Board Minutes 2000 03

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
March 28, 2000


Present: Valerie Harrod, DUR, Sandy Long, MAD, Marie Shaw, ELH, Lydia Main, ELY, Bridget Quinn-Carey, ESX, Sandy Ruoff, GUI, Barbara Cangiano, BRB, Gale Bradbury, LED, Karen Smith, MDF, Marcia Trotta, MRD, Howard Einsohn, MXC, Phyllis Leonardi, MTC, Mary Fiorelli, OLY, Elsie Jenkins, NWC, Ed Murray, NLN, Linda Rusczek, MDT, Mildred Hodge, MOC/TVY, Leslie Scherer, WAL, Lew Daniels, WSB, Jan Day, WBR, Nancy Wardell, Circ, Bill Edge, Mark Hewes, and Rick Widlansky, LION.

Absent: EHP and STC.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Pres. Sandy Ruoff at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT at 9:38 am.



IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Jan Day moved and Lydia Main seconded a motion to approve the Minutes of the February 29th, 2000 Meeting as posted. All voted in favor.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: The Report as of February 29, 2000 had been emailed. It includes the first payment for the ILS upgrade and WebPAC server and new equipment of an Ethernet switch. It was the consensus to accept the report.


1. Schedule of Services for FY01.

A Schedule was distributed at the Feb. 29th meeting. There has been one change: WebPAC annual cost is now $1200 (previously shown as $600), now the same as PAC. There are so far 8 new users, with 9 libraries yet to report. This means a balanced budget with a .5% operational surplus, good news. Although we hoped to have a simpler Schedule of Services, it’s not possible. Karen moved and Marcia seconded a motion to adopt the Schedule of Services, Periods and Prices, Effective Date: July 1,2000 as presented. All voted in favor, with the exception of one abstention WAL. There were none opposed.


Jan Day moved and Valerie Harrod seconded a motion to go into Executive Session at 9:50 am. All voted in favor.

Valerie Harrod moved and Bridget Quinn-Carey seconded a motion to come out of Executive session. All voted in favor.

The regular Board Meeting was reconvened at 11:06 am.

3.  Executive Director a. Resignation:

All Board members had received a copy of a letter of resignation effective July 1, 2000, from Bill Edge. Lew moved and Lydia seconded a motion that the Board of Directors of Libraries Online, Inc. accepts with deep regret the resignation of Bill Edge, Executive Director of Libraries Online, Inc. effective July 1, 2000.

Karen wanted Bill to know that it had been a very hard decision for LION members to make.

Marie said that Bill had been the most "Executive" of Executive Directors and thanked him for all of his valuable assistance and said that he was truly irreplaceable; she believed LION was still keeping open the possibility of asking Bill to serve as a consultant to LION.

Lydia said that we all hated to see him go.

Linda said the LION Board has had a lot of tough decisions to make over the years but never one that brought us this close to tears.

Bill said it had not been an easy decision for him or his family. 16 members voted in favor of the motion; DUR, LED, MRD, and MXC voted against the motion; there were no abstentions.

A short break was taken. Meriden left the meeting. The Board reconvened at 11:18 am.


1. LION Staff Reports

Upgrade update:
Due to several Murphy’s Law problems and their unanticipated consequences, the move to SNET had to be re-done at the same time as the switch to the new ILS. Rick reported that the new WebPAC server came out of the box broken, that the move to SNET network address translation didn’t work. We are still having problems with Galenet and the Web server is not up yet. Dynix has arrived and work on the transition started today. Mark said that we have lost a week for testing due to late shipping; we are now waiting for Dynix to move data across and then LION will build pointers, check for errors, learn backup and by Thursday we should come up in the exact, same environment that we were in before, with the exception of the disappearance of the journal citations. Members will begin WebPAC services in mid-May, perhaps April. Release 181 will be installed sometime in May or June and it will have Web Check with it, the software that we authorized last month.

2. Committee Reports

a. Circulation Committee – Nancy reported that the committee met last month. The members would like all of the various committee members to have a joint meeting sometime after the changeover is completed. Valerie said it would be helpful to all of our customers who use multiple LION libraries for libraries to have uniform policies, for example policies re fines, etc. She asked the Circ Committee to address this in the future. Mark added that there are over 800 codes for circ attributes and they will all have to be reviewed/ redone for Sunrise. Reducing the variables would be helpful.

b. Bibliographic Committee – The committee will meet on April 12th.

c. Planning Committee – The committee conducted an informal email discussion of the WebPAC issue, whether access should be limited to out of the library site. The conclusion right now seems to be that members can use it any way they want to, but the Schedule of Services fee was increased slightly. The issue is too complicated for the committee to discuss without more information. A session for any/all staff to discuss and understand the product and the issues is needed before the Board can make an informed decision. A session will be developed at a later time.

d.  Personnel Committee – Valerie will be looking for more members for the Search Committee and possibly another committee to look at reorganization. She will call another Personnel Committee meeting quickly.

e.  "Hit" Committee – The committee has been in conversation with 3 libraries: Rathbun Library in East Haddam is not interested in LION at this time; they will stay with their existing system; a presentation to the Board and Selectmen of the Brainerd Library in Haddam will be given tonight; the Ivoryton Library is discussing coming to LION as a branch of the Essex Library; this is simple to do technologically, but cost and politics have yet to be resolved; the prognosis is good.


1. A question was raised about Cat4Win. It has been installed in the LION office but hasn’t been tried yet.

2. Mark reported that he has just taken the CLN training and said there is no way that it would be an adjunct database for LION; it is awful, a nightmare to use; the interface takes over a whole PC, etc.

IX. NEW BUSINESS: Contact your Senators in support of the Digital Library.

X. ADJOURNMENT: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 25, 2000 at the Russell Library. East Hampton is in charge of refreshments. Valerie moved and Jan seconded a motion to adjourn. All voted in favor.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandra R. Long Secretary

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