Board Minutes 1999 07

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
July 28, 1998


Present: Ed Murray, Marlene Palmquist, Valerie Harrod, Gale Bradbury, Sandy Long, Karen Smith, Linda Rusczek, Howard Einsohn, Leslie Scherer, Lew Daniels, Liz Creighton, Ann Davis, Sandy Ruoff, Marcia Lewis, Gennett Grinnell, Mary Fiorelli, Marcia Trotta, Hannah Estra, Jan Day, Mark Hewes and Rich Widlansky. Absent: ELH, ELY, PEQ, MTC, MOC/TVY, STC.


I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Ed Murray at the Russell Library at 9:40 am.

II. ADDITIONS TO AGENDA: LION telnet sessions from the Web site will be Discussion/Action Item 4. The Sunshine Fund for Bill Edge will be Discussion/Action Item number 5.


IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Jan Day moved and Karen Smith seconded a motion that the June 23, 1998 minutes be revised in section VI.5. Job Descriptions to state that the 3 job/descriptions being revised were Computer Operator, Office Manager/Trainer and Systems Manager; item VI.4. Personnel Committee should be revised to state that the annual pay rate adjustments for FY99 as distributed be approved and the salary table should be included in the minutes as follows:

a. Executive Director 3.4% to $65,250.65

b. Associate Director 3.4% to $52,808.29

c. Cataloger 3.4% to $41,433.60 (i.e., $19.92 per hour)

d. Senior Operator 3.8% to $37,809.71

e. Office Manager 3.8% to $35,540.23

(Percentage increases INCLUDE 1.6% adjustment) All voted in favor.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT: The Office Manager had distributed by mail notes on any unusual items in the June Treasurer's Report. The Finance Committee has met and discussed the presentation in the Treasurer's Report of actual salaries paid as opposed to salary amount budgeted. Actual salaries will be shown in parentheses following the job title. It was the consensus to accept the report as presented.


1. Status of Partnership of CT Libraries:

a. Leslie Scherer reported on PCL activity since the last LION Board meeting. Ann Calvert had e-mailed a PCL update to all LION members on July 21st. The Procurement committee is moving slowly but nothing has changed yet in the market place; there should be more happening in the fall or next 6 months.

b. The PCL Personnel Committee needs a LION member (non-PCL Board) representative.

c. The PCL telecom committee should have a PCL member and a staff person from each network. It was the Board consensus that Rick Widlansky be appointed from LION. The search for a Computer Operator for LION has not been completed; five more respondents will be interviewed.

2. Finance Committee Recommendations: Finance Committee met and discussed issues raised in previous meetings.

a. A revised Schedule of Services, Periods and Prices draft 7-27-98 was distributed. The fee amounts are the same. The items in bold type are new entries or corrections to the old schedule. Two corrections were noted to this revised Schedule: General Purpose First Installed Port LION PC Quarterly should be $1,350 (not $64,800) and GP first at another site Member PC Initial Fee should be $11,500 (not $500). It had been suggested that LION permit member PCs to have ability to load PAC for Windows on them and that LION provide staff PCs, not just PAC PCs. One decision the Finance Committee has recommended for discussion is that, provided the PC meets Dynix minimum configuration requirements as outlined in the Asst. Director's April Report, a member owned (not just LION owned) PC could be used for PAC for Windows. LION won't maintain the hardware, will only provide the IP address, the login and software and the owning library staff will configure the workstation. A question was raised on the operations fee; if LION is not responsible for the software, then the ops fee should be less than the $135 shown, should be equal to a dumb PAC or $90. (The $135 fee is 90% of the $150 fee.) None have been installed yet, so we don't know how much time is involved. Leslie Scherer moved and Marcia Trotta seconded a motion that this discussion be tabled until PAC for Windows was installed for a few months and we can determine how difficult it's to manage. Right now a member can only have a LION owned PC for PAC, with PAC for Windows. All voted in favor.

Leslie Scherer moved and Marcia Trotta seconded a motion that we approve the General Purpose section only of the revised schedule. Which means that PAC for Windows may be installed on any PC as long as it is a General Purpose terminal and that the decision on the public access terminals be deferred until we have more experience with public use of PAC for Windows. All voted in favor.

The Finance Committee also addressed the issue of the formula for the count of Internet access accounts; should PAC for Windows be included in the count or not, should it count as 1.5 versus .5. Mike Simonds is bringing a recommendation to PCL re the formula for Internet accounts in August and we will have to wait for that to make our decision.

3. LION Office Clerk position: Gale Bradbury moved and Ann Davis seconded a motion that we approve the job description that was mailed for Office Clerk as presented by the Personnel Committee and that we create and fill the position for 8 hours per week. Funds have already been included in the FY98-99 budget.

4. LION telnet sessions: An April E-mail from Bill said that after frame relay was up, no one could telnet to LION PAC and that the issue would be discussed later. Mark discussed the firewall and IP address issues. There is no way to allow telnet sessions unless we eliminate the firewall and all the security protection for the LION server and all members', LAN servers & PCs. DialPAC is the only way for outside users to get in at this time, or LION could buy WEBPAC from Dynix, which is outrageously expensive. Partnership, Connect and CLN are all looking at various WEBPACs. Mark's report refers to LION going through Connect Carl WEBPAC for about $1,795 at Z39.50 level only-just look/see with holdings status, no functions such as holds, etc. – and it would be interfered with when LION does backup 2-3 times per week.

5. Sunshine Fund: Bill Edge's stepmother died in July. We will send a card from the Board now and when we know a designated charity from Bill we will do something further.


1. Staff Reports

a. Mark distributed his report and the annual LION statistical report. Holds are still growing and total circ is significantly down. LION was formerly unable to get a view of all system-wide borrows and lends by agency. The State Library is still studying Ccar and wanted LION-wide info. Mark has produced it and can give to us in Excel. The Delta document for PAC for Windows and the Windows Client Guide for Ebsco were distributed to appropriate libraries. The total number of ports is now maxed out on our system.

b. Rick Widlansky – no report.

2. PAC Committee – tentative meeting date was August 12, but PCL is meeting on August 19th and we may recommend PAC reps attend the PCL meeting and cancel the 12th.

3. Bib Committee – next meeting tentative date September 3rd.

4. Circ. Committee – no report.

5. Personnel Committee – no further report.

6. Finance Committee – will meet on September 17th to finalize E-mail and Internet account costs.

7. Planning Committee – no report.

VIII. OLD BUSINESS: Uptime report was distributed.

IX. NEW BUSINESS: Valerie Harrod will e-mail members to see if there is interest in Nelinet training workshops, which are expensive for individual library staff. LION is a member of Nelinet and has hosted some workshops in the past.

X. ADJOURNMENT: Jan Day moved and Marlene Palmquist seconded a motion to adjourn at 11:55 a.m. All voted in favor. The next meeting will be September 22, 1998 at 9:30 am at Russell Library. Middlefield is in charge of refreshments.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra R. Long