Board Minutes 2001-12

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
December 18, 2001


PRESENT: Valerie Harrod, DUR; Marie Shaw, ELH; Lydia Main, ELY; Bridge Quinn-Carey, ESX; Sandy Ruoff, GUI; Krystyne Pileszczak, HAD; Gayle Bradbury, LED; Sandy Long, MAD; Linda Rusczek, MDT; Suzanne Risley, MRC; Peter Ciaparelli, NLN; Mary Fiorelli, OLY; Elsie Jenkins, NWC; Betty Page, STC; Leslie Scherer, WAL; Jan Day, WBR; Lew Daniels, WSB; Nancy Wardell, GUI/CIRC; Cornell McNair, NWS/PAC; Ed Murray, Mark Hewes, Rick Widlansky, Paul Nelson, LION; Sharon Brettschneider, CSL


I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Sandy Ruoff at 9:36 a.m. at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT.



A. Sandy Ruoff introduced the new director of the Brainerd (HAD) Library, Krystyna Pileszczak

IV. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Valerie Harrod moved and Krystyna Pileszczak seconded a motion that the minutes of the October 30, 2001 meeting be approved. Motion passed.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT: Ed reported that October revenue and expenses showed nothing unusual; good shape in November, and completed clearing up TIAA-CREF retirement issue.


1. Debt Collect: Leslie moved and Peter seconded a motion to purchase the debt collect module. Linda and Mark reported that:

-It is a mature software application
-3 month trial at Middletown has been successful

Ed recommends purchasing the module, which will cost LION $4,400 up front and $650 per year. Motion passed.

2. Dates of LION meetings in 2002 are as follows: 2/26, 4/23, 6/25, 8/27, 10/22, with December's Annual and Regular meetings TBD at a later date.

3. Circulation Committee proposal regarding Interlibrary Loan materials. Nancy Wardell made a committee motion, seconded by Lydia Main that; "A patron may be contacted by phone or mail by the owning library of transit hold materials that were borrowed by another LION library if the item has not been returned. The patron will be advised that they may return the item/s to any library or in the case of payment for replacement of the item, they may issue a check payable to the owning library so the borrowing library can send the check and paperwork on to the owning library. No library should bill another library for missing materials."
Motion passed.

4. Planning Committee proposal regarding phasing out dumb terminals. Leslie Scherer made a committee motion, seconded by Lydia Main, that: "All LION libraries be required to have PC's and Cat5 wiring in place for all ports by December 31, 2004." Motion passed.
Comments noted:

Telecommunication costs may increase since some libraries will need to upgrade 56K lines.

5. State Library report: Sandy welcomed CSL Director of Library Development, Sharon Brettschneider, to the meeting, Sharon reported:

State budget cuts will affect the CT digital library, but will not affect current year's service offerings.
ECL is producing card sleeves and book marks promoting the digital library (ICONN)
C-Car RFP will soon be issued (at DAS currently) to consider privatization of C-Car delivery service.
LSTA evaluation – it is the time for DLD to evaluate their LSTA program. Focus groups will be organized and DLD is looking to update their 5 year plan.
January 10th is the opening of the new photo exhibit of libraries in the Legislative Office Building.


1. Staff

A. Director, Ed Murray – Report was emailed, distributed at the meeting and available on the web site

B. Associate Director, Mark Hewes – Report posted on the web site, statistics sent via e-mail.
iPAC: Installation delays from Dynix, LION will wait until official release, and anticipates having by late January or early February.

C. Systems Manager, Rick Widlansky – LION needs to upgrade the operating system to handle iPAC, Rick will keep us posted on any potential down time. There is a CENTRIX demo on December 19th. PIX firewall is running well. VPN will hopefully be running in Stony Creek in early January.

2. Committees Reports

     Personnel–working on evaluation of Executive Director.
     Nominating: Valerie Harrod moved that the following slate of
     officers be elected:

President: Sandy Ruoff
Vice President: Jan Day
Secretary: Bridget Quinn-Carey
Treasurer: Linda Rusczek

Seconded by Leslie Scherer. Motion Passed.



A. Linda invited everyone to tour through Russell Library's renovated facility, and offered the new training area for use by LION libraries for LION/Dynix training.

B. Jan Day moved to donate $100 from the sunshine fund in memory of Ken Wiggin's son. Peter seconded. Motion passed.

C. Sandy Ruoff reported to the group that Elsie Jenkins, NWC, will be retiring in February, 2002. Elsie was founding LION member, and will be dearly missed! Best of luck in your retirement, Elsie.

Elsie moved and Lydia seconded a motion to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:48 a.m.



Respectfully Submitted,

Bridge Quinn-Carey, Secretary

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