Board Minutes 2002 02

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
February 26, 2002

Present: Valerie Harrod, DUR, Krystyna Pileszczak, HAD, Sandy Long, MAD, Mary Attridge, ESX, Donna Lolos, BRB, Gale Bradbury, LED, Mary Dattilo, MDF, Marcia Trotta, MRD, Suzanne Risley, MTC, Mary Fiorelli, OLY, Hannah Estra and Cornell McNair, NWC, Linda Rusczek, MDT, Leslie Scherer, WAL, Lew Daniels, WSB, Jan Day, WBR, Nancy Wardell, GUI & Circ, Pat Johnson, Bib Comm., Ed Murray, Mark Hewes, and Rick Widlansky, LION. Excused: ELH, NLN, and Sandy Ruoff. Absent: EHP, ELY, STC.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at the Russell Library, Middletown, CT at 9:30 am by Jan Day, Vice President, in the absence of Sandy Ruoff, who was attending a funeral.


III. PUBLIC COMMENT: Meriden will be replacing a 25-year-old bookmobile and will install a fully functioning LION terminal in the new bookmobile, probably by September 1st.

IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Leslie Scherer moved and Mary Attridge seconded a motion that the minutes of the December 18, 2001 meeting be approved. Motion passed.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: LION is doing well, especially considering we had some unexpected expenses; we have paid 56% of our expenses after 58% of the year has past. The USF income has been received as a credit on the phone bill, so it doesn’t show up as income on the Treasurer’s Report. Ed will contact the Finance Committee to finalize next year’s budget.


    1. Salary Increases: The Personnel Committee moved and Marcia Trotta seconded a motion to approve staff salary rates for FY03 as presented and recommended by the Personnel Committee and printed on the agenda. Motion passed.

    2. ebooks: LION-wide there has been very little usage of our ebooks. After discussion, Leslie Scherer moved and Gale Bradbury seconded a motion that LION will no longer purchase added titles from netLibrary but will continue to bill members as budgeted for ebooks until June 30th, when the ebooks pilot project will be discontinued; any monies earmarked for ebooks will be used to pay the access fees so that we can continue to see the titles we have already purchased. Motion passed. Leslie remarked that it had been useful for LION to undertake this pilot project.

    3. March 10-17: LION will have skeletal staff during the week of March 10-17 and Ed asked everyone to be kind to him “while the experts were away”.


        1. LION Staff Reports

          a. Director’s Report was e-mailed, distributed at the meeting and available on the web site. LION met with a CONNECT task force; CONNECT’s Planning Committee is discussing coordinated development with LION.
          b. Associate Director, Mark Hewes reported that Westbrook went up in January and is participating in the Holds matrix; Otis will begin Debt Collect in March; Anglo-American Cataloging rules re ebooks have been implemented; approx. 20,000 records have been upgraded.
          c. Systems Manager, Rick Widlansky reported that the work on the Webpac server has had a difficult start but the Webpac server is now behind the firewall and the OS is ready for iPac. He distributed a detailed report.

          2. Committee Reports

            a. PAC Committee – No report.
            b. Bibliographic Committee – There has not been a meeting; there are no issues pending.
            c. Circulation Committee -There will probably be a spring meeting scheduled.
            d. Personnel Committee – Report was previously covered.
            e. Finance Committee – No report
            f. Planning Committee – The Citrix demo was great, everyone liked the product, but the cost is extremely high; Rick is continuing to look at possibilities.


IX. NEW BUSINESS: The next Board Meeting will be April 23rd; Guilford is in charge of refreshments. Valerie Harrod reported that Bill Edge had attended Elsie Jenkin’s retirement party and was responding well to new treatment.

X. ADJOURNMENT: Motion passed to adjourn at 10:15 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra R. Long


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