Board Minutes 1998 09

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
September 22, 1998

Present:  Ed Murray, Marlene Palmquist, Valerie Harrod, Gale Bradbury, Sandy Long, Karen Smith, Linda Rusczek, Howard Einsohn, Leslie Scherer, Lew Daniels, Liz Creighton, Ann Davis, Sandy Ruoff, Betty Page, Marie Shaw, Elsie Jenkins, Anne Clement, Nancy Wardell, Jan Day, Bill Edge, Mark Hewes and Rich Widlansky.  Absent: ELY, MTC, MOC/TVY and PEQ.


I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Ed Murray at the Russell Library at 9:40 a.m.

II. ADDITIONS TO AGENDA: VI. Discussion Action: Items 3 will be modified; some of the language was lost.


IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Leslie Scherer moved and Karen Smith seconded a motion that the July 28, 1998 minutes be approved with the addition of the sentence, “All voted in favor of the motion as stated” to VI Discussion Action/Items 3. All voted in favor of approval of the July 28, 1998 minutes with the addition.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: The July Report with Notes had been distributed by mail; the August Report with Notes was distributed at the meeting.  The large expenditure in Maintenance Hardware/Software includes the full annual amount paid in advance to PCL for FY 1999.  Capital Expenditures include the replacement of the LION system printer which failed this summer.  It was the consensus to accept both reports as presented.


1.    Status of Partnership of CT Libraries:

a.    Leslie Scherer reported that PCL is moving full steam ahead.  We are in the 2nd phase of the telecom project, which ends in October; an RFQ has gone to SNET; a 3rd phase will be proposed that will identify savings in operations as 1 group instead of 3.  The Budget Committee has prepared a budget for this year and for  FY 2000.  The Personnel Committee has a job description for a Project Manager, hopefully to be contracted out to an agency.  Lynn Rosato has replaced the resigning chair of the Procurement Committee.  An interim E-Mail and Internet Policy has been adopted which includes a formula for member’s access.  The first annual membership meeting is September 29, 1998.  Members will vote on the recommended increase in the size of the PCL Board from 9 to 12, and vote on membership dues of $200.  There will also be a planning exercise with a facilitator.

b.    LION Board must act on the following resolution:

                      Resolved: That Libraries Online, Inc. will commit to transferring its telecommunications activities to the PCL, so long as the proffered services are equal to or better than the services currently available and will be provided by the PCL at an equal or lower price.

                      Bibliomation has approved the resolution with a 2 page addenda; Connect produced a document listing what they understood telecom services to be. The document “PCL Core Services” dated 9/17/98 was distributed; the PCL telecom committee will review it on September 24th.  Everyone agrees that PCL should offer a menu of services, i.e. basic, Internet, down to desktop level.  LION members suggest that e-mail service and hosting home pages should be added to the Core Services to be reviewed on September 24th.  Gale Bradbury moved and Jan Day seconded a motion to approve the Resolution as stated above.  All voted in favor.

c.    A LION liaison to the PCL Planning Committee will be needed and should probably be someone from LION’s Planning Committee who is not already on the PCL Board.

            2.         LION Nominating Committee will present a slate of officers at the October meeting.

            3.         Finance Committee Recommendations:

In July the Board referred to many issues in the Schedule of Services and approved a revised GP terminal section of the schedule.  The Planning Committee later met and discussed the issue of a new category, terminal reaches minimum configuration, on the schedule and an error in the monthly Ops. Fees, stated as $250, which had not been correctly accounted for in the annual budget when prepared, which will mean a $9,000 shortfall in income as budgeted.  Planning Committee recommended charging the higher fee but referred it to Finance.  Meanwhile other factors have affected the budget as adopted; there have been a few cutbacks in the number of terminals to be installed, frame relay and installation of PAC for Windows has been delayed, substantially delaying 1 time and ongoing monthly income.  A FY 99 Budget Update Report was distributed showing anticipated actual figures vs. budget; income will be about 5% less than budgeted and expenses will be different.  Overall there will be an 8.6% reduction in cash left at the end of FY 99.  Over a 2 year period the telecom upgrade will have cost members about $80,000.  A draft revised Schedule of Services was distributed.  The whole Public Access Ports section refers to dumb, character cell-only configuration; there is now the option of 3 devices: a LION dumb terminal, a LION PC, or a member PC.  PAC for Windows has 3 categories; the policy change is in allowing a member owned (not just a LION-owned) PC for PAC for Windows.  Another new item is to allow PAC for Windows on a GP workstation, either LION PC or member PC.  (Workstation means PC and terminal means dumb terminal.)  Schedule wording should be revised in this section to state that PAC for Windows fees are in addition to existing regular GP workstation fees.  Karen Smith moved and Ann Davis seconded a motion that the revised Schedule of Services Draft September 17, 1998 as distributed be approved including the words existing and additional as recommended above.  All voted in favor.

4.  Recommendations from the Planning Committee:

a.     Leslie Scherer moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion that LION will not load interim releases until the major release of 180.  All voted in favor.

b.    Sandy Ruoff moved and Leslie Scherer seconded a motion that member libraries are responsible for PAC for Windows printer issues by providing Windows 95-compatible printers and drivers.  All voted in favor.     


            1.         Staff Reports

a.   Executive Director: Bill Edge expressed his thanks to the Board and LION staff for his vacation/leave.  Ann Calvert, Office Manager, is leaving as of October 16th; provision of PCL administrative services under contract will have to be evaluated as well as LION staff responsibilities.  Uptime has been affected by problems with barcode readers and OLY/STC telecom problems.

                        b.   Associate Director: Mark distributed his report.

c.   Systems Manger: Rick reported that the new Computer Operator, Paul Nelson, will begin September 28th.  12 sites have had frame relay installed in August.  4 sites are left to be done by the end of October.  Frame relay means each library gets new logins to accounts and terminal emulation prompts.  Performance improves dramatically on PACs; the barcode readers limit the GP’s.  On frame relay, only one printer type or description is permitted; LION has used the most generic description possible; library staff may have to use “change session”, CSPS when doing reports, etc.

2.    PAC Committee – next meeting will be October 14th.  They will discuss Ameritech’s discontinuation of Wilson products support – see Mark’s report.

3.    Bib Committee – no report.

                4.         Circ. Committee – will probably meet this fall.

                5.         Personnel Committee – will set a meeting today to address the Office Manager position.

                6.         Finance Committee – will meet on October 22nd.

7.    Planning Committee – Leslie, Rick and Karen will discuss pooling ports within individual libraries.  A huge Dynix site, Phoenix Public, is moving to CARL.


VIII.    OLD BUSINESS:  Valerie Harrod reported on NELINET training that the MLSC computer lab was still not available, the large budget for training of the State Library has not been designated nor has SCLC’s funding.  We will wait for further developments.


A.    Sandy Ruoff, CLA Legislative Co-Chair reported on this year’s goals and that legislative links are very important this year.

B.    Karen Smith will set up a cluster holds meeting for everyone who is interested.


X.   ADJOURNMENT: Sandy Ruoff moved and Karen Smith seconded a motion to adjourn. All voted in favor.  The next meeting will be October 27, 1998 at 9:30 am at Russell Library. Middletown is in charge of refreshments.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandy R. Long, Secretary

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