Board Minutes 1999 11

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
November 23, 1999

Present: Valerie Harrod, DUR, Sandy Long, MAD, Sue Berescik, EHP, Marie Shaw, ELH, William Deakyne, ELY, Bridget Quinn-Carey, ESX, Sandy Ruoff, GUI, Gale Bradbury, LED, Karen Smith, MDF, Marcia Trotta, MRD, Roxanne Moreau, MRD, Howard Einsohn, MXC, Barbara van der Lyke, MTC, Kelly Marszycki, OLY, Elsie Jenkins, NWC, Ed Murray, NLN, Linda Rusczek, MDT, Mildred Hodge, TVY, Leslie Scherer, WAL, Lew Daniels, WSB, Susan Donovan, STC, Jan Day, WBR, Nancy Wardell, Circ, Marcia Lewis, PAC, Ann Montgomery Smith, PCL, Bill Edge, Mark Hewes, Rick Widlansky, LION.

Absent: BRB


I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Sandy Ruoff at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT at 9:37 am.

II. ADDITIONS TO ADGENDA: Marie Shaw will report on the Universal Service Fund sometime during the meeting.

III. PUBLIC COMMENT: Mark reminded everyone that barcode orders were due today.

IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Valerie moved and Lew seconded a motion that the minutes of October 22, 1999 be approved as distributed. All voted in favor.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report as of October 31, 1999 was discussed. It was noted that because we budgeted for telecom service through PCL as of July 1999 at $56,136, and that is not the case, LION’s cost instead would be about $77,000 to $80,000. We still receive Internet/Intranet service through PCL; because PCL did not get a USF discount for FY00, our cost will be about 30% higher. It was the consensus to accept the report.

VI. DISCUSSION/ACTION ITEMS: Sandy Ruoff asked if anyone wished to request Executive Session. Hearing no response, the meeting proceeded as a regular session.

Status of Partnership of CT Libraries:

a. Ann Montgomery Smith reported that last week CONNECT voted overwhelmingly to remain CONNECT and not become PCL. A revision of the PCL one-time assessments was distributed. LION has choices, some unspoken choices such as the break-up of the networks and all libraries go it alone, or LION could have more members. She believes that all the networks run the risk after the PCL experience of losing members and LION should consider that possibility. The CLN does not seem to have made a difference; it does not seem to be a statewide solution. According to Wallingford who has been using it, the ILL system isn’t working. Bibliomation Users Council is also voting this morning.

b.  Report of New System/Upgrade Options for LION:

A report has been emailed and copies were distributed of the financial comparison of the alternatives to PCL:

-Dynix Upgrade (LION only) – the most cost effective.

-PCL SIRSI Outsource Model – requires more than LION libraries

-SIRSI LION only – purchased system – very expensive.


-SIRSI for all PCL libraries – Purchase as opposed to outsourced model.

The Finance Committee and others have met 3 times on this. It is only a financial study, not a study of functionality of the various systems. The Finance Committee recommended that we give primary attention to the 2 options on page 1, the Dynix upgrade and the most cost effective SIRSI option, the PCL quote outsourced, and that the options on page 5, DG upgrade and Dynix – Sun Box swap be rejected. Leslie commented that she attended the Finance meetings and the PCL SIRSI Outsourced quote on page 1 is no longer an option because it’s based on a larger number of libraries than will be out there because CONNECT has voted itself out. So what the Finance Committee is really recommending is only the Dynix upgrade. Sandy Ruoff asked if the Finance Committee expected a decision from the Board today or expected the matter to be turned over to a smaller committee with recommendations from the whole Board.

Marie pointed out that there might be some significant cost savings in the financial options if LION pursued a USF application and the USF deadline is very soon. Per Leslie, based on that, we need to decide today. Ed said he hoped we would make a decision today since we’ve been working on this for so long. The Dynix upgrade quoted is based on 300 users (we have 259 today) but can allow a maximum of 800 users, so LION membership could grow. The costs of the various options were discussed further.

c. Discussion and Vote on "Question 1" – Bill Deakyne moved and Barbara van der Lyke seconded a motion that based on the information we have received, LION will support a merger of its network into PCL. It is LION’s intent for its network to migrate to the PCL integrated library system pending approval of a formal merger proposal by LION’s members. Guilford and Meriden voted in favor; all others voted against; there were no abstentions. (One member was absent.) The motion was defeated.

