Board Minutes 2004 02

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
February 24, 2004

PRESENT: Barbara Cangiano, BRB; Cindy Shirshac, DUR; Sue Berescik, EHP; Marie Shaw, ELH; Lydia Main, ELY; Bridget Quinn-Carey, ESX; Sandy Ruoff, GUI; Ann Penfield, HAD; Gale Bradbury, LED; Sandy Long, MAD; Linda Rusczek, MDT; Roxanne Moreau, MRD; Suzanne Risley, MTC; Peter Ciparelli, NLN; Linda Summers, NWC; Cornell McNair, NWC/PAC; Mary Fiorelli, OLY; Kathleen Marszycki, Rathbun; Betty Page, STC; Leslie Scherer, WAL; Jan Day, WBR; Lynn Serra, WBR; Joan Gillespie, Mark Hewes, Rick Widlansky, LION. ABSENT: WSB

I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Gale Bradbury at 9:35 a.m. at the Russell Library in Middletown, CT.




Ann Penfield moved that the minutes of the January 2004 meeting, with a letter from William Deakyne, Director of the East Lyme Library, to Joan Gillespie dated Feb. 3rd, 2004 attached, be approved. Mary F. seconded.  Letter below, jump to letter

Motion passed unanimously.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Joan G. distributed the report for January 2004. Neither Joan nor Linda had additional comments. Filed for audit.



LION has renewed their SBC contract. LION recommends submitting letter to DOIT regarding statewide telecom service. The letter does not commit a library to the service, but makes them eligible when the service is available.

2. Library Connections (formerly Connect) proposal see attached letter.

Library Connections sent a letter to Joan suggesting that LION, LC and Bibliomation share costs associated with legal advice to craft USA PATRIOT Act policy language. The Board felt that by using existing policies from member libraries would be more prudent. Leslie S. and Jan D. will share their policies with Joan to draft a LION policy.

3. PC Order Update

Joan apologized for the confusion in PC delivery. LION office needs to know by the end of this week (by 2/27) if member libraries will be ordering additional PC’s (beyond the number allocated that will be purchased by LION). Delivery of PC’s will be staggered, and will be no earlier than April 15th. The LION staff will do their best to install PC’s as quickly as possible, since all libraries have space constraints for storing multiple PC boxes and other equipment.

Rick strongly encourages member libraries to have a plan for where the new PC’s will begoing (space for monitors and boxes, furniture needs if any, location of power outlets,etc), and have that area ready for PC installation by mid-April. LION will be purchasing surge protectors for the new PC’s.

Other installation issues (i.e. software on LION PC’s, electricity consumption increases, printers, light pens and scanners, dumb terminal conversion to Anzio for PAC terminal use on new machines) will be listed and discussed at the Project Director’s meeting to be held in March. For now, the assumption will be that the new PC’s that are replacing dumb terminals will run Anzio so that PC’s will look like dumb terminals until we convert to next system. There are significant cost issues (both for LION and individual libraries) to convert existing PAC accounts to iPac accounts, which makes it more reasonable to wait until the next system to move to an all graphical network.

4. Telecom Update

Rick will be out and about preparing the upgraded telecom networks in the next few months. He will be on site when telecom work is done in libraries.

5. Equipment Fees for upgrades

Mark expressed his thoughts and concerns regarding the one-time and ongoing fee structure for the group PC purchase. His recommendation is to treat these PC’s as a capital expense and depreciate them over 3 years, at which point the member library would own them. Mark is anxious to have a plan in place for replacement/upgrades of old PC’s in order to guarantee the efficiency of the network. The group agreed that this is part of a larger issue including the need to completely revise the schedule of services. Gale recommended that the Planning and Finance committees will review this and begin devising a revised fee schedule.

6. Next System Selection Team

Bridget reported that the Team met after the last LION meeting (meeting notes were e-mailed to all board members) and had the following committee motion:

The Next System Selection committee moves that LION proceeds with negotiations with Dynix with the intention of migrating to the Horizon system.

Motion did not require a second. Motion passed unanimously.

