Board Minutes 1998 02

Minutes of LION Board Meeting
February 24, 1998

Present: Ed Murray, Betty Page, Jan Day, Marlene Palmquist, Valerie Harrod, Ann Davis, Marie Shaw, Lydia Main, Gale Bradbury, Sandy Long, Karen Smith, Linda Rusczek, Liz Creighton, Howard Einsohn, Elsie Jenkins, Anne Clement, Leslie Scherer, Gennett Grinnell, Mark Hewes, Bill Edge. Absent: GUI, PEQ, MTC, MOC/TVY.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Ed Murray at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT.


1. LION Technology Plan and USF application will be Discussion/Action Item number 4 and will become Item 5.


IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: A question was raised regarding the Planning Committee Recommendations on page 2 Item 5b of the January 27 minutes, regarding number of member-owned PCs allowed. It was recommended that this issue become Discussion/Action Item number 5 and Item number 5 will become Item 6. Elsie Jenkins moved and Marlene Palmquist seconded a motion to approve the January 27, 1998 Board Meeting minutes. All voted in favor.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT: Bill Edge commented on the January 1998 report. LION is now acting as a fiscal agent for PCL until PCL becomes incorporated and PCL items will be shown on the LION Treasurer's Report under Miscellaneous Receipts and Miscellaneous Disbursements as pass-through items. Expense for our CPA is substantially more than expected and will be reviewed. The new recording system being used now is shown in New Equipment. It was the consensus to accept the report.


1. Status of PCL:

a. As of February 1, 1998, Leslie Scherer is the chair for a term of 6 months.

b. Leslie reported that the By-laws and Incorporation of PCL have been submitted to all 3 organizations hopefully for approval this month.

c. The 3 member Procurement Committee (McDonough, Hewes & Terlaga) have been charged to develop by the end of March a process for the selection of a shared library system by the target date of June 1999.

d. A meeting for all members of all 3 networks will be scheduled for April 3, 1998, to review progress, to get subgroups across networks to provide feedback, etc. It is very important for all LION members to attend.

e. PCL will recommend the hiring of Andrews & Murphy as telecom consultant to advise on the best way to proceed.

f. Bibliomation is filing 470's for USF for PCL.

g. PCL Directors meet next Monday with a representative of EX LIBRIS to discuss marketplace trends, etc.

h. When the PCL By-laws are adopted, each network will appoint 3 PCL Board members to serve 1, 2 or 3 year terms. Ann Davis moved and Jan Day seconded a motion that Gale Bradbury, Elsie Jenkins and Leslie Scherer be the LION members of the PCL Board.

i. Marie Shaw moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion to approve the payment of the LION share of $4,986 of the PCL Telecom Consulting Project. All voted in favor.

2. Elsie Jenkins moved and Gale Bradbury seconded a motion that LION institute a legal review of LION By-laws and that if the cost is more than $500 it will be returned to the Board for approval. A thorough review is needed in light of the many changes to the CT Statutes for non-stock corporations. It was a consensus to have it done this fiscal year. All voted in favor.

3. Elsie Jenkins moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion that LION adopt the PCL By-laws and Incorporation as distributed. It was understood that this adoption is LION's formal commitment to PCL. NESC also recommended PCL develop a business plan. All voted in favor.

4. Leslie Scherer moved and Karen Smith seconded a motion that the LION Technology Plan as distributed be approved. All voted in favor. The State Library has already given preliminary approval to the Plan and two Form 470 applications have been submitted. LION member libraries do not need to refer to the LION system at all in their own 470's.

5. Planning Committee Recommendation Item 5b approved at the January 27, 1998 meeting regarding the ratio of LION terminals to member-owned PC's was discussed. Members were reminded that if the number of PC's used requires an upgrade in bandwidth capacity for their performance of the LION system, that it is the individual library's problem and cost to resolve. DIALPAC counts as a PAC.

6. Jan Day moved and Marlene Palmquist seconded a motion to go into executive session. All voted in favor. Mark Hewes and Bill Edge left the room. Jan Day moved and Leslie Scherer seconded a motion that the meeting be moved out of executive session. All voted in favor. Linda Rusczek left the room.
Jan Day moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion that Executive Director Bill Edge be granted the 10 weeks of leave of absence that he has requested from June 22, 1998 – August 30, 1998; that all vacation time accrued at the time of leave be used and the balance of the time up to 5 weeks will be unpaid leave. Benefits will continue to be paid during this entire period; paid sick leave and vacation time will continue to accumulate during this entire period. The Personnel Committee will study the needs of the LION office for staff and compensation this period. All voted in favor. Linda Rusczek, Mark Hewes and Bill Edge returned.


1. Committee Reports:

a. Bibliographic: No report.
b. Circulation Committee: Minutes have been e-mailed. No report.
c. Personnel Committee: No further report.
d. Finance Committee: No report. It is time to begin next year's budget.
e. Planning Committee: No report.
f. PAC Committee: Linda Rusczek reported that minutes have been mailed; the next meeting will be April 8th at Russell Library.g. LAN Group: A survey has been e-mailed; it's difficult to define what services/support libraries want from LION; members are looking at other networks and hoping to give info to the Planning Committee soon.

2. LION staff reports:

a. Bill Edge reported 15 of 21 LION members have joined CLN. Circuits have been ordered for frame relay and first sites should be up by the end of March. The office move is approximately 80% complete with thanks to Russell Library staff for all of their assistance. The cost of WYSE 325 has dropped so we do not need to charge fees for upgrades of WYSE30/30+ next year and can provide 325s as the standard on any new dumb PACs, PEQ is not able to make a formal request at this time due to many unknown variables, but may make a request later. Annual staff evaluations are due; please send comments. Westbrook Library is still interested in membership and requests for quotes have been received from East Lyme Correctional Institute and DHHS in Madison for a 6-site system.

b. Mark Hewes reported that page 2 of his report has system requirements for LION PC's. Ignore any renewal notices recently received from EBSCO; they are incorrect and will be revised. PAC for Windows manuals will be distributed now; there will be special PAC meeting mid March to demonstrate.



X. ADJOURNMENT: The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 24th at 9:30 am at the Russell Library. Refreshments will be provided by Guilford Library. Lydia Main moved and Ann Davis seconded a motion to adjourn. All voted in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra R. Long

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