Board Minutes 2008 03

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
March 25, 2008
Russell Library, Middletown, Connecticut


PRESENT: Kelly Marszycki, RA; Lydia Main, EL; Jan Day, WB; Gale Bradbury, LB/LG; Pat Johnson, WA; Ann Thompson, EX; Cyndi Shirshac, DU; Marie Shaw, EH; Katie Brossard, MC; Karen Roesler, ME; Lew Daniels, WS; Cornell McNair, NW; Nancy Wardell GU; Marcia Sokolnicki, MA; Bonny Albanese, MA; Peter Ciparelli, NL; Paula Soares, MD; Andy Gardner, LION; Alan Hagyard, LION; Mary Fiorelli, OL; Kathy Rieger, BR; Cindy Muhlbach, HA; Betty Page, ST; Leslie Scherer, WA; Suzanne Risley, MC.

I. CALL TO ORDER at 9:30 a.m.



IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the January 22, 2008 were approved as written.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Kelly had no additional comments to the treasurer’s report. It will be filed for audit.


  1. HOLDS POLICY: Alan would like to appoint a task force to readdress the holds policy. This group would look intensely at the LION policy as well as the policies of member libraries and come to the Board with some resolutions. The committee would look at what is currently allowed and what is not, as far as holds on materials and how LION should proceed in the future. This kind of policy issue is also a long range planning issue and will undoubtedly come up during that discussion. Jan asked if the task force could be made up of Project Directors since they are probably best equipped to answer the questions. Alan thought that was a good pool of individuals to draw on, but didn’t want more than 5-6 people. He will set this up and report back to the Board.
  2. NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be April 22, 2008 at 9:30 a.m. in Russell. East Lyme High Library is responsible for refreshments.


  1. LION staff:
    • Andy is consistently tweaking the iii system. Loan rules are coming together. He is also working with Orange to set up policies and rules for when they come aboard LION in July.
    • Alan launched a contract with iii to convert Orange. Alan will be attending PLA and will look at all of the self-check options.
  2. LION Committees:
    • Nominating – will report next month
    • Finance – no report
    • Personnel – Katie reported that the committee met with Alan regarding staff reviews and the personnel budget. The budget proposal will now go to the Finance committee.
    • Bib – met last month for basic “house-keeping”
    • Circ – will meet on April 17 at Durham
    • PAC – no report
    • EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES – Katie reported that a blog and wiki have been set up and the members are trying things out with these technologies.




A motion was made to adjourn at 9:45 a.m. to proceed with our Strategic Planning discussion. Suzanne launched the discussion.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Rieger, Secretary

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