Board Minutes 1998 12

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
December 22, 1998

Present: Ed Murray, Marlene Palmquist, Valerie Harrod, Gale Bradbury, Lydia Main, Sandy Long, Karen Smith, Howard Einsohn, Leslie Scherer, Lew Daniels, Liz Creighton, Ann Davis, Sandy Ruoff, Marie Shaw, Elsie Jenkins, Anne Clement, Marcia Trotta, Paul Price, Susan Donovan, Jan Day, Ann Montgomery Smith, PCL, Gennette Grinell, Nancy Wardell, Marcia Lewis, Bill Edge, Mark Hewes, Rick Widlansky, George Duffy, CPA, Auditor. Absent: MDT and MTC.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Ed Murray at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT at 10:30 AM.


III. PUBLIC COMMENT: Valerie Harrod reported that a subcommittee of ACLPD is reviewing the 5 year LSTA Plan and the committee needs added members. LION members could bring positive direction to the plan.

IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Lydia Main moved and Ann Davis seconded a motion that the minutes of the October 27, 1998 Board meeting be approved. All voted in favor of approval.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT: Corrected September, October and November Reports were distributed. There had been a mis-posting in September to Miscellaneous Income, which should have been to PCL Member Services. A question was raised about the Reconciliation of Assets on the September Report. The Executive Director will report the answer at the next meeting. Meanwhile it was the consensus to accept the September report. The October report shows income from P4W and the MRD Self Check system; expenses include 2 months rent and benefits, as well as equipment of 4 wedge readers. The November report shows many expenses for Tel-Net, the annual DG Hardware/OS maintenance cost, and $79,147 in Frame Relay equipment. It was the consensus to accept the October and November Reports.


1. Status of Partnership of CT Libraries:

a. Ann Montgomery Smith reported that the accounting has been switched from cash basis to an accrual basis; the Finance Committee is proceeding with the "due diligence" process; a special Board meeting will be held January 12th to discuss PCL finances and possible ILS procurement so the Procurement Committee can be directed in their work with vendors. In November the PCL Board adopted the recommendation of the Telecom Committee that PCL decline the CLN offer for a dedicated connection for Internet services between PCL and CLN. Both organizations have issues over control of the network and telecom services, which could not be resolved. Suggestions were made for other ways to link, such as a virtual connection, and a motion was passed to explore further links between CLN and PCL. The Telecom Committee recommended that PCL apply for USF funds for the networks; there were 2 options: one, that PCL be the negotiating agency and the networks be billed entities; two, that PCL be the billed entity and bill back the networks. Option two was chosen since PCL will provide more service and take on more responsibility than the status quo. Leap will be included in the RFP, as will voice communications and Internet service. The Procurement Committee has requested proposals from about 10 consultants; their work is to be in phased sections. Drafts of PCL Committee minutes will also be posted to the PCL list as well as Board minutes.

Marcia Lewis asked about PCL's role in negotiating statewide or PCL-wide database contracts. Since CLN sees that as their role, PCL is not actively pursuing the balance at this time. The State Librarian is looking at regional Northeast possibilities. (Marcia Trotta left the meeting.)

b. PCL has requested that LION adopt the resolution presented on today's agenda. CONNECT and Bibliomation have both approved it. Gale Bradbury moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion to adopt the resolution that LION recognize and endorse the commitment of time of the network director and network staff to PCL activities and consciously assign network resources to PCL activities. In addition, that the network board recognizes that while the director and staff have responsibility to maintain essential services of the network, not all things will get done. 18 voted in favor; Lydia Main, ELY opposed.

2. Response time: The office had 3 calls reporting poor response time; a show of hands revealed many other libraries were also having problems. Rick explained he has now prioritized LION devices to be over/above Internet service which has helped, than NLN had a bad piece of equipment and that SNET testing often inexplicably corrects problems. Report any more problems to Rick. (Paul Price left the meeting.)

3. System Capacity: Bill raised the issue of whether LION needed a short-term fix. He distributed an Ameritech quote for a system upgrade, which is basically a hardware swap. The issue of WebPAC access is still a problem; Ameritech won't support it on our DG machines; we could consider CARL WebPAC (via PCL) perhaps for a couple thousand dollars. There could be an issue of accepting new members when we are at about 95% use of the disk space on the system. With this Ameritech quote, LION could continue to have a functioning legacy system for about 2 years; the NextGen Ameritech system will be at least 3 years before available. Although the H.W. Wilson records will be eliminated, it doesn't help the situation since they are on a different set of drives. The projected LION cash balance for June 30,1 999 was reviewed in light of the ALS upgrade quote. Leslie pointed out that even if LION did nothing but extend the SNET contract period we would have a significant cost saving. Mark asked if the LION cash balance to be "turned over" to PCL would be earmarked for LION members or not. The Ameritech quote gives LION a base-line price to upgrade the system, which at least can be used to compare with the cost to migrate to CARL or any other legacy system that might be proposed by PCL. It was the consensus of the Board that LION needs to hear the financial information from the PCL January 12th meeting before any action is taken and that the LION Board should devote the January LION meeting to this topic. (Jan Day and Ann Montgomery Smith left the meeting.)

4. E-mail provided by PCL for all "" addresses will have planned downtime on the weekend of January 16-17th. Call Mark if you have questions.

5. LION rates for FY 00 were discussed. The Finance Committee will meet and come back with further information for the next meeting.

6. LION office staffing for the week of December 28th was reviewed.

VII. ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Valerie Harrod presented the slate of officers for 1999.

President – Ann Davis

Vice President – Sandy Ruoff

Secretary – Sandy Long

Treasurer – Karen Smith

There were no nominations from the floor. Valerie Harrod moved for the Nominating Committee that the slate of officers for 1999 as presented be elected. All voted in favor.


1. LION Staff Reports

a. Executive Director: Bill had previously mailed his Annual Report to all. Accounts Receivable itemized by library was distributed. ReQuest updated CD will be distributed in January with 610,163 holdings/bib records contributed by LION. A working PAC for Windows connection between LION and Bridgeport Public has been established. Current EBSCO host pricing was mailed to all in November. Currently 13 libraries are using it. 3 more are needed for next discount level.

b. Associate Director: Mark distributed his report.

2. Committee Reports

a. Hit Committee – Bill and Valerie met with Essex Library Trustees on December 8th.

b. PAC Committee – Marcia Lewis reported that minutes had been mailed yesterday with a packet attached of tips for the PAC for Windows. The PAC Committee is investigating a subset for EBSCO since we are losing Wilson.

c. Bibliographic Committee – Gennette Grinnell reported that the meeting on December 17 did not have a quorum.

d. Circulation Committee – Nancy Wardell said a tentative meeting date is January 14th. The open holds/loan matrix libraries met with potential new users. A table of LION libraries' fine schedules was distributed.

e. Personnel Committee – The Committee is working on the annual staff evaluations.

f. Finance Committee – Will meet next month.

g. Planning Committee – No report.



1. Gale Bradbury moved and Sandy Ruoff seconded a motion to authorize Board Officers to disburse and Officers and Executive Director to transfer funds. All voted in favor.

2. Gale Bradbury moved and Sandy Ruoff seconded a motion to authorize the Executive Director and Associate Director to sign bank checks not to exceed $3,000. (Two signatures, including an Officer, are required for amounts over $3,000.) All voted in favor.

XI. ADJOURNMENT: Lydia Main moved and Ann Davis seconded a motion to adjourn at 12:35 PM. All voted in favor by departing for the annual luncheon. The next meeting will be January 26th, 9:30 AM at the Russell Library. NLN is in charge of refreshments.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra R. Long, Secretary

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