Board Minutes 1999 12

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
December 21, 1999

Present: Valerie Harrod, DUR, Sandy Long, MAD, Sue Berescik, EHP, Marie Shaw, ELH, William Deakyne, ELY, Bridget Quinn-Carey, ESX, Sandy Ruoff, GUI, Gale Bradbury, LED, Karen Smith, MDF, Roxanne Moreau, MRD, Howard Einsohn, MXC, Barbara van der Lyke, MTC, Kelly Marszycki, OLY, Elsie Jenkins, NWC, Ed Murray, NLN, Linda Rusczek, MDT, Mildred Hodge, MOC/TVY, Leslie Scherer, WAL, Lew Daniels, WSB, Betty Page, STC, Jan Day, WBR, Pat Johnson, Bib, Nancy Wardell, Circ, Marcia Lewis, PAC, Ann Montgomery Smith, PCL, Bill Edge, Mark Hewes, Rick Widlansky, and Paul Nelson, LION and invited guest State Librarian Kendall Wiggin. Absent: BRB

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 10:19 AM, following the annual meeting. Everyone introduced themselves to our invited guest State Librarian Kendall Wiggin. Barbara van der Lyke announced that she was retiring as Director of Mitchell College Library as of December 31, 1999.


III. PUBLIC COMMENT: State Librarian Kendall Wiggin commented on recent occurrences of statewide interest. LT. Governor Rell’s report to the Governor concurring schools and libraries and their readiness for the 21st century in terms of technology contains 19 points; the key points for the library community are: 1) the CT Education Network, an attempt to connect all school buildings, all libraries and all academic institutions into a high speed high bandwidth network, an Intranet for communicating among ourselves, which hopefully will have benefits for us such as better internet access and delivery of services, to create other opportunities such as distance learning, and will address telecommunication costs; 2) the Digital Library (formerly Virtual Library); the component that she is proposing for $2 million per year for each of the next three years is a piece of the larger concept, and essentially will be used for statewide licensing of databases of the broadest base possible to serve everyone, K-12 and on up to senior citizens. Kendall has tried to stress that they should be available to anyone who has a faculty or student ID or a library card, that there should be a connection between the library and the digital world.

The legislators want to see a systematic approach, not a series of proposals from State Library, Higher Ed, and Dept. of Education even though all will be responsible for carrying our different parts of the package; there will be no "super" agency to do this. The Lt. Governor intends this to begin in July 2000. This legislative session is not aflood in money, in spite of the surplus. There is a budget cap. There will not be a lot of new items funded.

The coming year provides a good opportunity to discuss and define the future of library automation in the state. The legislature wants a proposal that will produce results for the funding.

Bill Edge asked how network management could be "done right" this time and what will be the procedure for dealing with USF, if there will be a statewide program. Kendall said that the State will try to apply as a State for the piece that they come up with. It does not preclude schools and libraries individually from applying. About 5 states are currently doing this. As far as "doing it right," the Dept. of Information Technology Management will be a key player; it won’t be done by any one department. The legislators seem to be expecting a lot from the telecom vendors in the state.

Leslie commented that in some of Kendall’s previous reports the distinction was made between intralibrary loans as networking /sharing versus interlibrary loans; she stressed that when libraries in LION share, it is separate political entities sharing resources, just as much an interlibrary loan as other loans, it is true resource sharing. Kendall said he probably had made the distinction because the process for the 2 operations seemed different. Leslie said from our perspective just because we created an easier process doesn’t mean we don’t need (state) support. Kendall said resource sharing is becoming a complex area and we need to keep a lot of different aspects in mind. For instance, as patrons begin to do their own borrowing, libraries lose the ability to interact with them. The existing Request contract and the reality of the State budget situation gives us a window, a chance to prepare a package to succeed in the next, future round with the legislature.

IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Leslie moved and Mildred seconded a motion to approve the Minutes of the November 23, 1999 meeting. All voted in favor.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: The report as of November 30, 1999 had been mailed and emailed with comments on any unusual items. It was the consensus to accept the report.


