Board Minutes 2012 06 Annual

Minutes of the Annual LION Board Meeting
June 26, 2012 9:30AM
Russell Library

PRESENT: Barbara Cangiano – BR, Marie Shaw – EH, Michael Susi – EH, Lydia Main – EL, Richard Conroy – EX, Sandy Ruoff – GU, Gale Bradbury – LB/GF, Beth Crowley – MA, Bonny Albanese – MA, Suzanne Bartels – MC, Vince Juliano – MD, Karen Roesler –ME, Rebecca Hagstrom – ME, Bob Hull –NB, Suzanne Maryeski – NL, Cornell McNair – NW, Mary Fiorelli – OL, Meryl Farber – OR, Michael Gilroy – RA, Susan Donovan – ST, Leslie Scherer – WA, Janet Flewelling – WA, Todd Fabian – WD, Alan Hagyard – LION, Andy Gardner – LION, Rick Widlansky – LION

I. CALL TO ORDER: Richard Conroy called the meeting to order at 9:40 a.m.



IV. APPROVAL OF THE DEC. 13, 2011 MINUTES: The minutes of the December 13, 2011 Annual Meeting were accepted as written on a motion by Sandy R. and a second by Lydia M.

V. OFFICIAL DESIGNATION OF LION BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The following motion was made by Vince J. and seconded by Sandy R.: MOTION: The current official designated representatives to the LION Board of Directors will be extended to the next annual meeting in June 2013. Approved unanimously.

VI. NOMINATION COMMITTEE REPORT: Sandy R. presented the slate of officers for 2012/13. They are as follows:

Richard Conroy – President, Todd Fabian – Vice-President, Karen Roesler – Secretary, Bob Hull – Treasurer.

The election will be held at the next regular meeting of the Board which will immediately follow this meeting.

VII. CHANGES TO BYLAWS AND MEMBERS AGREEMENT: The following motion was made by Sandy R., seconded by Lydia M.: MOTION: Approve the revised bylaws as presented. Revisions include a one year term limit for President, and changing the Vice-President position to Vice-President/Present elect. Approved unanimously.

The following motion was made by Meryl F., seconded by Todd F.: MOTION: To approve the Membership Agreement as presented. Approved unanimously.


IX. ADJOURNMENT: Richard C. adjourned the meeting at 9:50 a.m. on a motion by Gail B. and a second by Lydia M.

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