available. The by-laws could be changed now to allow future implementation but current procedure could remain in place. Lydia Main moved and Leslie Scherer seconded that the motion as stated in the agenda be presented at the February Board Meeting. All voted in favor.

3. Marie Shaw moved and Sandy Ruoff seconded a motion that LION pay the $300 membership fee to join CLN. All voted in favor.

4. Mashantucket Pequot Research Library has asked if LION could support their service past June 30, 1998. The request was not specific as to the number of terminals nor the length of time LION would be needed. Bill will ask Mashantucket to present a formal request to the Board to be received prior to the LION Board Meeting of February 24, 1998.

5. Planning Committee Recommendations: A copy of the Planning Committee Report of January 13, 1998 was distributed.

a. The recommendation that all member-owned public access PC's run Windows 95, IKIOSK, and Fortres was tabled.

b. Elsie Jenkins moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion that each LION Library may connect one (1) PC to the network for every one (1) GP terminal that the library has, and one (1) PC for every two (2) PACs. All voted in favor.

c. Westbrook PL has expressed interest in LION membership.

d. Gale Bradbury moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion that LION charge $1,500 for every PAC to PAC for Windows terminal upgrade and $2,500 for new PACs for Windows ordered in FY 1998. After 7/1/98 PACs for Windows upgrades from dumb terminals will cost $2,000, and new PACs for Windows $3,500. At least initially, only LION-owned PC's may be used for PAC for Windows. New PAC dumb terminals may still be ordered for the existing $1,500. Wyse 30 dumb terminals may be upgraded to color for $250, or new color PAC terminals installed for $1,750. All voted in favor.

e. Sandy Ruoff moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion that PAC for Windows be loaded on the LION central system ASAP for $5,000. This means that LION will have to load maintenance releases more frequently, probably 3 times per year, with one-day downtime each. All voted in favor.

f. Susan Donovan moved and Leslie Scherer seconded a motion that old Wyse 30 and 30+ dumb PAC terminals be replaced at LION's cost with Wyse 150s in an equitable manner across LION. All voted in favor.

g. The issue of whether the Planning/Finance Committee would be shared to revise the current Schedule of Services was tabled, in light of complicated issues.

6. Susan Donovan moved and Gale Bradbury seconded a motion to increase the funds authorized from $5,000 to $10,000 for the expenses of the new space renovation for LION. Voting in favor were Jan Day, Gale Bradbury, Elsie Jenkins, Lydia Main, Anne Clement, Lee Clapp, Liz Creighton, Sandy Ruoff, Linda Rusczek, Marlene Palmquist, Valerie Harrod, Joel Marks, Howard Einsohn, Susan Donovan. Abstaining were Ann Davis, Marie Shaw, Karen Smith, Leslie Scherer and Sandy Long. The motion was carried.


1. LION staff reports:

a. Bill Edge reported that all downtime had been single user stations, many with EBSCO problems. LION payroll and accounts receivable are now automated.

b. Mark Hewes distributed his written report.

2. Committee Reports:

a. Planning: Nothing further.

b. Finance: No Report.

c. PAC: Next meeting on February 11th will discuss EBSCO Host 3 versions and new products. At the end of February or early in March there will be a meeting on PAC for Windows.

d. Personnel: No report.

e. Circulation: This committee now meets only quarterly so members are urged to attend all meetings. Next meeting is March 12th.

f. Bibliographic: No report.

g. LAN Group: Linda Rusczek reported that the group met on January 21st. Next meeting is February 13th at Madison to see their new LAN. January minutes were distributed by e-mail. An issue still important is what kind of support LION can provide for LANs and PCs.


IX. NEW BUSINESS: Lydia Main reported that Louann Wilson's father died. Louann is Head of Reference and Asst. Director at East Lyme Public Library.


The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 24th at the Russell Library. Refreshments will be provided by East Lyme Public Library. Lydia Main moved to adjourn at 12:10 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra R. Long,


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