Board Minutes 2012 09

Minutes of the LION Board Meeting
September 25, 2007
Otis Library, Norwich, CT

PRESENT: Katie Brossard, MC; Bridget Quinn-Carey, EX; Lydia Main, EL; Jan Day, WB; Gale Bradbury, LB/LG; Cornell McNair, NW; Sandy Ruoff GU;  Sandy Long, MA; Valerie Kilmartin, DU; Pat Johnson, Bib Committee; Cindy Muhlbach, HA; Kelly Marszycki, RA; Lew Daniels, WS; Matt Beardsley, LION; Andy Gardner, LION; Alan Hagyard, LION; Rick Widlansky, LION; Marie Shaw, EH; Bob Farwell, MW; Peter Ciparelli, NL; Mary Fiorelli, OL; Kathy Rieger, BR.

GUEST: Meryl Farber, Case Memorial in Orange


    1. CALL TO ORDER at 9:45 a.m.
    3. PUBLIC COMMENT: Mary welcomed Meryl Farber from Case Memorial in Orange.  She also thanked Bob and Cornell for inviting the Board to the new Otis Library for the meeting.
    4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the July 24th were moved to be accepted by Gale and seconded by Bridget. All voted in favor.
    5. TREASURER’S REPORT: Kelly reported that everything was in order financially.  There were no questions or discussion. The treasurer’s report will be filed for audit.
      1. LIBRARY THING:  Valerie noted that Alan set up a demo for Library Thing on Durham’s staging catalog scope.  The cost of this product for the consortium is estimated in the $9,000 range.  Individual libraries can subscribe to it, but it might be confusing to patrons using the shared database if not everyone has the product.  Alan mentioned that he would keep looking for a like product that is less expensive or possibly even freeware.  There was a question about the similar product offered by III.  Alan explained that it is more of an “advanced search” product.  Library Thing is more interactive.  In other words, Encore (III’s product) uses the catalog information within whereas Library Thing is culled outside a library catalog.  Encore is $54,000, which is a one time fee.  After discussion it was decided that Alan will attempt to negotiate a consortium price with Library Thing at $5,000 going no higher than $8,500.  He will also work on a disclaimer that tells users that the information is posted by users and is not “library researched.”  Sandy L. asked that we also clarify how the cost will be paid and from what funds.  Bridget put this in the form of a motion.  Peter seconded and all were in favor with the exception of EL who abstained.
      2. OVERDRIVE UPDATE:  The Overdrive project is going well and the check-out numbers are good.  We have 1,000 downloads of audio books so far.  Out of the 400 titles, 350 have been downloaded at least once.  Lew clarified that items are automatically checked out for a 2 week period.  In other words, they cannot be “returned” early.  Alan noted that the selection committee will continue to monitor the “always available” as well as the single use titles.  Promotion is important, so Alan encouraged everyone to write a press release for their town newspapers.  Tent cards were passed out and posters will arrive shortly.  There was a brief discussion on libraries dedicating a work station for downloading books, but Alan thought that the $500 price tag of a computer just for this purpose was expensive and we should continue to encourage patrons to download from their home computers.
      3. PrepMe:  Alan discussed this new product for High School students to help prepare for the SAT tests.  There is a 15% discount if the entire LION group added this product.  Essex and Guilford have purchased it individually and highly recommend it.  The yearly price is based on population; $250 for 0 – 9,999 in population, $1,200 for 10,000 – 30,000 in population, and $31,000 for 30,001 and up in population.  It would be $16,000 for the entire consortium.  $200 more per year to add the ACT test.  Sandy L. recently purchased the Gale on-line testing software for $700.  This has many different tests, i.e. MCAT, ASVAB, SAT, ACT, GRE and others.  PrepMe is customizable though and seems to be a more robust testing product.  Outside of this discussion, Sandy L. posed the question asking if developing collections falls into the realm of LION’s purpose.  Food for thought as we soon go through a strategic plan process.
      4. EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES COMMITTEE: Valerie asked the group if we should formally add an Emerging Technologies Committee.  She felt that our approach up until now has been somewhat ad hoc and believes that a committee such as this would be useful.  Other consortiums in the state have this type of committee and it works well for them.  It was decided that we would form this committee.  Rick will look into setting it up and will lead it.
      5. OTHER COMMITTEE OPENINGS:  Mary noted that a nominating committee needs to be formed.  Peter will head the committee, but others need to join him.  The Planning Committee and the Finance Committee could also use more members.
      6. NEW MEMBER PROPOSAL:  Meryl Farber thanked the LION Board for inviting her to this meeting.  She commented that she is very impressed with LION and will be meeting with Alan very soon.
      7. NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be October 23rd at Russell Library in Middletown.  Wallingford is in charge of refreshments.
    7. REPORTS
      1. LION staff: Andy reported that it is our first anniversary with III.  The Serials module will be set up soon.  Matt reported that nearly all the new computers are set up.  They will be staggering the computer orders from now on so set-ups are spread out over the course of the year instead of pushed into a couple of months.  Rick reported that he should be back working on several of his projects soon, as he was pulled off them to help with computer set-ups.  Alan reported that Old Saybrook seems to have fallen by the wayside with their interest in joining LION.  Lew and Bridget had some additional insight into the situation at Old Saybrook and told Alan to still pursue them.  The Acquisitions module was functioning in the 4 libraries that have purchased this product.  Otis Library has decided not to purchase, so that account is now available for a bargain price.  Let Alan or Andy know if your library is interested.  Alan has been looking into “one click ordering” for BWI, Midwest, and Brodart.  Alan answered several questions on “one click ordering.”  There is quite a bit of interest in this type of ordering.
      2. LION Committees:
        Nominating – no report
        Finance – no report
        Personnel – no report
        Planning/Negotiations – Suzanne has been working on finding a facilitator to work with us on our strategic/long range plan.  Some additional names mentioned today are: Gwen Weaver, Bill Roberts, Kevin McCarthy, and Alan Burger.
        Bibliographic – the committee met and discussed order records and duplicate records.  The author and subject fields are a bit of a mess in III and Andy suggested that we send the database out for a clean up.  He will investigate prices.
        Circulation –met September 13; Andy mentioned that each library needs to let him know their loan rules for new DVD’s and new books if you haven’t done so.
        PAC – no report
      Mary asked for a motion to adjourn at 11:30 a.m.  Jan made the motion and Lydia seconded.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Kathy Rieger, Secretary