Board Minutes 2009 08

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Russell Library, Middletown

PRESENT: Bonny Albanese, MA; Michelle Baker, ME; Debra Barberi, MD;Gale Bradbury, LB/LG; Richard Conroy, EX; Lewis Daniels, WSB; Jan Day, WD; Meryl Farber, OR; Mary Fiorelli, OL; Andy Gardner, LION; Alan Hagyard, LION; Lydia Main, EL; Kelly Marszycki, RA; Arthur Meyers, MD; Cindy Muhlbach, HA; Kathy Rieger, BR; Sandy Ruoff, GU: Leslie Scherer, WA; Cyndi Shirshac, DU; Rick Widlansky, LION


I.  CALL TO ORDER: Kathy R. called the meeting to order at 9:40 a.m.



IV.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of the May 19, 2009 meeting were approved on a motion by Jan D. and a second by Sandy R.

V.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Richard C. reported that expenses are on target. The May and June reports will be filed for audit.


  1. New Libraries-Proposal

    1. Alan H. reported that the Cragin Library in Colchester inquired about joining LION. He referred the Board to a document he put together titled “Libraries Online Expansion- A Proposal For Discussion.” The Colchester inquiry highlights the need for the Planning Committee to define an “appropriate growth and development plan” for LION. Alan suggested that LION growth could be regulated by regional limits or contiguous location to existing LION libraries. The Board discussed the impact that new library memberships would have on LION staff, resources, and budget.  The Board discussed surveying prospective members and assessing the quality of incoming collections.
    2. The Board discussed whether adding a new member would require additional technical staff and whether a part-time or full-time position would be needed. Kathy R. asked whether the budget could support a new position and Alan answered that there were sufficient reserves to cover it and money would also come in from the new member. Alan observed that a new analysis of member costs needs to be developed.
    3. The consensus of the Board was that Alan should gather the information he needs to prepare a formal proposal so that it is ready should Colchester request one.  Richard C. asked whether LION should consider recruiting academic and scholastic libraries as part of the strategic plan for growth. Kathy suggested that Alan’s Expansion proposal be forwarded to the Planning committee for further work.


  2. State Library Budget

    1. The Board discussed the implications of the State budget impasse on LION. Rick W. said that loss of CEN funding would be a problem but he does not expect that the funding will be withdrawn. The Board discussed contingency plans for elimination of the Connecticar delivery service. Alan said that he would draft a message stating concerns about the loss of state services on the opac so that users are aware of the situation.
  3. Next meeting

    • The Board set Tuesday, November 3, 2009, as the date of the next meeting.


  1. LION staff:

    1. Alan reported that he was visiting Buffalo and looked in on Bridget Quinn Carey who is doing well in her new location.
    2. Andy Gardner reported that he has been modifying loan rules per member libraries’ requests and he has posted the rules on the LION website. Click on Committees-Circulation-Hold restrictions.
    3. Rick reported that CEN has installed new technology, which provides twice the bandwidth at half the cost. He cautioned that AT&T has been very slow servicing their circuits (2 to 3 day delay).


    Several LION libraries have experienced theft of electronic devices recently.

  2. LION Committees:

    • Nominating- no report.
    • Finance- no report.
    • Personnel- no report.
    • Planning: Suzanne Risley will set up a meeting.
    • Bibliographic- meeting scheduled for September 15.
    • Circulation- met in June, planning to meet in September. PAC- A Taskforce met to discuss a new look for the opac. They are working on matching the border design look of the LION website and the opac.



X.  ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 11:10 a.m.


Lew Daniels/ Westbrook PL

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