Board Minutes 2000 12

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
December 19, 2000

PRESENT: Valerie Harrod, DUR, Sandy Long, MAD, Sue Berescik, EHP, Marie Shaw, ELH, Lydia Main, ELY, Mary Attridge, ESX, Sandy Ruoff, GUI, Donna Lolos, BRB, Suzanne Risley, HAD, Gale Bradbury, LED, Roxanne Moreau, MRD, Howard Einsohn, MXC, Tara Borden, MTC, Mary Fiorelli, OLY, Elsie Jenkins, NWC, Linda Rusczek, MDT, Leslie Scherer, WAL, Lew Daniels, WSB, Betty Page, STC, Mildred Hodge, TVY, Jan Day, WBR, Pat Johnson, Bib, Nancy Wardell, Circ, Ed Murray, Mark Hewes, and Rick Widlansky, LION, George Duffy and Lance Ziaks, CPAs, and honored guests Bill Edge, Karen Smith, and Sharon Brettschneider, Ct. State Library. Absent: MDF and NLN.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Sandy Ruoff at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT at 9:50 a.m. Sandy announced that the new Director of Middlefield Levi Coe Library is Mary Dattilo, who wasn’t present.



IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Leslie moved and Valerie seconded a motion that the Minutes of the November 28, 2000 meeting be approved. All voted in favor.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Ed reported that there were no unusual income or expense items of note in November.


1. Net Library:

  1. Ed and Mark summarized last month’s discussion of LION purchasing a netLibrary ebook collection of 500 titles at a cost to LION of $16,500 plus the cost of the Marc records at $1.00 each, for a total cost of $17,000. After last month’s meeting, members’ opinions were solicited. MDF reported that they were in a financial bind and could not participate financially, but hoped to overcome that problem next year. If they are not included, dividing the cost by 20 members comes to $850 per member library.
  2. Bibliographic records for netLibrary items would be integrated into PAC, so that users can search by all the fields in PAC, just as they do for any library’s holdings; however, on Wyse terminals, users cannot connect on the hot links.( A PC is needed.) There would also be an icon on each library’s website for netLibrary that the user can click on and search the netLibrary site. Mark would also create a Best Seller list for netLibrary titles. Rick and Paul will have to review to be sure that any Internet compliant device in any member library has the reader installed so that users in the library would be able to download netLibrary items. Users at home would have to download the netLibrary reader from their site. Printing can be done by viewing online; up to 15 pages can be printed before the user is "discouraged", so copyright can be violated. Mark will see if it is possible to find a way to get a list of netLibrary items in LION; theoretically something could be inserted in the Marc record. But the Best Seller list might take care of this. Suzanne thought that the genre type of headings were useful if there is a way to retain them. A LION committee like PAC or some new committee would have to look at future collection development decisions; those decisions would not be made by individual libraries. The collection is a one-time purchase, owned forever by LION, not a subscription that must be renewed.
  3. Further questions were asked and comments made about circulation, holds, etc. There are still a lot of unknowns, but Sandy commented that she felt that this would be a good project for LION and its members, and a chance for members to try something new and exciting. Leslie moved that LION purchase the collection of 500 netLibrary titles at a cost of $850 per member library and Marie seconded the motion. Sue expressed concern that a library could say yes today, but be in the midst of a budget process and would be unable to commit to payment when the final budget is approved at the local level. Marie reiterated her concern that no library would be forced to incur some other expense, like PACforWindows, in order to use netLibrary. Elsie asked if the cost to individual libraries would increase when/if some members are not able to pay their $850 share. The issue was raised that the $850 per library could be folded into the operational fees, instead of a one-time added separate charge; LION could purchase the collection out of capital reserves and then bill back the cost to members in their quarterly ops fees. Valerie called the question. Nineteen voted in favor; one opposed, Westbrook; 1 abstained, Middlesex. The motion carried.

2. Three Rivers Community College monthly membership:

Mildred reported that she probably needed another month of LION membership before TVY would be ready to leave LION. Mildred moved that Three Rivers retain its membership in LION for another month (after December), to be billed accordingly. Lew seconded the motion. This would be similar to the procedure that was carried out for the Mashantucket Library. All voted in favor.


