Board Minutes 1999 06

LION Board of Director's Meeting
Bill Library
June 22, 1999

Present: William Deakyne, Marcia Trotta, Betty Page, Jan Day, Debbie Trofatter, Sue Berescik, Mary Attridge, Barbara Van der Lyke, Roxanne Moreau, Valerie Harrod, Linda Rusczek, Gale Bradbury, Sandy Long, Howard Einsohn, Leslie Scherer, Lew Daniels, Sandy Ruoff, Marie Shaw, Elsie Jenkins, Lydia Main, Karen Smith, Lee Clapp, Anne Clement, Ann Montgomery Smith, PCL, Nancy Wardell, Bill Edge, Rick Widlansky. Absent: MOC/TVY.


I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Sandy Ruoff at the Bill Library, Ledyard, CT at 9:30 AM. She announced that the meeting would adjourn promptly at 11:30, since the lunch reservation is for Noon. Everyone introduced themselves.



IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Jan Day moved and Karen Smith seconded a motion to approve the minutes of May 24, 1999. Valerie Harrod asked that the minutes be corrected in VI item 2 second paragraph to read "presuming she would not become President next year." All voted in favor of the motion that the minutes be approved as corrected.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report as of May 31, 1999 was distributed. It was the consensus to accept the report.


1. Status of Partnership of CT Libraries:

a. Ann Montgomery Smith reported that ILS vendor demos have concluded. The six member Selection Team with Ann as Chair and Project Manager had been charged with selecting an ILS and alternate. The Team evaluated systems on 16 criteria with 112 points; only 8 points are associated with functionality. Other points are associated with costs, implied costs, ease of implementation, vendor financial info, etc. By consensus the Selection Team has eliminated Carl and Ameritech. Ameritech was eliminated due to criterion #3 Ease of Implementation, since it would require a double migration, first to a Dynix or Horizon system, then in the future to a Sunrise system. Carl was eliminated under criterion #1 Overall Suitability of Vendor and System. The two remaining vendors are continuing to provide additional information. On June 18th, the Team still did not have a final single choice; the vendors are virtually tied. The Team recommended to the PCL Board that negotiations go on with both vendors and the Board agreed. The Finance Committee has reviewed the data and concluded that:

1). There is not a significant difference in cost between the two systems;

2). The cost appears to be only marginally more than the existing networks plan to spend in 99/00, not allowing for any potential savings through merger; 3.if PCL purchases a system, local financing rather than vendor financing should be investigated.

b. The Finance Committee has been charged to refine the cost models and to look at other factors, i.e., the cost for each network if it does nothing regarding a PCL merger. LION has this information available; the other two networks need to prepare it.

c. On Thursday the 3 network directors, Ann and the telecom consultant will finalize the telecom plan. There will not be a significant telecom cost savings; although there’s a decrease in some costs, some upgraded services are needed. PCL has achieved confirmation with SNET of existing circuits and charges and team members have developed special expertise in telecom. No vendor can give PCL a single contract for telecom that we can afford. We have redesigned the network.

d. Now that there is more information on the ILS and on telecom, the Business Plan and budget analysis can be updated in order to move forward on the merger. PCL is ending FY 98/99 with some funds in the bank since expenses were less than projected. At the July 13th PCL Board meeting, a vendor should be selected. The PCL membership meeting is Friday, September 24th. Sandy Ruoff asked about the merger and specifically LION’s role or action needed. Ann said because all 3 networks wanted to know the costs, it had been put on ice. In order to be able to sign a vendor contract and have finances, we must move forward with the merger; they are parallel activities. Rob McGee commented that the vendors seem to think the merger will work out. Bibliomation is still a full player at this point.

Bill said now that the vendor issue and telecom were clearer, the next step is to put together a merger proposal that shows the services PCL will provide with what staffing and what budget. Leslie said the one big unknown about the next ILS is how cataloging will be done; the 3 systems now are different. Will the vendor selection resolve this issue? The integration of the 3 databases is also an issue to be agreed upon. Ann responded that many Connect libraries have OCLC for cataloging, while LION has 2 employees entering data and checking member library data and has loaded databases, and Bibliomation has cataloging staff and loaded databases. She hopes that PCL will make it possible for libraries to choose to do cataloging themselves or to have the system do it. Bill commented that both vendors can accommodate any of the three models, from high level quality control to none.

