Board Minutes 2010 03

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, March 9, 2010  [postponed from Feb 23]
Russell Library, Middletown


PRESENT:  Kathy Rieger—BR, Cyndi Shirshac—DU, Marie Shaw—EH, Lydia Main—EL, Richard Conroy—EX, Stephanie Johnson—GU, Gale Bradbury—LB/LG, Sandy Long—MA, Deb Barberi—MD, Karen Roesler—ME, Suzanne Maryeski—NL, Cornell McNair—NW,  Mary Fiorelli—OL, Meryl Farber—OR, Kelly Marszycki—RA, Leslie Scherer—WA, Jan Day—WD, Lew Daniels—WS, Alan Hagyard—LION, Andy Gardner—LION,  Rick Widlansky—LION, Matt Beardsley—LION, Gina Desmarais—guest.


I.  CALL TO ORDER:  Kathy R. called the meeting to order at 9:38 A.M.


III.  PUBLIC COMMENT:  Marie S. introduced Gina Desmarais who is student teaching at East Lyme H.S.

IV.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of Dec. 22, 2009 were accepted on a motion by Jan D. and a second by Lydia M.

V.  TREASURER’S REPORT:  Richard C. referred to handouts of the December 2009 and January 2010 reports.  There were no questions.  Richard noted that there is approximately $350,000 in money market accounts that could earn more interest in a CD.  Alan stated that the LION office is investigating CD rates.  The Reports were filed for audit.


  1.  Workload/staffing/fees schedule:  Alan referred to the handout Whitepaper on LION Workload and Staffing which had been sent to Board members prior to the meeting. The significant increase in the number of computers/terminals in member libraries, the ever increasing services, equipment and software connected to the network, and the superb service provided to all members by the LION staff have resulted in an unmanageable workload.  Possible remedies were discussed including adding a half time position, defining core services, requiring libraries to submit project requests for services outside of the core offerings, and reducing the number of scheduled replacement computers to offset the cost of adding staff.  Kathy R. asked for volunteers to form a task force to develop a proposal that addresses these issues.  Volunteers for the Task Force: Sandy Long, Richard Conroy, Leslie Scherer, Karen Roesler, Marie Shaw, Vince Juliano, and Cornell McNair, and Kelly Marszycki.  Alan will coordinate a meeting date for the Task Force.
  2. Next Board Meeting:  April 27, 2010.  Orange will provide the refreshments.



  1. LION Staff

    • Alan reported that Colchester has decided to join Library Connection.  For the future, he is negotiating with Innovative for lower (more in line with LION’s existing) fees for new member libraries.
    •  The new notices should be set by early April.  Alan is looking into options for printing the postage on the forms so that they can be dropped in a mailbox instead of going to the post office. Nothing new to report on the website.  E-books seem to be popular—47% are checked out.  Hamden Public Library has inquired about joining in with LION for the Overdrive downloadable audio books.  Alan will develop a proposal for the Board which addresses fees and other stipulations necessary for a non-LION library to participate in our Overdrive.
    • Andy G. has been adding Overdrive and the State Library downloadable audiobook titles into our LION catalog. He also has added some reference titles from iConn’s Gale Virtual Reference database.  A list of titles added can be found in the “Bestseller List” in the catalog.
    • Rick W. reported that the new e-mail server is ready to go.  He will schedule one staff training time before the switchover.  Malware has created some havoc at a number of libraries.  Microsoft Security Essentials is very good, and free software which seems to help.
    • Matt has been busy setting up the new computers at member libraries.


  1. LION Committees: No reports




X.  ADJOURNMENT:  Kathy R. adjourned the meeting at 10:48 AM.


Respectfully submitted,

Karen Roesler

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