Board Minutes 2007 10

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
October 23, 2007
Russell Library, Middletown, Connecticut

PRESENT: Bridget Quinn-Carey, EX; Lydia Main, EL; Jan Day, WB; Gale Bradbury, LB/LG; Cornell McNair, NW; Nancy Wardell GU; Sandy Long, MA; Cyndi Shirshac, DU; Cindy Muhlbach, HA; Paula Soares, MD; Betty Page, ST; Matt Beardsley, LION; Andy Gardner, LION; Alan Hagyard, LION; Rick Widlansky, LION; Peter Ciparelli, NL; Mary Fiorelli, OL; Kathy Rieger, BR.


I. CALL TO ORDER at 9:35 a.m.



IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the September 25th were corrected with the addition of Leslie Burger’s name as a consultant with Library Development Solutions. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Alan reported in Kelly’s absence. The new accountant, Mike Solakian, was in last week for the audit and was very positive about the financial records of LION. Alan pointed out the Patty does a great job. Alan mentioned that they use the LION AE card to pay off many large bills so that flyer miles can accrue. This helps offset the price of travel for professional development. There being no questions or discussion of the report, it will be filed for audit.


  1. NEW MEMBER PROPOSALS: Alan reported that Old Saybrook is not looking at LION at this time. Case Memorial in Orange invited Alan to attend a Board meeting. The meeting went well and Alan is waiting to hear if a final decision has been made. He put together a list of benefits of belonging to LION which members asked to have emailed.
  2. AUTHORITY CONTROL: Andy provided, in the Board packets, a breakdown of authority processing estimates for LION. MARCIVE is the least expensive and has all the components that we are looking for. Sandy asked for a clarification of the LC product that we had subscribed to in the past to make sure this isn’t the same service. Alan explained that it is not. Lydia asked if our local authority records would still be maintained after the backfile processing. Andy will clarify to make sure that we do not lose those records. Mary asked how the cost of this process fits into our current budget. Alan explained that the ongoing costs fit very comfortably although the upfront costs would need to be taken from the reserves. Peter moved that we accept a contract with MARCIVE to do the authority processing with the project taking place at the convenience of the LION staff. Lydia seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
  3. EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES: Rick reported that the idea of creating this committee was very well received with at least 16 people responding to his inquiry. This new committee needs a committee head who serves on the board. Rick envisions the committee as having one meeting where members physically attend and then virtual meetings to follow.
  4. NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be November 27th. The December regular meeting/annual meeting will be on December 18th. Both meetings will be at Russell Library in Middletown. Woodbridge is in charge of refreshments for the next meeting.


  1. LION staff:
    • Alan commented that nearly everyone has responded with their own special circulation rules under the loan policies. LION staff will contact individual libraries that haven’t responded.
    • Matt is now working on the 2nd PC order and anticipating the 42 new computers that will arrive in November for Wallingford.

    • Rick has been helping with computer installation, but will soon go back to working on some of his projects that have taken a back burner during the past several months. He recently installed a new broadband card in the Meriden bookmobile to the delight of the library staff there.
  2. LION Committees:
    • Nominating – they will be proposing a slate of officers at the annual meeting.
    • Finance – no report
    • Personnel – no report
    • Planning/Negotiations – Mary reported that the executive committee will be meeting with Kevin McCarthy to review our needs for the long range planning session. The session will be scheduled early in 2008.
    • Bibliographic – no report
    • Circulation – next meeting will be November 15th at Durham.
    • PAC – Cornell’s sense is that most people are satisfied with the PAC. Alan commented that the committee should look at Webpac Pro from Innovative. It gives us some options that we don’t have currently.


Mary reported that Patty updated the committee membership list and a few committees need members. Peter said that he would serve on the finance committee. The Assessment Taskforce can be removed from the list since it is not active. The Membership committee is ad hoc. Mary will make some corrections and have Patty email the new list.


Guilford Library is about to start using PayPal for online donations for the public via their website is asking if there currently is a way to pay fines through Innovative. Alan said that LION currently does not have the software for this process. Blackstone Library has also set up PayPal for online donations along with the purchase of tickets for fundraisers.

Prep Me is being purchased by individual libraries at this time. Consortium pricing is currently not advantageous.

Library Thing will continue to be discussed at subsequent meetings so Alan can update the Board on consortium pricing. Bridget reported that the presentation from Library Thing at NELA was very well attended and very informative.


Mary asked for a motion to adjourn at 10:38 a.m. Lydia made the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Rieger, Secretary

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