Board Minutes 2010 10

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Russell Library, Middletown


PRESENT:  Kathy Rieger—BR, Cyndi Shirshac—DU, Marie Shaw—EH, Lydia Main—EL, Richard Conroy—EX, Stephanie Johnson—GU, Cindy Muhlbach – HA,  Gale Bradbury—LB/LG, Sandy Long—MA, Katie Brossard – MC, Vince Juliano—MD, Karen Roesler—ME, Suzanne Maryeski—NL, Cornell McNair—NW,  Mary Fiorelli—OL, Bob Knapik – OR, Kelly Marszycki—RA, Leslie Scherer—WA, Todd Fabian – WD, Lew Daniels – WS, Alan Hagyard—LION, Andy Gardner—LION,  Rick Widlansky—LION.

I.  CALL TO ORDER:  President, Kathy Rieger called the meeting to order at 9:37 A.M.

II.  ADDITIONS TO AGENDA:   Mary Fiorelli proposes changes in the bylaws concerning terms of office.


IV.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The minutes of August 31, 2010 meeting were accepted on a motion by Lydia M. and seconded by Richard C.

V.  TREASURER’S REPORT:   Treasurer Richard Conroy presented the cash flow statements for August and September.  Sandy L. questioned whether the firewall equipment that was approved at the last meeting was included in the statements. It has not been delivered yet and will be paid from reserves.

The October financial statement will reflect the purchase.  President, Kathy R. called for the reports to be filed for audit.


  1.  LEAP proposal.  Alan H., Richard C. and Karen R. met with the Board of LEAP Libraries in early October to present the advantages of LION membership.  The LEAP Board will be meeting on October 27 to make their decision.   The LION bylaws require a two thirds majority to approve new members.  Alan reviewed the proposal given to the LEAP Board.   If all the LEAP libraries join LION it would bring approximately $90,000 to the budget.  None of the LEAP libraries are interested in computer maintenance or replacement.  A discussion followed concerning the one time fees associated with joining LION, most of which would be imposed by Innovative.

MOTION: Leslie S. moved and Gale B. seconded a motion to accept the LEAP libraries into LION.  Motion passed unanimously.

Discussion continued about concerns over the amount of one time fees and ways that LION could negotiate with Innovative and/or spread out the cost over a number of years.

MOTION:  Sandy L. moved and Richard C. seconded a motion to allow Alan to negotiate a means to manage the one time fees with the LEAP libraries. Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Fees and Services Task Force.  Alan presented the Task Force’s proposal for determining LION member fees.  The new schedule is based on the use of the Innovative system, as reflected in the number of staff ports requested, and the extent of LION staff support, as reflected by the number of non-Millennium computers that LION maintains.  $3510 per staff port and $100 per non-staff computer maintained will adequately fund LION, and the new schedule will more fairly reflect each members use.  Changes in the fees will be made gradually—no more than 3% increase and no less than 2% decrease.  Decisions will still have to be made about charges for LION maintaining equipment that is not standard in most member libraries.  Leslie S. suggested that Alan restrict the number of staff ports to the amount designated on the fee schedule before the final budget is approved so that members can be sure they have the number which works best for their library.

MOTION:  Karen R. moved and Lydia M. seconded a motion to accept the new fee schedule that is based on a set fee per staff port and a set fee per additional computer maintained by LION, and that this new schedule be phased in over five years with increases not to exceed 3% and decreases not to exceed 2%. The motion was passed unanimously.

  1. Mobile Catalog.  Alan investigated several companies that can provide mobile catalog service.  Alan feels that there is no perfect product yet available and no helpful statistics from any of the vendors.  Air Pac quoted a price of $22,942 over five years.  Boopsie quoted $26,970 over five years, and Library Anywhere negotiated quote was for $1,500 per year.

MOTION:  Marie S. moved and Katie B. seconded a motion to contract with Library Anywhere to provide a mobile catalog for LION for $1,500.  The motion was passed unanimously.

  1. Bylaws Term of Office.  Mary F., following up on a question made by Kathy R. at the August Board meeting,  proposed changing the LION Bylaws so that officers are elected to serve for the fiscal year (July through June) rather than the calendar year.  This would make more sense for the Treasurer, for example, to start his/her term at the beginning of the new budget year rather than in the middle.  There was general consensus that this would be an improvement and that Mary F.’s proposed language was acceptable and that the stated changes should be place on the agenda of the Annual Meeting scheduled for 9 a.m. on December 14, 2010.


  1. LION Staff
  • Rick W. – LION is anxiously awaiting the new firewall which will hopefully resolve the terrible internet service that members have been experiencing.  LION has also worked with CEN to increase bandwidth coming into LION which has alleviated some of the problems experienced.
  • Andy G. – Millennium upgrade went fairly well, although some of the issues with slow response time may be related to the new release.  After the new firewall equipment is installed, the LION staff will know more.
  1.  LION Committees
  • Nominating –No Report
  • Finance – A tentative budget is being developed.  However, the committee won’t meet until after a decision has been reached by the LEAP libraries.
  • Personnel –Alan’s performance appraisal is done but it hasn’t been reviewed with him yet.
  • Planning and Negotiations – No Report
  • Bibliographic – Many members will be attending a CLA meeting on RDA
  • Circulation – The committee met and discussed some of the new features available in the recent software upgrade.
  • PAC – No Report.  Leslie S. said that Janet Flewelling from Wallingford would be willing to take over the chair from Cornell M.  Cornell is happy!


IX.  NEW BUSINESS:  Suzanne M. announced that Lee Clapp recently retired.  Lee represented New London Library on the Bib. Task Force for decades and was active during the earliest days of LION.  Those in attendance wish her well.

X.  ADJOURNMENT:  Kathy R. adjourned the meeting at 11:25 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Roesler

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