Board Minutes 2000 10

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
October 24, 2000


Present: Valerie Harrod, DUR, Sandy Long, MAD, Sue Berescik, EHP, William Deakyne, ELY, Bridget Quinn-Carey, ESX, Sandy Ruoff, GUI, Donna Lolos, BRB, Gale Bradbury, LED, Roxanne Moreau, MRD, Howard Einsohn, MXC, Mary Fiorelli, OLY, Elsie Jenkins, NWC, Lee Clapp, NLN, Linda Rusczek, MDT, , Leslie Scherer, WAL, Lew Daniels, WSB, Betty Page, STC, Jan Day, WBR, Pat Johnson, Bib, Nancy Wardell, Circ, Marcia Lewis, PAC, Ed Murray, Mark Hewes, and Rick Widlansky, LION. Absent: ELH (excused), MDF (excused), MTC, and TVY.


I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Sandy Ruoff at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT at 9:35 a.m.


III. PUBLIC COMMENT: On behalf of MXC and TVY, Howard Einsohn expressed their appreciation and thanks to Mark Hewes and his staff for all of their extraordinary help during the migration process to their new Voyager system. Howard reminded LION members how fortunate they were to have Mark on their staff. Sandy said that LION would miss the Community Colleges and especially Howard and thanked him for his service.

IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Leslie moved and Gale seconded a motion to approve the Minutes of August 22, 2000 as presented. All voted in favor.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Sandy welcomed Ed to the head of the table and said we were all glad to see him there. A round of applause ensued. The Treasurer’s Report had been emailed and was also handed out. Sandy asked if Linda or Ed had any comments. Linda said she wanted to know what information the Board would like to hear each month. Jan said that we would like to hear about any unusual items. Ed reported that the only unusual item in September was the $4,500 payment to SNET under New Equipment for part of our past upgrade.


  1. Brainerd Memorial Library: Suzanne Risley, Director, has submitted a Letter of Intent for Brainerd Memorial Library, Haddam, to join LION if we approve it. Ed said they would incur a one-time cost of $17, 635 and would bring in nearly $12,000 annually. Ann Penfield is their Board President, Population of Haddam is approx. 8000 (Durham, Essex and Middlefield are all smaller). Linda said their membership would be a bonus for Russell Library, since Brainerd is Russell’s biggest CCard borrower. Valerie moved and Linda seconded that LION accept Brainerd Memorial Library, Haddam as a LION member. Leslie asked if LION Staff recommended this and Ed said yes. Mark said this was probably not the end of the discussion, that they would not be doing a bib. conversion but assumed that their database on SLIMS could be moved to LION from their server to build holdings in LION; they want to move from a live, running system quickly onto a live, running system. LION staff will be teaching cataloging, circ services and patron services, public services all at the same time, which we’ve never done before. All the issues to be addressed will all come together in a month and a half instead of over the course of a year or more. Their bib records may not be up to LION standards, etc. Leslie said she just wanted to be sure that the cost they will pay meets or exceeds the cost to LION for the work involved to bring them in, and Mark said it was within reason. All voted in favor.

  3. Ivoryton Library: LION is asked to consider bringing Ivoryton Library into LION as a branch of the Essex Library. The one-time cost would be $10,075 and annual cost $6,053. The Town of Essex incorporates the three villages of Ivoryton, Centerbrook and Essex. Centerbrook has no public library; Essex is the pricipal public library for the Town of Essex. Bringing Ivoryton Library into LION will not only be good for both libraries’ patrons but also good for the town as a whole. Gale moved and Leslie seconded a motion that LION consider branch designation for Ivoryton Library as a branch of Essex. This will be similar to the situation of Yalesville and Wallingford or like Thames and Mohegan. They will both try to come up on LION at the same time. Robbi Storms is the Ivoryton Director. All voted in favor.

