Board Minutes 2002 06

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
June 25, 2002

PRESENT: Barbara Canfrew, BRB; Valerie Harrod, DUR; Kelly Marszycki, Rathbun; Marie Shaw, ELH; Lydia Main, ELY; Bridget Quinn-Carey, ESX; Sandy Ruoff, GUI; E. Pileszczak , HAD; Gayle Bradbury, LED; Marcia Sokolnicki, MAD; Linda Rusczek, MDT; Roxanne Moreaux, MRD; Peter Ciparelli, NLN; Hannah Estra, NWC; Mary Fiorelli, OLY; Susan Donovan, STC; Betty Page, STC; Leslie Scherer, WAL; Jan Day, WBR; Lew Daniels, WSB; Nancy Wardell, GUI/CIRC; Cornell McNair, NWC/PAC; Ed Murray, Mark Hewes, Rick Widlansky, LION; EXCUSED: MTC

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Sandy Ruoff at 9:45 a.m. at the Stony Creek Library in Branford, CT.


III. PUBLIC COMMENT: Lydia Main distributed a flyer regarding a Quilting program in East Lyme.

IV. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Leslie Scherer moved and Jan Day seconded a motion that the minutes of the April 23, 2002 meeting be approved.
Motion passed.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Linda turned over to Ed. Ed reported that we are in good shape. Ed reported we are 92% through the fiscal year and 86% spent; he described some of the larger bills from May/June; As of April we were 83% through the year and 78% spent. There were no irregularities in either month.


    1. New member: Sandy welcomed Kelly Marszycki of the Rathbun Library. Mark reported that the Rathbun Library will be up and running this fall.

    2. Change in schedule of services (as described on agenda)
    Linda moved to accept the new schedule of services; Peter seconded.
    Discussion: Leslie highlighted that the schedule is slightly different from last meeting, but the end result remained the same. She noted that the new schedule is beneficial to members regarding costs. Rick reminded us that there is a bandwidth issue when moving from dumb terminals to pc’s, and this should be kept in mind as we plan for the future of our networks. He reminded members to upgrade wiring for pc’s to CAT5.
    The motion passed unanimously. The new schedule becomes effective immediately; LION will let libraries keep pc’s that were purchased with PAC for windows.

    3. Suggested revision of new member guidelines
    Sandy Ruoff reopened discussion from the previous meeting regarding LION member holds matrix participation. Jan moved and Peter seconded a motion to require that new members to participate in the holds matrix.

    Discussion: Leslie’s concern is that larger libraries may be turned off from joining if this was a requirement, even though they would probably come to appreciate the open matrix after using it. Mark noted that the holds matrix is feature of Dynix, and is not necessarily a feature in other systems. Sandy clarified that the idea of requiring participation in the matrix is to promote the philosophy of sharing, rather than dictating how each will participate and that it doesn’t impose things that we don’t already impose on ourselves. Peter moved to table, Valerie seconded; motion passed unanimously. Leslie will add the issue to the agenda for the next planning meeting.


      1. Staff

      Director, Ed Murray
      Ed’s report was e-mailed, distributed at the meeting and available on the web site.
      Associate Director, Mark Hewes
      Mark was pleased to announce that iPac has been released and the staff is working to configure system to have it running in July. They’ll start with LION PAC as a demo. iPac accounts will require a new URL, but Paul may figure out a redirect. iPac will permit broadcast searching via z39.50. Mark is working with AutoGraphics regarding interoperability between iPac and reQuest. Dynix Release 190 went into beta testing in June, and Mark would like to load it ASAP after testing is completed — sometime this summer. New features include pre-overdue messages via e-mail, number of items checked out from first circ. screen; PAC — self checkout from regular station or through ‘dumbed down’ version of staff terminal. He will send an e-mail that includes a description of the new features from the new release.

      Systems Manager, Rick Widlansky
      Some libraries are moving towards VPN connections: Ivoryton is set up and Norwich is moving some of it’s network traffic over to a VPN. He is replacing some netconnect boxes to help manage e-mail issues.

      2. Committees Reports

        Finance – none

        Personnel – none

        Planning — Leslie would like to have meeting to discuss issues regarding LION’s future vis-a-vis connect, the state system, the future of consortia relationships in general and thefuture of Dynix. She thinks it will be helpful to have an idea of the board’s mindset before we go to speak with other groups; Leslie will e-mail dates to committee and Ed will announce to board so others can attend if interested.

        Bibliographic – Leslie reported for Pat regarding the Bib Committee meeting held on May 1st.

        Circulation – The Committee met on May 22nd; Mark reported for Nancy Wardell. The issue of how c-card transactions are reported to the state was raised. C-Card guidelines require that a c-card transaction be a physical visit, but there are some LION libraries that are reporting transit hold items as c-card transactions, The consensus of the board is that we need to follow the c-card guidelines as they have been written. The recommendation is that Ed bring up the issue with Sharon that c-card guidelines be revisited and clarify the ILL component.

        PAC — Cornell reported on the initiative to index special collections — they will try index on format of a/v. Mark will explore with Dynix and report back in August.


    1. Linda reported on the Russell Library’s use of the collection agency module; they have been breaking even with the new system in place. They are now manually moving people to the agency who have had balances in the past, not just those who trip into the system based on current non-returned items and outstanding balances.

    2. Hannah reported that Otis has started with the collection agency module and that they are seeing the return of many items.


    1. Jan reported that the Department of Justice will be appealing CIPA and the issue will likely go to Supreme Court; the injunction still stands however.

    2. East Lyme Library is adding Thursday evening hours during the school year.

    3. Gayle is offering new service that puts patrons on lists for holds for their favorite authors.


Motion to adjourn by Valerie, seconded by Lydia. The meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.
NEXT MEETING August 27, 2002 Russell Library

Respectfully submitted,

Bridget Quinn-Carey

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