Board Minutes 2003 09

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
September 23, 2003

PRESENT: Kathy Rieger, BRB; Valerie Harrod, DUR; Marie Shaw, ELH; William Deakyne, ELY; Bridget Quinn-Carey, ESX; Sandra Ruoff, GUI; Ann Penfield, HAD; Gale Bradbury, LED; Sandy Long, MAD; Linda Rusczek, MDT; Marcia Trotta, MRD; Suzanne Risley, MTC; Peter Ciparelli, NLN; Linda Summers, NWC; Mary Fiorelli, OLY; Kathleen Marszycki, Rathbun; Susan Donovan, STC; Pat Johnson, WAL/BIB; Leslie Scherer, WAL; Jan Day, WBR; Lew Daniels, WSB; Joan Gillespie, Mark Hewes, Paul Nelson, Rick Widlansky, LION. ABSENT: EHP

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Gale Bradbury at 9:35 a.m. at the Russell Library in Middletown, CT.

Sandy Long requested that the order of the agenda items be rearranged so that item #3 topped the agenda. There was common consent.

Gale Bradbury welcomed the incoming Director of the Branford Library, Kathy Rieger.

Valerie Harrod moved that the minutes of the June 17, 2003 meeting be approved. Sandy R. seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Joan G. distributed the reports for June, July and August. She mentioned that the reserves are growing and that an audit for the previous fiscal year was expected very soon. Linda R. concurred. Filed for audit.


  1. Joan Gillespie working 30 hours in three days.
  2. 9:50 AM: Jan Day moved that the board go into executive session. Peter C. seconded. Motion passed unanimously. 11:00 AM: Jan Day moved that the board come out of executive session. Peter C. seconded. Marcia Trotta moved to send the issue of the Executive Director’s work schedule to the Personnel Committee for review. Jan Day seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

  3. Update of ILL situation. Tabled until next board meeting.

  5. USF funding applications.
  6. Mark recommended that LION discontinue applying for Internet USF discounts. It would mean a loss to LION of approximately $4,900. However, in Mark’s opinion it would cost LION far more than this amount to adequately ensure that all member libraries were in compliance with recent federal legislation regarding filtering. Leslie S. moved that LION apply for telecom USF discounts only in the future. Kelly M. seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

  7. Linux discussion. Tabled until next board meeting.

  9. Lease / LION relocation discussion.
  10. Joan updated the board on the progress of moving the LION offices to the Riverview Center office complex location. This issue was discussed in detail at a special meeting held in early September. An attorney is currently reviewing the lease agreement with the target start date of November 1, 2003. LION offices would move on Nov. 4, and the system would be moved over on Nov. 18th. In this scenario, the system would be shut down on Nov. 17th in the evening, and staff would anticipate having the system back up by the end of the day on the 18th. These dates are subject to change depending on lease negotiations. The LION office will give members libraries as much notice as possible regarding system down time. Joan is working with Russell Library on possible storage space and removal of current LION equipment. Sandy Ruoff moved that LION staff continue to move forward with office relocation plans regarding the Riverview Center location. Sandy Long seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

  11. Changing board meeting date due to NELA conference.
  12. The next LION board meeting will be held on the regularly scheduled date, October 28th at 9:30 AM at the Russell Library.

  13. Disbursing LION cash reserves to different savings accounts.
  14. Several months ago the LION accountant suggested moving cash account savings to different banks to ensure coverage by FDIC insurance. Joan has moved the bulk of the money to different accounts to date. Bill D. expressed concerns regarding Merrill Lynch’s fees and administrative services. Bill D. moved that LION move funds out of the Merrill Lynch account within three months. Mary F. seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Gale B. requested that the Finance Committee, Bill D. and Linda S., meet to discuss the issue of invested funds and come back with a recommendation at a future meeting.


  1. Staff
    • Executive Director, Joan Gillespie – Nothing additional to report.

    • Associate Director, Mark Hewes

      1. Mark’s report on ILL/Linux and system plans will be presented at Oct. meeting.

    • Rick Widlansky – No report

    • Paul Nelson – No report

  2. Committee Reports

    • Finance – none

    • Personnel- none

    • Planning –
    • Met on September 16th. Leslie S. reported that Mark and Rick outlined a plan that would enable a thin-client solution to terminal upgrades. The planning committee agreed that it would be a good idea to have a demo system installed in a library as a test to see if this is a viable solution. The library marketplace was reviewed with a conference call with Rob McGee. The planning committee recommends naming an ad hoc committee to move this process forward.

    • Circulation –
    • Met on Sept. 18th at Durham Library. Mark reported on the major topics covered including C-Car issues, USA Patriot act concerns, PURF history issues and ILL brokering services. After some discussion of PURF history files, the board asked the Circ. Committee to make a recommendation for how long to keep PURF history files.

    • Bibliographic –
    • Met on Sept. 10th. The committee has received good feedback about the meeting, which has some hands-on instruction as a refresher. The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 12th at the Russell Library at 9:30 AM.

    • PAC – none



X. ADJOURN: Peter C. moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at Noon.



Respectfully Submitted,

Bridget Quinn-Carey, Secretary

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