  5. Amendment to the Schedule of Services: In the past there was an upgrade cost to go from PAC to PACforWindows, $500 and $1320 annual operating, which seems to have been dropped by mistake from this year’s Schedule. Reinstating it would encourage members to convert to pcs, whereas not including it means members would have to pay $2,000 for a port. Leslie moved and Elsie seconded a motion that a line will be added to the Schedule of Services called Upgrade PAC Port to PACforWindows Workstation on a member-owned pc for $500 one-time, $110 monthly or $1320 annually. (the LION-owned pc is already on the schedule.) All voted in favor.

  7. netLibrary: Mark contacted netLibrary and they did a demo on October 17th. The negotiated discount for LION is $33 per title; the smallest collection they offer is 500 titles; so LION cost would be $16,500. Divided by 22 LION members it would cost $750 per library. This is not a subscription; it is a collection that would be bought once. If we wanted to add to the collection, there would be an added cost. LION chose collections more oriented to public libraries than academic. Members might want to charge this cost to their book budgets instead of LION costs. Mark pointed out that LION can’t restrict the access to only the libraries that buy it; it would be a service through LION and a part of the system-wide database. This would be like Wilson Reader’s Guide; LION would have to ask Dynix to create a dummy record. Discussion was deferred to the next meeting. Look at the netLibrary website, rather than using a trial.

  9. DSL Line: Digital Subscriber Line has recently become available in Ct. Rick had a line installed to the LION office, installed a router for it, and has been testing it for about two months. It’s great, averages 450-650k bandwidth, strictly for internet workstations, not a circuit to LION services, very cheap, only $79 a month. It’s available in 10 or 11 towns of LION libraries; to use you have to be within 3 miles of a SNET connection. The closer you are the better the service. Guilford and Wallingford are going to install it. Snet won’t network it; they do only one pc, period. Rick can set it up for libraries for cost of time and materials, but there is no other LION involvement, no LION maintenance. It is attached to the library’s voice line and billed on the library’s phone bill. It’s a cheap alternative to LION internet.

  11. Big Chalk: Mark has talked to them; their quote to LION is $21,500 for the first year, $14,700 every year after. Company is part of Infonautics; individual libraries would have to pay c.$3800 for the largest like Russell, $1560 per year for the smaller libraries. If we did as a LION service each member would be getting their web page at Big Chalk, would be pointed back to the Z39.50 server at LION, would have Ebsco services brought through Big Chalk, would have other services like Galenet, etc. provide a portal to/thru Big Chalk. If you do it individually, LION would have to come up with a fee for the Z39.50 server. Basically, Big Chalk is a web page that accesses a database; their Retriever service goes out to the internet using their own search engine, goes back to the LION Z39.50 server, our bib database and other databases such as Ebsco; the user types in a search and Retriever does a search against the internet, against the catalog, other databases like Ebsco, and brings back a result set, not merged or de-duped but grouped as results from the internet, results from the catalog, etc. User can click on a result and is taken into the database (Ebsco) or to the Marc record with holdings attached. There is no interaction; you can’t place holds, renew, etc. It is appealing for libraries because many patrons go directly to the web, bypassing all the expensive, authoritative subscription databases that the library buys. Big Chalk brings them to these databases. Big Chalk submitted a proposal to Ct. Virtual Library, but not sure it’s Retriever. Mark will notify us about trials.

  13. Annual Meeting and December Board Meeting: They will be held on the third Tuesday of the month, on December 19th; the Annual Meeting will begin at 9a.m., followed by the monthly Board meeting, followed by lunch at Noon at the Tuscany Grill, to be paid by LION.

    A Short break was taken.


