Board Minutes 2002 08

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
August 27, 2002

Present: Mary Fiorelli, OLY; Jan Day, WBR; Nancy Avery, LED; Nancy Wardell, GUI/CIRC; Marcia Skolnicki, MAD; Pat Johnson, WAL/BIB; Suzanne Risley, MTC; Ann Penfield, HAD; Linda Ruscyck; MDT; Leslie Sherer, WAL; Marcia Trotta, MRD; Cathy Burgard, ESX; Linda Summers, NWC; Cornell McNair, NWC/PAC; Peter Ciparelli, NLN; Lew Daniels, WSB; Kelly Marszycki, EHR; Bill Deakyne, ELY; Paul Nelson, Mark Hewes, Rick Widlandski, LION;
Absent or excused: DUR, BRB, EHP, STC, IVY, ELH

I. CALL TO ORDER: President Sandy Ruoff called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m. in Hubbard Room at Russell Library in Middletown, CT.

II. Additions to the Agenda: None


IV. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: Misspelling of Gale Bradbury’s name noted by P. Ciparelli, Jan Day moved and Peter Ciparelli seconded a motion that the minutes of the June 25, 2002 meeting be approved. Motion passed.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Linda turned over to Mark. Mark reported on both the June and July Treasurer’s reports. Balance on hand as of June 30, 2002 is approximately $628,000. Major expenses in June included $6,695 for SBC, $3,692 for member sales, and $3,000 for notices postage. Major expenses in July include $61,150 for epixtech software maintenance and $22,923 for epixtech hardware maintenance, both of which were annual payments.


    A. Discussion of Executive Director’s position: Leslie reported on the Planning Committee meeting of August 6 during which The Search Committee was appointed. Leslie, spokesperson for the Search Committee, made a motion to recommend a job description and search strategy for a part time executive director (3 days per week). Recruiting will take place from within LION and the library community. A job ad will go out to CLA job line, Conntech and the CLSUs. Peter Ciparelli seconded the motion. Approved unanimously. Discussion followed.

    B. Email server and software upgrades. Paul Nelson reported on a server-based solution for all LION users in regard to viruses and SPAM. Fact sheets on Norton antivirus software and fees for members were distributed. Two new servers and the software will be installed with little disruption of service to members. Advanced notice will be given.

    C. Proposed change in Guidelines that would require new LION members to participate in resource sharing. Sandy, speaking for the Planning Committee, recommended changes to p.2 Sections B3 and B8 of the LION General Guidelines. B3 reads “No member may acquire equipment to operate with LION’s computer network that has not been approved by LION for compatibility.” B8 reads “Resource sharing is central to LION’s philosophy, and all members are expected to participate. Leslie Sherer moved they be accepted. Linda Ruscyck seconded. Approved unanimously.

    D. Implementation of Dynix Release 190. Mark outlined a two-step implementation and asked for scheduling on October 8-10. Detailed specifications on Release 190 are posted on the LION website.


      A. LION Staff

      1. Paul presented a new small workstation alternative he has built for staff terminals and pacs. Pricing will be forwarded.

      2. Rick had some FYI notices on A/C in LION computer room; installation of VPN for Mitchell, Rathbun, ELHS ELH. Guilford’s DSL service is being used by patrons with their own laptops.

      3. Mark reported the annual audit is being compiled. The LION safe is being moved from the Russell Library vault to LION office space LION met recently with its insurance agent regarding the renewal of its policies. The agent has been in ill health and another agent had been called in to assist.

      4. Sandy noted it is LION’s 20th anniversary. She proposed we celebrate with an article in Connecticut Libraries and combine a celebration with LION annual party in December. Mark Hewes and Pat Johnson will write a timeline of LION activity for the article.
      Sandy also noted that the ACLPD opening might still be vacant for a representative from LION to assume.

      B. LION Committees

        1. Finance-none
        2. Personnel- none
        3. Planning/Negotiations-Continue ongoing meetings with Connect, Connecticut State Library
        4. Bibliographic-Next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 22, 2002.
        5. Circulation- Next meeting will be after Release 190 implementation.
        6. PAC- none
        7. Nominating none.


      A. Sandy reminded the Nominating Committee that a slate of officers needs to be developed for the October Board meeting.

      B. LION Annual Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 17, 2002.

      C. Jan moved that the Board send a gift of appreciation to Ed Murray. Kelly Marszycki seconded. Approved unanimously. Ellen Dunn will take care of the details.

      D. IPAC operation will be delayed until possibly late fall. LION is awaiting a new maintenance release which will address LION’s multiple primary agencies.


      A. Mark related an incident about old staff terminals being given away to patrons. He cautioned all members not to give out LION phone numbers when discarding old equipment. LION is not prepared for office visits from patrons. LION will take telephone calls from patrons during business hours regarding problems with accessing the Web catalog. Patrons may use the 860-347-1704 telephone number.

    X. ADJOURNMENT:Sandy Ruoff moved that we adjourn the meeting at 11 :00 am. Peter Ciparelli seconded. Approved unanimously.

      A. Next meeting – October 22nd – Russell Library, Hubbard Room

      B. Refreshments – Madison

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