What next? Sandy thanked the Finance Committee members, Karen, Elsie, Lew, Linda, and the LION staff for putting so much time into preparing the information for us today. As chair of Finance, Karen moved and Bill Deakyne seconded a motion that LION move ahead with the Dynix Sun/Sunrise system based on the information we have and that we form a committee to study and plan for our future. Valerie commented that probably more new libraries would join LION if we moved to SIRSI. Bill Deakyne asked Bill Edge if he had correctly understood that there was not much difference in functionality between Dynix and SIRSI. Bill answered that the bells and whistles of SIRSI are not available on Sunrise, that Sunrise doesn’t exist yet; we would be buying on faith that Ameritech will deliver what they promised by 2001. We need to catch-up with what Dynix will offer. On day one we would get Cataloging for Windows and should invest in changing all our cataloging workstations to PCs. The hardware change allows us to move to Sunrise as it’s released by Ameritech module by module. It would be a stepped, phased in process. We don’t have to replace all dumb terminals with PCs on day one, but there is a risk that it (the Sunrise system) may never show up. Ameritech has now been sold, so there is a degree of risk. We do know that:

We’re going to get Webpac & web access to our system has been very high on our wish list for some time.

We will solve response time problems.

We will be on state of the art hardware and should be able to carry that hardware to another vendor if Ameritech falls apart.

Gale commented that the holds matrix functionality that we have now with Dynix and love was only promised by SIRSI; it doesn’t exist yet in SIRSI, so we don’t know how it would work. Bill encouraged everyone to look at the Dynix PowerPoint program about Sunrise that Mark put on the LION web page. The migration is in 3 layers, moving each function into the next generation. Mark said there is a serious handicap to the decision we’ve made, that we can’t negotiate a contract with Ameritech because we’re an existing customer. We can only buy what they are selling out of a price book. We will have to reconfigure our system and choose what we’re going to acquire; all the Dynix modules are priced individually. All Sunrise is offering is the core software: PAC, Circ and Cat. Each of us now has over 11 databases, ACQ, SERIALS, etc. Your cost will be based on your implementation. The Planning Committee needs to look at where members want to go; it’s a perfect opportunity to change the Schedule of Fees and Services. Discussion ensued about what was and was not included in the "core software." Acquisitions, serials, comm. res. etc. are included but they are merged with other modules; they are not implemented the way they are now, which is the issue. Leslie said she had viewed the Dynix upgrade option as we have to upgrade the box now, we need more capacity and for $50,000 more we do that and have time to assess the functions and if we don’t like Dynix we can still move elsewhere. Marie said whatever we do, we must have a contract. She asked Rick in terms of hardware about the reliability of Dynix, Rick said he had no idea yet. All voted in favor with one abstention, OLY. The motion carried. Karen Smith officially withdrew the motion she made at the September 29th, 1999 LION Board meeting, that LION regretfully withdraws from membership in PCL, which motion had been seconded by Bill Deakyne and then tabled. Bill Deakyne also withdrew his second of the motion.

The committee to study and plan for our move to the Dynix Upgrade will be the Negotiations Committee, which consists of the Executive Committee, plus the Negotiations chair, who is Ed Murray, appointed by the President, plus chairs of Bib and Circ. Meetings are open to any LION members who wish to participate. Ed Murray announced that the first meeting of the Negotiations Committee would be Wednesday, November 24th, 1999 at 9:30 am at the Russell Library.