  1. LION Services Document: Ed, chair of Planning Committee presented the document, which had been posted to all since mid-November and available for comment. One issue has been raised which needs membership discussion, now on page 6, Integrated Library System Services, #2 Manage Parameters for all Modules and all Sites. This is a change from past LION practice; formerly each library’s project director did this. After discussion it was agreed to add the words Manage "with member approval" Parameters for all Modules and all Sites. Ed moved on behalf of the Negotiations/Planning Committee to approve the LION Services Document with the additional wording on page 6 "with member approval." Discussion: Elsie questioned page 1, #7 Provide NON-ILS Services 7.1 Member LAN Support which in some member libraries is not needed from LION; it isn’t clear whether this could be a charged option in the fee structure. The LAN Support could also be added on page 4 item 2.2 Provide Consultation to member libraries. It was agreed that this document lists the services we expect LION to make available to members, not that all members would use all services; there will be charges associated with all of the services. Karen said the LION Services Document and the Financial Schedule of Services have to go hand in hand to clarify these issues. Bill pointed out page 4 item 2.6 uncensored internet access as an item that members should be aware of; it’s a sort of disclaimer for LION. He also pointed out section 6 page 5 re email was for staff only, not the public. All voted in favor of the motion to approve the LION Services Document with the added words on page 6.
  2. Status of Partnership of CT Libraries: Ann Montgomery Smith distributed a written report. She will be writing a report highlighting PCL activities for the State Librarian. The PCL Board has expressed the hope that the intense communication and sharing of information among the networks could continue, perhaps by reviving the Independent Council of Automated Libraries, facilitated by the State. PCL has identified expenses until the dissolution, the contributions of each network, and will be able to reimburse the networks using the same formula used for the assessments. PCL will return approximately $30,000 to LION. Bill pointed out that the character cell intranet link between systems will go away by the end of January. The link to Waterford/Groton is fairly heavily used and the staff is studying the need for a 56K circuit for it. Waterford/Groton are also interested in Internet service. Kelly commented that there are probably a lot of libraries east of the CT River who would like to join LION if it were affordable. Bill presented Ann with a LION mug in appreciation for her leadership in a process, which, although was ultimately not successful, has been extremely educational and has benefited LION as we move into new technology.
  3. Status of LION/ALS Negotiations

a. Hardware Upgrade – Gale moved and Karen seconded a motion to approve the purchase of the new hardware to replace the DG equipment (quote to date approx. $77,433 and annual $12,615) and to authorize the Executive Committee to sign off on it. All voted in favor. This will be paid out of the undesignated reserve fund.

b. Sunrise/Horizon option – This is the big question facing us. The quote to date is $262,196 one-time for software and $33,651 annual, plus services, a one-time migration charge $21,000 no annual. A software credit, for the existing system has already been taken off of the total at the bottom line of the quote. The problem is that we have to agree to the Sunrise/Horizon option to get the credit, and we don’t know yet if Horizon will work for LION and Sunrise does not exist yet so we can’t judge it. The move to Horizon is the hardest part. The contract will be in the $400,000 range but it needs to be worded so that we don’t pay for it until we get it. Bill recommends that we keep negotiating and that the timing of the payments is crucial. We need an escape clause. Leslie said the issue is that we don’t want to be locked into Horizon and we don’t want 2 migrations. Last month we thought we were spending $50,000 for hardware and as an "extra" would get Horizon; now a $400,000 contract is different. We need at least a formal demo of Horizon. It was agreed that since we don’t have the time pressure to vote on this, we should have a document at our next meeting to look at. Part of the Negotiating Team is scheduled to meet with Dynix on January 6 & 7 and will ask for demo dates.

c. WebPAC option – The WebPAC server will work on Dynix/Horizon/Sunrise. Marie moved and Jan seconded a motion to approve the purchase of the WebPAC server, quote to date $23,537 one-time, annual $7,681 for hardware and software. This may be eligible for USF. LION will sell user capacity/ports. The question was called and all voted in favor. We will revisit the licensing fees.

d. NetConnect option – This is a turnkey box from Dynix, which plugs into LION for Web pages and email. We can’t leave Bibliomation services without this box. Discussion was interrupted by the need to move on to other items on the agenda in time to adjourn on time.

e. Survey Form – Ann distributed a form to be completed and returned to her for compilation, which will help us rank members’ priorities for the next system.

f. Election of Officers – On behalf of the Nominating Committee Valerie moved that the following slate of officers be elected for one year:

President – Sandy Ruoff
Vice President – Valerie Harrod
Treasurer – Karen Smith
Secretary – Sandy Long

There were no nominations from the floor. Valerie stated that she would not be the next president. All voted in favor.


1. LION Staff Reports:

  • Rick said LION should be Y2K compliant.

2. Committee Reports

a. PAC Committee – will meet January 12th at Woodbridge Library

b. Circulation Committee – will meet January 13th at Middletown Russell Library.

c. Personnel Committee – Valerie will contact Board for comments re staff evaluations and committee will meet in January.



X. ADJOURNMENT: Valerie moved and Kelly seconded a motion to adjourn to enjoy a holiday lunch. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 25th at the Russell Library, unless otherwise notified. Durham is in charge of refreshments.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra R. Long, Secretary

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