  1. LION Staff Report
    • Associate Director: Mark’s 10 page report is on the web site.
    • Systems Manager: Rick distributed his report.
    • Paul has set up committee lists, etc. Contact Paul to add names. When searching for cheap pcs, he tried a NIC, cost about $199, but was a real dog. You can’t configure its browser, etc. He is starting to investigate Winterms, which is client/server technology. On a time and materials cost basis, he will evaluate Groton-Waterford’s telecom.
    • Executive Director: Ed had distributed his report attached to the agenda. He said he was very happy to be here. A highlight of his report is the meeting he and Mark had with SIRSI; the numbers are big, $455,000 one-time compared to Dynix $199,000 and $59,000 annual compared to Dynix $33,000. LEAP seems enthusiastic about a possible merger with LION; Prospect Public Library and Colchester have been given quotes and Ed is scheduled for a meeting with the Colchester Board in Nov. LION did a demo for Cheshire and they were impressed. If the Brainerd project works well, perhaps a package can be developed for SLIMS libraries in the state. LION should also look at the Dynix stand-alones again, although Mark said many of them have already upgraded. But there may be possible services LION could provide.
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Finance Committee – No report. There will be a meeting soon.
    2. Personnel Committee – No report.
    3. Planning Committee – The Committee needs a new chair. There is a report at the end of Ed’ written report.
    4. Bibliographic Committee – Pat said that in September the Committee looked at WebFeet, but it is very expensive. They will meet in November at Meriden.
    5. Circulation Committee – Nancy said Circ met on October 12th.The subject of a merged patron database was discussed; there are a lot of pros and cons. A smaller committee will review the issues and report and it will have to be discussed by the whole Board. If we go to another ILS, including Sunrise, we must merge the files; Remote Patron Authentication can’t be used unless we develop a merged patron index. Itype codes will also have to be merged. Mark has asked Dynix to look at this as a merge into Sunrise to give us a price.

      Circ also discussed East Lyme High School joining the open holds matrix; some people were concerned about the summer closing, but it isn’t a problem. ELH will be added and delivery mechanism is through East Lyme Public with a note on the Ccard slip.

      Mark said that email notification has been implemented and is ready for libraries to use. There is now an email address field on every patron record. If there is an email address in the record, the system automatically generates email patron notices, not paper, under the same parameters (i.e. 2 notices, etc.) as the paper were sent. If an email is undeliverable, the system alerts the LION server and LION staff notifies the library to remove that email address. (No paper notice is generated for that particular transaction; library can get the info from patron’s purf.) Mark said only 3% of circ transactions go to notices.

      Circ also discussed 9 and 14 digit barcodes; it’s a mess, but we haven’t given up yet. Dynix quote was $750, went up to $2200 when we insisted we also wanted ability to do significant digits only. State doesn’t understand the issues; since they won’t sanction one algorithm over another and since LION’s is different, LION has to program at least two, so cost is up to $4000 now to handle 9,11,and 14 digits and 2 check digit algorithms. We should ask the State for funding, since they are giving funds to some libraries to implement the statewide library card. We are waiting to get the correct algorithem and then will special order barcodes and everything discussed at the Circ Committee will be true.
      Circ Committee also agreed on a common hold function, to set a 14 day parameter LIONwide for all items on the hold shelf. The system will automatically move the item after 14 days on the hold shelf, so circ staff need to run two daily reports now, including a hold shelf action report.

    6. Pac Committee- Marcia said the Committee hasn’t met, but has concerns re issues discussed today and will meet in December.

VIII.  OLD BUSINESS: There was some discussion of industry-wide technology forcing the use of pcs instead of dumb terminals; LIONs Schedule of Services encourages members to use pcs by 2002. LION staff is still looking for other solutions instead of full graphical workstations.

IX.  NEW BUSINESS: Gale said that 2 East Haddam libraries were looking at a merger and that they might want to look at LION. She also made a pitch to Groton Director about the benefits of LION. She also asked about a list of libraries’ staff LION email addresses; it is on the LION site and you can be delivered a file of them. LION will add non-LION addresses of members. Ed remarked that increasingly LION documents will be posted on the web site instead of distributed in hard copy.

Valerie, who is the new head of ACLPD, asked/encouraged everyone to give input to the committee of issues they would like ACLPD to address.

X. ADJOURNMENT: The next meeting is Tuesday November 28th. Guilford is in charge of refreshments. Valerie moved and Bridget seconded a motion to adjourn. All voted in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra R. Long, Secretary

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