Board Minutes 1999 01

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
January 26, 1999

Present: Lee Clapp, Debbie Trofatter, Valerie Harrod, Betty Page, Lydia Main, Sandy Long, Karen Smith, Howard Einsohn, Leslie Scherer, Lew Daniels, Liz Creighton, Ann Davis, Sandy Ruoff, Bob Gray, Marie Shaw, Elsie Jenkins, Anne Clement, Jan Day, Ann Montgomery Smith, PCL, Nancy Wardell, Bill Edge, Mark Hewes, Rick Widlansky, and invited guest Barbara Smith, Director, Essex Library Association. Absent: LED, MDT and MOC/TVY.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Ann Davis at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT at 9:40 AM.


III. PUBLIC COMMENT: Barbara Smith, Director of the Essex Library Association, was welcomed. For the benefit of new representatives, everyone introduced themselves. Ann Davis said that it is the best of times and the worst of times. She hoped everyone would work together during the transition to PCL and urged everyone to feel free to call her at anytime to discuss PCL or LION issues.

IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Lydia Main moved and Karen Smith seconded a motion that the minutes of the December 22, 1998 Board meeting be approved. All voted in favor of approval.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: The December Report with Explanation of unusual numbers had been mailed and e-mailed to members prior to the meeting. Unusual expenses include an annual payment to LC for subscription databases and new equipment for frame relay at WAL. The question raised at the December Board Meeting about the Reconciliation of Assets on the September Treasurer’s Report was explained; it was an amount payable for TIAA/CREF which had not yet been billed to LION. It was the consensus to accept the report.


  1. Status of Partnership of CT Libraries:

    2. Leslie Scherer reported that there have been 2 PCL Board meetings and numerous Telecom Committee meetings since the last LION meeting. Ann Montgomery Smith has been selected to be PCL Executive Director, the unanimous choice from 3 applicants. The Personnel Committee recommended a benefits package, which was similar to those of the 3 networks, and it was adopted. The Procurement Committee has asked members attending ALA Midwinter to meet with vendors with a list of specific questions developed by the Procurement committee. It was agreed for PCL to apply as one entity for USF funding with a very comprehensive package. Bibliomation and Connect did receive notification of approval for USF funds. The next task for the Executive Director is to prepare a business plan; Mike Simonds has done a draft. The Advisory Board for Internet Access has made a recommendation to be included in the RFP for USF. Ann Weaver at CRLC has prepared a very detailed picture of the finances of each network, which is not yet finished. LION and CRCL have done some capital planning and have some funds in place but Bibliomation does not. PCL voted that the total contribution of assets of each network would be recognized in the initial pricing of services to member libraries. These assets might include more than money, i.e. equipment, etc. Mark Hewes raised the issue of the need for PCL to examine potential liabilities, such as the quality of the databases, which could become a big issue. The PCL Treasurer reviewed the options/scenarios for acquiring a shared ILS, such as purchase, lease, outsourcing, etc. The Telecom consultant has prepared an RFP, which will be used as the basis of the USF application. The other 2 networks are applying to USF for existing services and LION should, too.

    4. LION’s capital funds reserves: How much should be designated to PCL for the next ILS? We have a new quote from ALS/Dynix as of Jan 13, 1999 of $175,648 for an upgrade of our existing system including WebPAC. After discussion a show of hands was requested to see how many members night be in favor of the upgrade at this newly quoted price; 16 members were in favor of the upgrade. The assumption was raised that this upgrade does not mean that we would turn our back on PCL. It was agreed that the LION Planning Committee should look at the issue.


  2. Modify LION lease: Sandy Ruoff moved and Elsie Jenkins seconded a motion that the LION/Russell Library lease be modified to add office space for PCL for which PCL will reimburse LION in full. All voted in favor. LION has a 3-year lease, one year finished, with a 60 day out clause.

  4. LION membership for Essex Library Association: Board members had received an e-mail regarding the conditional vote of the Essex Board to join LION. The Library and especially the Friends of the Library have examined various systems around the state in light of their need for a system for resource sharing and have concluded that they would like to join LION. They want an official offer with costs and a detailed plan from LION, which they will confirm with a purchase order. Valerie Harrod moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion that membership in LION for the Essex Library Association be approved, subject to their signing the LION Member Guidelines and paying all applicable LION fees. All voted in favor.

  6. LION FY00 Budget: Bill had mailed LION and PCL Budget documents to members and distributed updated documents at the meeting, including a spreadsheet with projected terminal counts per LION member and projected member income. This is a balanced budget regarding Operations Income and Expenses and projects a cash reserve increase of $31,020, with no increase in the Schedule of Services and Fees. This is a draft which has been reviewed by the Finance Committee and does not require a motion today.

  8. February meeting date: After discussion it was decided to meet on the normal date, February 23, 1999 and Sandy Ruoff will chair.

  10. Patron file update: The Associate Director’s Report includes a table of patron database statistics as of December 1998. Many libraries have more registered patrons than the total population of their town. He also pointed out that the 2.9 million circulations had been made by approx. 120,000 patrons or 32% of the patron database. There are 192,000 active patrons and 178,000 expired registrations. Mark can identify what each library wants, can produce mailing labels, etc. (Ann Montgomery Smith arrived at 11:30 am.)


  1. LION Staff Reports

    • Executive Director: Bill reported excellent uptime; the barcode order was very late but it will probably be received in about 3 weeks. A new edition of reQuest is out. East Lyme reported that the new reQuest CDs were not showing LION holidays. The PCL Telecom RFP Evaluation Committee will be meeting while Leslie is away and a LION representative is needed. Howard Einshon will serve for LION. EBSCO pricing was distributed, now at 16-20 library level, so prices lower.
    • Associate Director: Mark distributed his report.
    • Systems Manager: Rick reported all members have been switched to frame relay, except East Lyme High will get the final cutover when they move to their temporary location. He is studying the slow response time looking for improvements to make but probably just a result of being almost at capacity. He is working on printer problems cause by the new barcode readers.
  3. Committee Reports

    1. PAC Committee – Marcia Lewis would like a co-chair; Guilford will try to get someone. The sub-committee working on PAC4WIN end user documentation is almost finished. Next meeting 2nd week of February.

    3. Bibliographic Committee – A new chair is needed.

    5. Circulation Committee – Nancy Wardell will serve as chair again; January meeting was cancelled due to weather; next meeting February 26th at 9:30 am at Russell Library.

    7. Personnel Committee – Committee will meet Friday and all are invited. Yearly staff evaluation comments will be accepted until then. Action will go to Finance Committee in time for the final budget.

    9. Finance Committee – No further report.

    11. Planning Committee – Ed Murray will be the new chair.




  1. Mark Hewes replied to the East Lyme query re reQuest and LION holdings that he had noted in his December report than any LION holdings that were not full MARC records do not get included in reQuest.

  3. Valerie Harrod reported that the new computer training lab at MLSC is open and great and available for libraries that want to train staff.

XI. ADJOURNMENT: Lydia Main moved and Karen Smith seconded a motion to adjourn at 12:35 PM. All voted in favor. The next meeting will be February 23rd at 9:30 AM at the Russell Library. Otis (Norwich) is in charge of refreshments.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra R. Long


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