Joan felt the board should specifically outline the need to send a letter of intent to Dynix regarding our decision to move forward with Dynix. Jan D. moved that LION send a letter of intent to begin contract negotiations with Dynix for migration to the Horizon system. Peter seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

7. Consulting Services

Rob McGee has been contacted regarding providing services related to contract negotiations with Dynix. He will charge $3,600 for his services (no site visits), which is already in the budget. The board was pleased that he would be working with us.

8. Legal Service

The board agreed that LION should retain professional legal representation for contract negotiations.

9. Project Directors

Member libraries were asked to designate a Project Director for the current projects, including PC ordering and installation, network upgrades and Horizon migration. Mark and Joan have the list and will call a meeting sometime in March.

10. Replacement of Paul Nelson’s position

Joan reported that she had received 114 applications for the Network Technician position.

Joan, Mark and Rick will narrow the list and determine a short list for interviewing by 2/25/04. Sandy R. suggested hiring more than one person in light of the anticipated work load related to the PC order, telecom upgrades and system migration. The board agreed that extra help was necessary, but may not require permanent positions.

Sandy Long moved that LION move forward as quickly as possible in filling the Network Technician position, and should hire extra staff as necessary for the deployment of the new PC’s, without creating another permanent LION staff position. Marie S. seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

11. Joan reported that she will ask Dynix to present a 2-day demonstration of Horizon for those who have not yet seen all aspects of the system. This may be sometime in March or April. Mark noted that the BIB, PAC and CIRC committees should meet soon after these demo’s to determine and recommend functionality that should be included in our contract negotiations. Joan will ask that the demo be done by a trainer or system developer, not a sales rep.


1. Staff

a. Executive Director, Joan Gillespie – Nothing additional to report.

b. Associate Director, Mark Hewes – Nothing additional to report.

c. Network Manager, Rick Widlansky – Nothing additional to report.

2. Committee Reports

  •  Nominating – Valerie Harrod will report in March regarding Treasurer position.
  •  Finance – none
  •  Personnel – none
  •  Planning/Negotiations – already reported
  •  Circulation – none
  •  Bibliographic – none
  • PAC – none




Lydia M. moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 11:40 PM.

NEXT MEETING: March 23, 2003 9:30 AM AT THE RUSSELL LIBRARY Refreshments at March meeting: Meriden

Respectfully Submitted,

Bridget Quinn-Carey, Secretary

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Letter from W. Deakyne

East Lyme Public Library
39 Society Road
Niantic, CT 06357-1100
Telephone (860) 739-6926 Fax (860) 691-0020


Libraries On-Line
100 Riverview Center
Suite 252
Middletown CT 06457
Attn: Joan Gillespie,Executive Director

Dear Joan:

I have just reviewed the minutes (which only reached me this morning, Tuesday, February 2nd) of the LION Regular Board Meeting held December 16th. While I had already seen the minutes of the Annual Board Meeting held December 16th and have no problem with them, I want to amend the minutes of December 16th to show that on page 2 under (c) I state that the bonding of signatories alone on LION accounts is not enough and that bonding must include the Bookkeeper as well as the Executive Director and Associate Director. While I’m sure you’ve contracted for a bond (you stated bonding in the amount of $250,000) on all these people,the motion as shown in the minutes does not make that clear. Also, I have nothing in writing from LION indicating that this is the case.

Also, an indication should be shown in these minutes, or subsequent minutes, that I disagree with “(d)” on page 2 of 3 which was the decision of the Board to retain LION staff as signatories. I insist that my disagreement with this maneuver be shown either as an amendment to these minutes or as an appendage to them – you may, if you wish, attach this letter.

I have the e-mail communique asking for appointment of a Project Director: this will be Lydia Main of our staff. She will also be assisted internally here by Catherine Shields who is our resident computer lady.

I am also directed by the Board Attorney to inquire as to our official status and relationship – that is, East Lyme Library’s official relationship with LION. Are we simply a consortium member? Or, do we have a written contract between us?  Please keep me apprised of the upgrade on telecommunications and I will keep you informed as to the progress of rewiring the remaining five terminals with Category 5 wiring.

Yours sincerely,

William J. Deakyne
Executive Director
February 3, 2004

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