Board Minutes 2003 06

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
June 17, 2003

PRESENT: Barbara Cangiano, BRB; Valerie Harrod, DUR; Marie Shaw, ELH; Lydia Main, ELY; Bridget Quinn-Carey, ESX; Nancy Wardell, GUI/CIRC; Sandy Ruoff, GUI; Gale Bradbury, LED; Marcia Sokolnicki, MAD; Linda Rusczek, MDT; Roxanne Moreau, MRD; Suzanne Risley, MTC; Peter Ciparelli, NLN; Mary Fiorelli, OLY; Kathleen Marszycki, Rathbun; Betty Page, STC; Leslie Scherer, WAL; Jan Day, WBR; Lew Daniels, WSB; Joan Gillespie, Mark Hewes, Rick Widlansky, LION. ABSENT: HAD, EHP, NWC.

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Gale Bradbury at 9:40 a.m. at the Guilford Public Library in Guilford, CT.




Valerie Harrod asked to revise the minutes to show that she was present at the April 2003 meeting. Lydia M. moved that the minutes be accepted as corrected. Sandy R. seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Joan G. distributed the reports for April and May. She did not feel there were any noteworthy expenses to highlight. Linda R. concurred. Filed for audit.


  1. Situation regarding Ellen Dunn’s employment.
  2. At 9:44 AM Jan Day moved that the board go into executive session. Leslie S. seconded the motion. Passed unanimously. All non-voting members were excused. At 10:00 AM Leslie S. moved that the board come out of executive session. Sandy R. seconded. Passed unanimously. All non-voting members were asked to return.

  3. Anniversary Party
  4. Mary Fiorelli reported that a good time was had by all. 45 people attended. Mary is working with Paul to get some photos on the LION website. Gale distributed a thank you note from Leslie S. for her gift and for recognizing her many years of service to LION.

  5. Personnel Committee – Staff salary report
  6. Jan outlined staff salary increased for FY04, which are detailed in the budget narrative. There were questions regarding Paul’s schedule. Jan reported that Paul will be working a 30-hour week as of July 1st.

  7. FY04 Budget
  8. Joan and Linda detailed the budget draft. Highlights: Fee income is down due to changes in telecom service and the loss of Middlefield. USF is down because of the decreased telecom services. In expenses there were noted increases/changes in the following lines: insurance, benefits, telephone network, consulting, moving expenses. There was a discussion about cash reserves and investment of these funds. The finance and planning committees will work towards addressing the long term financial planning issues within the next few months.
    The finance committee moved to approve the budget. Motion passed unanimously.

  9. ILL service
  10. OCLC ILL service through WCLC will end as of Sept. 30, 2003. Joan asked the group whether LION should take on the task of providing this level of ILL service. A discussion followed on the pro’s and con’s of this proposal. The board asked Mark and the staff to investigate the costs and issues involved with provided ILL service, as well as monitor what other networks (i.e. Bibliomation, reQuest/State Library, and Nelinet) are or will be providing. Mark will share this information with the board as he receives it. The concern expressed is that after Sept. 30th, libraries without OCLC service will have no formal means of sending ILL requests beyond the LION network or reQuest.

  11. Credit Card service
  12. Mark reported on the credit card service option through that Paul has outlined for the board. This option enables LION to serve as the central administrator for individual library charge card acceptance. Although there is no large economy of scale, by going together each library saves the $195 start up cost and $30/month service fee. A handout with the specifics was disseminated. There were questions about how the charges would display on patron statements and if it was possible to purchase swipe pads. Bridget moved and Kelly seconded to move ahead with LION providing group credit card processing services to interested member libraries. Passed unanimously.

  13. Anzio on home computers
  14. Mark revised the wording of the policy regarding use of the Anzio software on private PC’s. Jan moved and Peter seconded the motion to adopt the revised policy wording (as presented on agenda):
    General Policies
    Part VIII – System Security
    1. d. Only LION or appropriate Dynix staff may access staff accounts of the Dynix system, including, but not limited to acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, community resources, media scheduling, public access catalog, recall, reserve book room, serials, and transaction assurance program, from sites other than those of LION or its member libraries.
    Passed unanimously.

  15. Request for non-technical training programs
  16. Joan relayed a request from a member library for LION to administer and coordinate non-technical training programs because there will be a void left when the CLSU’s combine. The consensus was that between the State Library, CLC, CLA and other groups, there would continue to be continuing education opportunities in the future, and that LION did not need to take this on as a member service at this time.

  17. Meeting schedule:
  18. September 23rd
    October 28th
    December 16th: Annual and regular meetings.
    Peter moved and Jan seconded a motion to name December 16th as our Annual Meeting date. Passed unanimously.


  1. Staff
    • Director, Joan Gillespie – Nothing additional to report
    • Associate Director, Mark Hewes –
    • 1. Phase 2 of material designation project completed.

      2. iPac can create links to a library’s holdings for specific material formats (i.e. DVD, Video, audio, CD’s, large print.)

      3. Local history files in iPac can scan images and have a fully conforming bib record with a hyperlink to a picture file. Mark was asked to do a workshop on this. He will start coordinating interested participants.

      4. Reminder: PATRON PURGE – do this before your patron file gets bigger than your service area.

      5. Now is the time to do acquisition’s turnover

      6. C-Car routes have been updated in Dynix. Libraries may want to revise hold sequence. Leslie asked if the C-Car route number could be suppressed in iPac. Mark will inquire.

      7. Mark did the author and title reindexing. Subject will take longer.

      8. Wallingford has been set up as an Amazon affiliate.

      9. z39.50 connectivity in iPac is possible. Mark is working on setting up these pathways with other bibliographic resources (i.e. CONSULS, LOC, etc.)

    • Rick Widlansky –
    • Bridgeport gave us 25 dumb terminals.
      Westport just went live on Horizon last week.

  2. Committees Reports
    • Finance – nothing additional
    • Personnel – none
    • Planning – will be meeting.
    • Circulation – Next meetings: 9/18/03 9:30 AM; Durham Library; 11/20/03 9:30 AM, Russell Library
    • Bibliographic – Next meeting 9/10/03
    • Committee motion regarding K level ISR’s. Wording as written on agenda: LION will treat K level records as ISRs. They will be searched on OCLC and upgraded if possible. If they are not found, they will not be sent back to the members. They will still be entered with a K encoding level. Motion passed unanimously.

    • PAC – no report.



  1. RFP for next generation of reQuest. Leslie requested that the Board be kept up to date on the status of this request and that someone read the RFP and report to the LION board. Linda will attempt to read. Sandy wondered if there were any other groups that LION should be involved with and send a representative. No additional groups were identified.
  2. Sandy asked the group for suggestions on how to secure library owned laptops in a wireless environment. Discussion followed.


Valerie moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.



Respectfully Submitted,

Bridget Quinn-Carey


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