Board Minutes 1998 03

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
March 24, 1998

Present: Lee Clapp, Susan Donovan, Jan Day, Marlene Palmquist, Valerie Harrod, Ann Davis, Marie Shaw, Lydia Main, Gale Bradbury, Sandy Long, Karen Smith, Linda Rusczek, Marcia Trotta, Howard Einsohn, Elsie Jenkins, Anne Clement, Kathleen Campion, Sandy Ruoff, Gabriella Kaye, Paul Price, Anne McFarland, Marcia Lewis, Mark Hewes, Bill Edge. Absent: MTC.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Vice President Jan Day at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT at 9:40 am.


1. Letter from William Deakyne will be Discussion/Action Item number 5.

2. Discussion of ALS RSS product will be Discussion/Action Item number 1a.

III. PUBLIC COMMENT: Mark Hewes reminded members of the Partnership meeting scheduled for April 3rd and asked members who had not done so to sign up during this meeting.

IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Ann Davis moved and Karen Smith seconded a motion to approve minutes of the February 24, 1998 Board meeting. Sandy Long noted that Item II. Additions to Agenda number 1. should be corrected to say at the end of the sentence "and Item number 4 will become Item 5." All voted in favor as corrected.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT: Bill Edge noted that Income-Misc. and Expenses-Misc. include both Partnership and LION items. Expenses-Capital-New Equipment is the cost for 9 new Gateway PC's for PAC for Windows. Site Preparation is LION office renovation. Operating Expense-Consulting budget overage will be reduced by $610, which will be credited to 1998-99.


1. Status of Partnership of CT Libraries:

Elsie Jenkins reported that all 3 networks had approved joining PCL and all 3 had appointed their members to the first PCL board. LION members are Elsie Jenkins, Gale Bradbury and Leslie Scherer. After the April 3rd meeting the appointed members will replace the Review Group. The telecom consultant study has been approved, funded and is underway. LION members are urged to attend the April 3rd meeting.

a. Ameritech has offered a free trial for 6 months of its ILL software; the deadline to request it is March 30th. Mark Hewes distributed his Asst. Director's Report, which refers to this Resource Sharing System RSS on page 5. RSS can be used by libraries, which have an Internet connection and a PC with Windows 95 available for ILL. RSS will work with any Z39.50 system, any ISO system, and is in the future for the CLN. It requires a WEB server at LION to support the software; ours is in place but needs an upgrade (approx. $1,800, 1 day service), which is probably needed for other reasons as well. A server will be needed in front of LION for protection when other network libraries begin attaching to LION and to control incoming use by those outside of LION. LION members could use RSS to get to CLN; TLC and Ameritech systems will talk seamlessly. Ameritech does not yet know the pricing after the free trial. Workload is mainly on individual user libraries; LION staff will just enter account info in server and do minimal housekeeping. Consensus is that LION wishes to proceed to upgrade the server and to take the free trial. Valerie Harrod moved and Gale Bradbury seconded a motion that LION spend the $18,00 to upgrade the server. All voted in favor.

2. Westbrook Library has formally requested membership in LION, to begin using the system by July 1, 1998. The Planning committee has recommended granting membership. Karen Smith moved and Marlene Palmquist seconded that Westbrook Library be accepted as a LION member. All voted in favor.

3. Meriden PL plans to install a 3M self-check system, which requires LION central site software. See Asst. Director's Report. LION guidelines say we will consider Ameritech-supported products on the LION system subject to Board approval. The ongoing maintenance costs ($750 or $1,200 per year starting in year 2) for central site software are the issue for LION, as well as the mechanics of the parties to the purchase contract. Maintenance costs do not increase if other LION members use it. If Meriden purchases the system versus LION purchasing it from Ameritech there is an approx. $2,000 penalty. Susan Donovan moved and Sandy Ruoff seconded a motion that LION purchase, with Meriden PL's money, the system with the understanding that LION assumes maintenance costs in year 2 for the central site only. 22 voted in favor, 2 opposed (ELY, NLN). Motion carried.

4. PEQ has requested the option to extend LION service beyond June 30, 1998 for 1 quarter to September 30, 1998 if they are not live with their new system. PEQ uses 11 ports. Marie Shaw moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion that LION accept the extension proposed by PEQ and that PEQ notify LION no later than the July Board Meeting if further extension is required; extensions would be on a quarterly basis. All voted in favor.