Marcia Lewis asked if a vendor selection is made on July 13th, what is the timetable for LION? Bill replied that it is possible that there could be a LION Board vote in August. LION members also have to vote individually, as do PCL members and the PCL Board. A move is still projected by the end of the year. Gale said that the Selection Team was very aware of the cataloging issues and was trying to insure options for members. Linda commented that the merging of parameters of the systems would also take a lot of time.

2. Merit Increase for Computer Operator:

After the 6 month probationary evaluation, Rick and Bill have recommended a one-step merit increase for Paul Nelson, Computer Operator, retroactive to April 1, 1999. The Personnel Committee has agreed. As Chair of Personnel, Valerie commented that Lew Daniels had agreed to serve as the third member of Personnel for the remainder of the year. Valerie moved and Marcia Trotta seconded a motion that the merit increase be approved for Paul Nelson. All voted in favor.

3. FY 99/00 Budget:

A budget must be approved today if it is to go into effect at the beginning of the fiscal year. The budget was distributed. Page 1 shows the changes made since the draft budget document in February. The balance as of June 30, 1999 is higher than originally estimated. Ops income as budgeted covers ops costs. PCL costs are based on the current PCL draft budget and assume that we will use the PCL/SNET proposal. If PCL does not proceed, the telecom costs for LION would be approximately the same for LION only as budgeted. The major increase in Ameritech maintenance fees is due to the expiration of old contracts and concessions; we will sign the contract for six months at a premium of 3% for a non-annual contract. LION has not received any E-rate rebates; the dates on LION/SNET contracts fell outside the approved dates. PCL is also not eligible for the first year for E-rates. Marie questioned the lack of any significant savings on telecom from a merger into PCL. Bill answered that the LION decreased budget is based on rates for a 5 year contract versus the 1 year contract we have now, and that PCL will be providing more services than we were providing before. Leslie moved and Anne Clement seconded a motion to accept the budget as presented. All voted in favor.

4. System Operations Issues:

Mark was absent. His report was distributed.

a. Mark recommends that we load Dynix release 173 in late July or August as a prerequisite to proceeding with CARLWeb; it also has added benefits for LION such as the ability to load the next release of PAC for Windows, patron verification, and automatic shut-down/start-up of the Z39.50 server during unattended backup. It was the consensus of the group to proceed.

b. Support for Dynix Journal Citations will not be available after December 31, 1999. LION subscribes to H. W. Wilson’s Readers’ Guide with Abstracts. Anticipating the loss of this service, LION is hosting a trial of Wilson’s WilsonWeb database service.

c. LION’s dedicated frame relay circuit to EBSCO costs LION about $6,000 a year, or about $400 a year to each LION member using EBSCO through LION. Rick has re-routed the service for about a month and member users have not seen any change in performance. He recommends dropping that PVC. Members were reminded that if they lose their Internet connection, they will also lose access to EBSCO. Leslie moved and Valerie seconded a motion that LION drop the direct line to EBSCO and that members access EBSCO instead via the Internet. All voted in favor.

5. LION Committees:

An updated list of LION Committees and committee members was distributed. All committee members will serve until December.


1. LION Staff Reports:

a. Executive Director: Bill gave an uptime report. It was an excellent month, 99.84%. Downtime due to terminal and bar code reader problems only. All Officers need to sign account signature authorization forms after today’s meeting.

b. Associate Director: Mark’s report was handed out.

c. Systems Manager: Rick reported that he had barcode labels to distribute today. Mark had emailed all members information that they needed to complete a State Library survey re barcodes for a statewide library card. There has been no further news on the card from the state.

2. Committee Reports:

a. PAC Committee – No report.

b. Bibliographic Committee – Pat Johnson (WAL) has agreed to chair the committee. No report.

c. Circulation Committee – No report.

d. Personnel Committee –The report has already been covered.

e. Finance Committee – The budget has been completed. No further report.

f. Planning Committee – No report.




1. Sandy Ruoff reported on the final legislative action re state level funding for/affecting libraries. There will be a 2% increase to CLSUs, C-Car and C-Card, but a behind-the-scenes deal between the Governor and some legislators re-directed surplus funds that were supposed to go to library items (including the free databases of the Virtual Library initiative) to Adrienne’s Landing instead. Legislators supporting library issues claim that they were blindsided. Representative Metz suggests that libraries keep registering their unhappiness over this with legislators, especially since, if passed, the funding would have meant direct savings to library constituents of millions of dollars.

2. There will not be a July LION Board Meeting. A special meeting may be required in August; all members will be notified. The next regular LION Board Meeting will be August 24th at Russell Library. Wallingford is in charge of refreshments.


X. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 11:08 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandra R. Long, Secretary

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