Board Minutes 2010 07 (special meeting)

Special Meeting
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Guilford Free Library, Guilford


PRESENT:  Kathy Rieger – BR, Cyndi Shirshac—DU, Lydia Main—EL, Richard Conroy –EX, Sandy Ruoff—GU, Gale Bradbury—LB/LG, Sandy Long—MA, Marcia Sokolnicki – MA, Bonnie Albanese – MA, Katie Brossard – MC, Vince Juliano—MD, Karen Roesler—ME, Suzanne Maryeski—NL, Cornell McNair—NW, Mary Fiorelli – OL, Meryl Farber—OR, Kelly Marszycki—RA, Susan Donovan – ST, Leslie Scherer—WA, Lew Daniels—WS, Alan Hagyard—LION, Andy Gardner—LION

CALLED THE SPECIAL MEETING TO ORDER:  President, Kathy Rieger called the meeting to order at 9:45 A.M.



Discussion: Expansion does not necessarily mean the reduction of services or increased fees.  In the past, the Board never had difficult discussions about adding members. Contiguous towns joining LION is good for patrons, and it is important not to lose the advantage of economy of scale by losing members to other consortia. Pricing is important and that is why a committee has been set up to look at the fees structure.  An important aspect of LION membership is assistance with maintaining or implementing new technologies.  The Fees committee is considering this aspect of LION support while acknowledging that fixed fees are a distinct advantage to most members.  When approaching possible new members for LION diversity of collection should be considered as well as proximity of location.

MOTION:  LION should target the remaining LEAP libraries for future membership.  Moved by Karen Roesler, Seconded by Richard Conroy.  Approved unanimously.

It was suggested and generally agreed upon that LION host a reception (perhaps wine and cheese) for LEAP staff and LEAP library directors to give us the opportunity to extol the advantages of LION membership.  Sandy Ruoff and others volunteered to organize an event.  Alan will contact Donna Sellers, Executive Director of LEAP to discuss.

LION’s fee schedule was discussed in general with the suggestion that we find out what costs other consortia charge. The Fees Committee is meeting immediately after this meeting.

It was generally agreed that Groton/Waterford should be next on LION’s “consideration” list.

In summary, we are resolved to smart growth, starting a dialog with the adjacent libraries of LEAP and Groton/Waterford.

Next Regular Board Meeting:  August 31, 2010.  Norwich Otis Library will provide the refreshments. 

Cindy M. adjourned the meeting at 11:38 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Roesler

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