Board Minutes 2006 04

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
May 30, 2006
Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library, Old Lyme, Connecticut

PRESENT: Kathy Rieger, BRB; Valerie Kilmartin, DUR; Kelly Marszycki, EHR; Marie Shaw, ELH; Lydia Main, ELY; Bridget Quinn-Carey, ESX; Sandy Ruoff; GUI; Nancy Wardell, GUI; Ann Penfield, HAD; Gale Bradbury, LED; Sandy Long, MAD; Paula Soares, MDT; Nancy Lauretano, MRD; Peter Ciparelli, NLN; Bob Farwell, NWC; Mary Fiorelli, OLY; Katie Brossard, MTC; Betty Page, STC; Leslie Scherer, WAL; Jan Day, WBR; Lew Daniels, WSB; Joan Gillespie, Andy Gardner, Matt Beardsley, Rick Widlansky, Linda Rusczek, LION.

I. CALL TO ORDER: at 9:30AM by President Peter Ciparelli at the Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library in Old Lyme, Connecticut.



IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Nancy moved, Lydia seconded a motion to approve the April 27, 2006 minutes. Motion passed unanimously.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Joan distributed the April financial report. There was nothing of special note to report. The current report was filed for audit.


1. CEN

Rick reported that many libraries have been moved off the LION circuit, there are 8 left to do. He thinks moving off the ATM in July will be OK. Our contract with ATT is valid until September 1, 2006.

2. Case Memorial Library Quote

Joan reported that although LEAP as a group decided against joining LION, the Case Memorial Library’s Board President requested a quote for their library. Joan distributed a copy of the quote she provided. There were questions about how the Director felt about this, and it was mentioned that the Director is comfortable with remaining in LEAP, but is working with the Board President regarding researching LION membership.

3. New Format for LION Invoices

Joan distributed a copy of a sample of the new LION invoices.

4. Special presentation for Overdrive digital audio service

Sandy R. requested information about Overdrive as 22 libraries from Library Connection have signed with Overdrive already. She offered Guilford for a presentation/demonstration. Peter will talk to the sales rep. to schedule a demo in June.

5. NELINET Contract

Joan reported that there are many questions regarding the new pricing commitment; the pricing model is new and includes a substantial increase. The main service is OCLC access, which we may be able to get directly from OCLC for less.

Joan negotiated the amount from $21K to $13.5K, we have budgeted $16K. Joan recommends keeping an eye on this and exploring new options for next year. She will call NELINET and OCLC in the next day to explore other access options.

6. Budget Draft, FY07

Joan reviewed the highlights and changes between FY06 and FY07 budgets. She will send a final version with last minutes revisions to Board members later in the day. Joan feels that this is a very comfortable budget and projection is that the cash reserve contribution will be substantially higher. There will be a cushion in the lines for Executive Director and the bibliographic contract.

There has only been a 5% increase in member dues over 5 years, a very good track record considering we lost East Hampton and are migrating to a new system.

The Finance Committee moved to accept the budget. Motion passed unanimously.

7. Migration

Andy reported on achievements to date (report attached) and ongoing tasks. There are also several issues that need decisions, and he requested feedback about how the decision making process will proceed. The board’s consensus on this is to follow this process:

a. The Super Committees make a recommendation.

b. Project directors will be ultimate decision-makers

June 8th will the Project Directors meeting, and Andy hopes that many decisions can be made regarding pending issues. This meeting will be extended to 5PM in anticipation of extended discussion.

c. The board was able to decide a few more timely issues:

1. Storing last patron data: this can be either on or off, there is no time-out capacity. The consensus is to keep it on, so the last patron data will bestored in the item record until the item is checked out again.

2. OK not to have PIN numbers unless we will need them for authentication for ICONN or other databases; Andy will check this.

3. SSN: Should NOT be in the record at all

4. Book ratings: will be OFF

d. Linda reported that the Training Committee (Valerie, Paula, Peter and Kelly) would meet to discuss training needs survey results and develop a plan for June-July. TC will need to set parameters for who can/should be trained from each library, and who/will be eligible for train the trainer model training.

8. Lydia moved, and Jan seconded a motion to go into executive session at 11:40AM

Motion passed unanimously.

Lydia moved, and Ann seconded a motion to come out of executive session at 12:20PM. Motion passed unanimously

Leslie moved that LION hire an Interim Executive Director. Nancy seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Gale moved that Valerie Kilmartin be appointed the Chairperson of the migration Super Committee. Sandy seconded. Motion passed unanimously, with gratitude.


1. LION Staff – No reports

2. Committee Reports – No reports

VIII. Old Business None

IX. New Business  None

X. Adjournment

Lydia moved to adjourn. Jan seconded. Meeting adjourned at 12:25 PM.

NEXT MEETING: June 27, 9:30 am at Russell Library, Middletown.
Refreshments at next meeting: BRAINERD LIBRARY.

Respectfully Submitted:
Bridget Quinn-Carey, Secretary

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