Board Minutes 2008 12

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Guilford Public Library

PRESENT: Julian Aiken, WA; Bonny Albanese, MA; Katie Brossard, MC; Peter Ciparelli, NL; Richard Conroy, EX; Lew Daniels, WS; Susan Donovan, ST; Meryl Farber, OR; Mary Fiorelli, OL; Andy Gardner, LION; Alan Hagyard, LION; Stephanie Johnson, Guilford; Vince Juliano, MD; Lydia Main, EL; Rob McCoole, GU; Cindy Muhlbach, HA; Betty Page, ST; Kathy Rieger, BR; Karen Roesler, ME; Sandy Ruoff, GU; Leslie Scherer, WA; Lynn Serra, WD; Marie Shaw, EH; Cyndi Shirshac, DU; Paula Soares, MD; Nancy Wardell, GU; Rick Widlanksy, LION

I. CALL TO ORDER at 10:24 AM. Kathy R. asked attendees to introduce themselves.

II. ADDITIONS TO AGENDA: The Board will consider an extended Christmas holiday for LION staff.


IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – The minutes of the October 28, 2008 meeting were approved on a motion by Peter C., seconded by Lydia M.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT—Reports of October 2008 and November 2008 will be filed for audit.


1. Extended holiday: Motion by Lew D., seconded by Mary F., that the LION office be closed on the Friday after Christmas and that staff receive that day as an additional holiday this year. Motion passed.

2. Library Elf and Overdue Notices: Meryl F. discussed use of Library Elf and LION email alerts as a way to reduce the mailing of notices in order to save costs. Board members discussed how they use these services. Andy and Alan confirmed that individual member libraries could eliminate mailed overdue notices and should contact them about it if they are interested. No action was required.

3. Open Source systems: Alan H. gave an overview on open source software (OSS) integrated library systems in order to keep member libraries informed on this recent development. OSS source code is available for free, but requires support from staff with programming knowledge. The two big OSS-ILSs are Koha and Evergreen, the first designed for a single public library in New Zealand, the second developed for a large system of small public libraries in Georgia. LibLime is a company that provides support and development for libraries who install Koha and Equinox does the same for those with Evergreen. In CT, Bibliomation has been interested in Koha because Sirsi/Dynix will abandon its Horizon in 3 to 4 years. Library Connection is not under the same pressure, but is investigating Evergreen. LION is in early part of software cycle, so has less immediate interest. The State Library’s task of seeking alternative to reQuest has evolved into discussion of possible statewide ILS using OSS. Alan H. and Valerie Kilmartin represent LION on the statewide committee because it is in LION’s interest to be involved in this process. The Board asked Alan to invited Sharon Brettschneider of CSL to a future meeting to discuss statewide planning for use of OSS and the statewide ILS concept.

4. The next meeting: January 27, 2009


1.  LION staff: Alan H. observed that the OPAC might be useful to member libraries who are seeking donations during the current poor economic situation. He will share by email any samples of this that he sees. Alan added that he received an inquiry from Ledyard High School about joining LION. He feels that the Board needs to move ahead on deciding whether or not it wants LION to expand, what criteria will be used for new members, and the basis for fees. It was pointed out that even current members would like the fee structure more understandable.

2.  LION Committees:

  • Nominating: The following slate of officers was elected on a motion by Mary F., seconded by Susan D: Kathy Rieger – President; Cindy Muhlbach – Vice-President; Richard Conroy – Treasurer; Vince Juliano – Secretary.
  • Personnel: Katie B. reported that the Committee met and authorized the hiring of additional part-time hours within the 3% budget increase that the Board had previously approved.
  • Planning/Negotiations: The Committee will meet in January.
  • Bibliographic: Paula S. reported the Committee met 11/19/2008 to discuss authority work and its effect on cataloging practices. The Committee will meet twice a year in the spring and fall. They are compiling a contact list for all catalogers and looking at using group email or a blog between meetings.
  • Circulation: Julian A. is the new chair and has a winter meeting planned. The Board thanked Nancy W. for her years of leading the Committee.




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