Board Minutes 2004 10

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting

October 26, 2004


PRESENT: Kathy Rieger, BRB; Valerie Harrod, DUR; Sue Berescik, EHP; Kelly Marszycki, EHR; Marie Shaw, ELH; Bridget Quinn-Carey, ESX; Sandy Ruoff, GUI; Nancy Wardell, GUI/CIRC; Ann Penfield, HAD; Gale Bradbury, LED; Sandy Long, MAD; Paula Soares, MDT; Vince Juliano, MDT; Sandy Brooks, MTC; Roxanne Moreau, MRD; Peter Ciparelli, NLN; Hannah Estra, NWC; Mary Fiorelli, OLY; Betty Page, STC; Leslie Scherer, WAL; Jan Day, WBR; Lew Daniels, WSB; Joan Gillespie, Mark Hewes, Rick Widlansky, Matt Beardsley, LION.



I. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by President Gale Bradbury at 9:37 a.m. at the Russell Library in Middletown, CT.



Gale introduced Sandy Brooks, who will be the new Mitchell College alternate board representative.


Jan Day moved and Peter Ciparelli seconded that the minutes of the August 10, 2004 meeting be approved.

Motion passed unanimously.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Joan G. distributed the reports for July, August and September 2004 and noted she was working on determining expense categories for the PC purchases. Sue mentioned that she will soon call a Finance Committee meeting regarding setting the new fee structure for Lion; Joan does not anticipate an increase in operating costs or member fees. Report was filed for audit.


1. PC purchase update

Matt noted that the first stage of PC implementation is complete; he is working on stage two, installing additional PC’s and upgrading the virus software, and will then move on to stage 3, redeployment of old PC’s.

Leslie inquired about LION ownership of additionally purchased PC’s. Mark and Joan noted that LION needs to look like the owner of those PC’s, even though purchased by the libraries, in order to maintain the 3-year warranty. After 3 years the library can take full ownership.

2.Telecom upgrade project

Rick reported that there will be a slight downtime on Friday morning, but does not anticipate it to be more than 30 minutes. He will give as much lead time regarding timeframe as possible. This will then mark the turnover of the telecom system from frame relay to the new DSL system. Jane Emerson (ICONN) has been notified of the IP changes for LION libraries.

3. ILS Report

Joan reported that contract negotiation dates have been set for November 30th and December 1st. Rob McGee will be present as will two Innovative representatives. Our attorney has reviewed the contract and will discuss recommendations with Joan. Rob is reworking the standard contract in light of the consortial environment. The goal is to have a contract signed by mid December, but this may be too optimistic.

Peter asked about the current cost figure on the table. Joan reported that the current figure is $269K, but that does not include all our specifications and does not reflect the further 7% reduction and/or added benefits Joan hopes to have after her discussions with III.

4. Bids to Prospective Libraries

Joan reported that two of the libraries that had requested quotes to join LION have declined at this time.

5.CEN Fiber line

CEN has offered to install a new fiber line to Lion in the spring. Joan is attempting to meet with CEN representatives to get more information about this project. There are many unanswered questions about the timeline, cost and service that need to be addressed before we have a clear picture of the pro’s and con’s of this opportunity.

6. Patron ID’s

Mark reported that there are still a high number of patrons with 9-digit barcodes on their library cards. He would prefer not to have to migrate both the 9- and 14- digit barcodes. He recommends that libraries make an effort to change their 9-digit patrons to 14-digit barcodes and/or delete patrons with expired registrations.

Valerie Harrod moved that no 9-digit barcodes be migrated to the III system. Leslie seconded.

Roxanne M. asked whether resolved PURF History will migrate it will NOT migrate, but UNRESOLVED will migrate for patrons with 9-digit codes. The record will be linked to patron by name at that point, not by barcode.

Motion passed unanimously.

Mark also mentioned that a number of Middlefield patrons still exist in the system, and he will make lists for libraries so that they can delete these patrons from their patron file.

7. Joan shared a printout of proposed revisions to LION invoices regarding fees for service. The consensus was to change terminology to better reflect the services that are being provided and give subtotals for different types of fees (i.e. ILS vs. Telecom). This is only a stopgap measure until the new system is in place and a new fee structure has been determined.

8. Wireless network policy issues

Mark suggests libraries review their policies regarding providing wireless Internet access. He will e-mail his suggestions to libraries.

Rick suggested that libraries may want to consider using a “splash” page for wireless network users that prompts them to accept the policy before using the network. He will also send additional information about this.

9. The next board meeting will be held on December 14th. This is the annual meeting, which starts at 9AM. The regular meeting will immediately follow. A poll at the beginning of the meeting will be taken regarding lunch options.


1. Staff

Joan Gillespie:

a. Joan is holding off on hiring additional staff at this time.

b. A new web server purchase is being considered.

c. Gates grant issues regarding the State Library and its contract with Bibliomation providing technical support for non-consortium libraries. The consensus of the board was that Joan should pursue with Sharon Brettschneider the possibility of being included in this contract in upcoming years, and to register the concern that all networks were not approached about being included from the beginning.

Mark Hewes:

a. The barcode order will go in at the end of the week. DVD and Library cards can be ordered at anytime, and there are no minimums.

 b. The request update has been done.

 c. USF funding-year 8 process is underway. We still have not heard about Year 7 funds. Mark will be contacting each library about obtaining a FCC ID number.

Rick Widlansky: Nothing further to report.

Matt Beardsley: Nothing further to report.

2. Committee Reports

  • Nominating – Mary Fiorelli has offered to serve on this committee, along with Kathy Rieger and Marie Shaw. Nominations for board officer positions need to be announced by November 14th. The slate will be e-mailed to the Board for consideration at the Annual meeting.
  • Finance – Sue B. will be speaking with her committee about meeting dates.
  • Personnel – None
  • Planning/Negotiations – reported
  • Circulation – none
  • Bibliographic – none
  • PAC – none



1. Gale reported that the October meeting is Valerie Harrod’s last LION meeting. She will be retiring at the end of November and moving to Florida. On November 14th, from 2-4 PM there will be a farewell reception at the Durham Library in her honor. We’ll miss you, Valerie!

IX. ADJOURN: Valerie moved to adjourn at 11:25 AM. Motion passed unanimously.

Refreshments at December meeting: NEW LONDON LIBRARY

Respectfully Submitted,

Bridget Quinn-Carey, Secretary

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