Karen officially expressed sincere and tremendous thanks to everyone including Ann who had worked on PCL; the work identified many things that we’ll be taking with us as we move forward. Bill Deakyne said if there were ever anyone who could remain cool while operating under fire it was Ann and LION members thanked her with a large round of applause

Possible loss of PCL Inter/Intranet: LION has received notice from Bibliomation that they’ve reached capacity limit, both coming in and going out. Internet serviced has obviously slowed down. Our option seems to be to install our own ISP/ Circuit full T-1 and our own E-mail server, which would cost about $16,000 annually, versus $13,000 that was budgeted. Linda moved and Ed seconded a motion to authorize LION to move the ISP/E-mail service to a new vendor from PCL including the telecom circuit needed to access the service and to establish LION email server and services. All voted in favor. Rick said he has already started to ease this transition, that 8 or 9 libraries are done now. Libraries will have to give their new addresses to EBSCO, Galenet, etc.

Bill distributed the PCL Core List of Services so that we could tie it in with our future planning, schedule of fees, etc. Rick has reviewed it and said that although these may look like new services, LION already does about 90% of them. Actually LION goes beyond these services because we decided to save maintenance fees to other providers, maintain spares and do the maintenance ourselves.

Frame relay network:

Because LION assumed there would be a PCL/SNET contract with USF discount, and there is none, we will have a higher cost this FY than budgeted, possibly $80,000 instead of the budgeted $56,000. We need to get a contract ASAP with SNET for maintenance on circuits only and only on a few selected sites’ equipment.


LION will pursue USF funding with the help of Marie. Ann Montgomery Smith has already been of great assistance.

LION rates for FY 99-01:

Karen moved and Marie seconded a motion adopting the Finance Committee recommendation that libraries budget no more than a 5% maximum total increase in LION operating fees for FY 00-01. This means no individual LION library’s fees will increase more than 5%; if we change the Schedule of Fees and it is more, we will have to phase it in. A very rough draft of FY 00-01 budget was distributed. Marie asked if there were any PCL obligation in it and the answer is no. All voted in favor.

Schedule of Services – A task force is needed to devise a new Schedule of Fees and Services. Karen, Leslie, Bridget, Linda, Ed, Kelly and Marie volunteered to serve. Leslie will set the first meeting date. Bill distributed a chart showing roughly the numbers of PCs accessing LION, ILS users versus non-ILS users, illustrating the issue of imbalance of our billing for service and the use of the system capacity bandwidth.

4. (We skipped an item while paperwork was being distributed.)

Nominations Committee: Susan moved and Kelly seconded a motion that the slate of officers for election at the annual meeting in December would be:

-President: Sandy Ruoff

-Vice Pres.: Valerie Harrod

-Secretary: Sandy Long

-Treasurer: Karen Smith


All voted to accept the report of the Nominating Committee. Susan thanked everyone for agreeing to serve for another year. After a break, the meeting resumed at 11:40 a.m.

Motion re funding for statewide automation:

Last month LION approved a motion that was based on wording that Art Meyers had suggested, similar to a resolution passed by the Russell Library Board of Trustees. Art later quoted the LION motion in his letter titled Information for All with words which were not in the LION motion. After discussion it was decided that Sandy is clear on what to say to the CLA Legislative Committee so we don’t need to take action on this. Sandy thought it would be effective if LION invited the State Librarian to the lunch following our December meeting. Sandy said lunch for all would be underwritten by LION this year.


1. LION Staff Reports

a.  Executive Director – Bill reported on uptime. Barcode orders are due.

b.  Associate Director – Mark handed out his report, which has a lot of Ameritech information and EBSCO statistics.

c. Systems Manager – Rick distributed his report.

2. Committee Reports

a. PAC Committee – PAC4WIN help aid is finalized. A sub committee will meet with the Bib committee to work on adding the 856 field to the record. An EBSCO rep will meet with the PAC committee on December 8th to show libraries how to administer their own EBSCO host site.

b. Bibliographic Committee – no report.

c. Circulation Committee – no report.

d. Personnel Committee – LION staff evaluations are needed for recommendations for salary increases.

e. Finance Committee – no further report.

f. Planning Committee – This committee has morphed into the Negotiations Committee and will meet tomorrow.




X. ADJOURNMENT: Next regular meeting will be the third Tuesday, December 21st at 9:30 at the Russell Library, refreshments supplied by Branford. It will be preceded by the Annual Meeting at 9:00 a.m. and followed at 11:30 by lunch at Tuscany Grill.


Respectfully submitted,


Sandra R. Long, Secretary

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