5. Finance Committee has recommended a new schedule of services effective July 1, 1998-June 30, 1999, which was mailed to all members. The draft proposed that a general purpose terminal under minimum configuration be reduced from $12,000 to $8,000 and that the monthly operations fee for LION dumb PACs increase from $100 to $110. Karen Smith reported feedback against the GP reduction to $8,000.

a. Karen Smith moved and Sandy Ruoff seconded a motion that the Draft Schedule, as amended by the addition of the new category for self-check terminals as a result of today's earlier action, be accepted. 8 voted in favor (EHP, MXC, STC, MDF, DUR, GUI, MRD, ELY; 9 voted against (LED, WAL, NWC, BRB, OLY, MDT, ELY, NLN, MAD); 2 abstained (PEQ & MOC/TVY). Motion failed.

b. Elsie Jenkins moved and Gale Bradbury seconded a motion that the Draft Schedule be adopted as presented with the exceptions that the Schedule be amended by the addition of a new category for self-check terminals, and that the monthly operations fee for PACs be returned to $100. 13 voted in favor (DUR, ELH, ELY, GUI, LED, MAD, MDF, MDT, MRD, MXC, NWC, NLN, WAL); 4 voted against (BRB, EHP, OLY, STC). 2 abstained (PEQ & MOC/TVY). Motion carried.

c. Sandy Ruoff moved and Marie Shaw seconded a motion that the price for a GP terminal under minimum configuration be returned to $12,000. 15 voted in favor (BRB, DUR, ELH, ELY, GUI, LED, MAD, MDF, MDT, MRD, MXC, OLY, NLN, STC, WAL); 1 voted against (EHP); 3 abstained (PEQ: MOC/TVY & NWC). Motion carried.

6. A letter dated March 19, 1998 from William Deakyne ELY to President Ed Murray commenting on LION's draft budget 1998-99 was read aloud. Ed Murray has responded to the letter. Since Mr. Deakyne had not attended Personnel, Finance Committee, or LION Board meetings when the budget had been discussed, he may not have understood the reasons for the particular line increase, which was the focus of his comments. The budget does not have to be acted upon at this time. Background budget information was mailed to members in letter dated March 16, 1998 with the draft budget.


1. LION Staff:

a. Bill Edge reported that a Wyse 325 color terminal is on display in the LION office. Replacement of Wyse 30 PACs is about to begin; frame relay work is in process; 10 additional Dynix Universe Licenses which allow more simultaneous users have been installed; NLN is the third member web page now on LION, address Http:// Essex Library requested membership information. LION office renovation is complete except for moving the dehumidifier. Members are advised when calling the new LION beeper to continue to always leave a voice message.

b. Mark Hewes' report had already been distributed. The Bib. Committee will need to address the issue that PAC for Windows requires a MARC bib record. Mark attached a listing of the number of holdings by LION libraries now attached to non-MARC records.

2. Committee Reports:

a. PAC Committee: Next meeting is re-scheduled for the afternoon 1-4:30pm on April 8; another meeting is scheduled for April 22 to display PAC for Windows. Project Directors can/must configure each workstation separately with LION staff assistance.

b. Bibliographic: No report. Next meeting is the first Thursday in May. Lydia Main recommended that the Bib Committee discuss attaching to non-MARC records at that meeting.

c. Circulation Committee: This committee needs to tie in with the ILL Task Force on exploring RSS.

d. Personnel: No report.

e. Finance: No report.

f. Planning: No report.


1. The By-laws as earlier distributed were incorrect. Corrected copies are now distributed.

2. A question was raised re EBSCO pricing; see Mark's report p. 2-3. Discussion ensued on possibly obtaining a better discount rate.


1. Valerie Harrod reported that some ACLPD members attended a CCAR Committee meeting; a $10,000 study of outsourcing CCAR service is being done.

2. There will be another round of state grants for Internet, etc.

3. Mark Hewes referred to page 3 of his report regarding EBSCO WEB accessible accounts for members to consider.


There will be no meeting in April. The next meeting will be Tuesday, May 26th at 9:30 am at the Russell Library. Refreshments will be provided by Ledyard. Meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra R. Long

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