1. LION Staff Reports

  1. Systems Manager: Rick reported that he’s been installing lots of PCs lately. The second DSL site for LION has been installed at Guilford; the total PCs on their DSL system will be 10; Nancy reported that it’s very fast. The frame relay circuit and PCs should be installed by the end of the year in Ivoryton. Brainerd is proceeding.
  2. Executive Director: Ed distributed a written report. Valerie and Ed were well received by Colchester Library for their LION presentation. USF forms for year four have been filed; in that process contracts with Snet have been signed; this year will be the first time that LION will see income from USF, about $40,000, which will be put in LION’s cash reserves. Because of the "found money" nature of the funds and the political instability of the program, Ed cautioned members against budgeting for it in future years. The State Library has awarded Lion a grant which will completely cover LION’s costs to epixtech of $4,200 for the Statewide Library Card barcode requirements. Sharon Brettschneider reminded public libraries that one requirement for USF funds was approval of a Technology Plan, which was to have an expiration time; if it’s expired, just resubmit the plan to the State Library.
  3. Associate Director: Mark reported that patron barcodes have been ordered for Westbrook and Haddam, which are 14 digit codabars. Dynix is still unable to get everything working for this, but probably the April order will be 14 digit barcodes for all members. Westbrook expects retrospective conversion to be done and to begin circulating this spring. Ivoryton and Essex will be doing retro conversion as soon as the infrastructure is in place. LION was able to extract the first 24,000 Marc records of holdings from Haddam’s system; Mark is now trying to load them into the LION system and match them against existing LION records without using Dynix assistance, since that would incur a cost. East Lyme High is a new member of the open holds loan matrix. CCar deliveries go to East Lyme Public and a courier goes between the two libraries.

2. Committee Reports

a. Finance Committee: Linda is waiting for a few new members to be confirmed before scheduling a meeting.

b. Personnel Committee: No report.

c. Planning Committee: Leslie has resumed her role as chair; no report.

d. Bibliographic Committee: No report.

e. Circulation Committee: Nancy reported that a subcommittee had met twice regarding the patron database merge, which is a serious undertaking. The subcommittee has identified issues that will arise. Dynix has proposed two options, one for $10,000 which retains patron purf history, circ history, etc., and one for $4,800, which loses purf history, circ history, etc. The work would require downtime of a week, circ staff training, etc. Each library would probably have to agree on one set of parameters that drive the P types and I types. At this point the subcommittee doesn’t see the point or advantage to doing this right now, especially since the cost of doing it might be integrated into the cutover costs if we migrate to a new system in the future, as opposed to a separate cost now. It’s also possible that we might not need to merge the patron database files if we migrate to a new system. The Committee recommends that we not do this now but table the issue until sometime in the future when we might have to address the issue. The Circ Committee will meet Feb. 8th.

f. PAC Committee: There is a meeting January 23rd. A chair or co-chair is needed.

g. Nominating: On behalf of the Nominating Committee, Valerie offered the following slate of officers: President, Sandy Ruoff; Vice President, Jan Day; Secretary, Bridget Quinn-Carey; Treasurer, Linda Rusczek. Leslie seconded the slate. There were no nominations from the floor. All voted in favor of the slate as presented.

3. Connecticut State Library

Sandy introduced Sharon Brettschneider, Director, Division of Library Development, to report on the state of the CT State Library. The most exciting news right now is the development of the CT Digital Library. The databases selected will be announced next week. The Deptartment of Information Technology had to issue the RFP on behalf of the State Library; following DOIT procedures has delayed the process. Hopefully on-site access will begin in January and then off-site. Two servers at CSU will act as gateways to multiple vendors and will also be the proxy server for patron authentication. CLN is in the process of changing to the CT Digital Library; there is conflicting legislation. The CLN Board is probably going to disband in July to a Ct. Digital Library advisory board. Sandy Ruoff pointed out that this year we have something very concrete to thank our legislators for funding that will really benefit patrons and users.

LION members asked for an update on the status of CCar. One driver resignation may be filled in a month or so, but 3 drivers are out on disability, 2 of them long-term. For the long-term solution for CCar, the State Library is looking at outsourcing. OPM has given preliminary approval. A CCar study done 2 years ago by a consultant showed that it would be cheaper and more efficient; other states, such as R.I., have done it. Outsourcing may allow the addition of other kinds of libraries on a payment basis.

A grant has been submitted for CT to the Gates Foundation for computers and training for public libraries (not the State Library) and for 5 training labs. The grant will be announced if awarded in February with funding to begin in July.

A study is in process of DLD and CLSUs to clarify roles and study the best use of state funding. You can participate from their website.

VIII. OLD BUSINESS: Mark reminded everyone of the Big Chalk trial running now for 30 days total. Big Chalk quoted a price in two ways: 1) individual libraries subscribe at $2,000/year each, or 2)LION subscribes as a consortium @ $14,400 +$250per public library & $1,600per school library, $22,000 total for first year and $14,500 subsequent years. They are offering a discount if we subscribe by December 30th of 10% first year & additional 5% for 2 year subscription. Mark urged members to use the trial and email him their observations and questions, but we will not be pursuing a subscription now.

IX. NEW BUSINESS: Gale reported that Ledyard was awarded a $500,000 construction grant by the State Library and if all goes well will go to town referendum in June. Sandy and Sharon reminded everyone to lobby for the increase in these construction grant funds next year.

X. ADJOURNMENT: We have discussed the possibility of skipping some meetings or having meetings every other month. The by-laws will be checked to see if there is any provision for or against this practice. Members seemed to agree that there was no need for the entire group to meet monthly if there was no business to discuss. There may not be a January meeting; notification will be sent. Valerie moved and Gale seconded a motion to adjourn at 11:38 a.m. All voted in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra R. Long, Secretary

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