Board Minutes 2012 10

9:37 am Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Middletown, Russell Library


PRESENT: Barbara Cangiano – BR, Cyndi Shirshac-DU, Marie Shaw – EH, Lisa Timothy – EL, Richard Conroy – EX, Stephnie Johnson – GU, Cindy Mulbach – HA, Gale Bradbury – LB/GF, Beth Crowley – MA, Bonny Albanese – MA, Vince Juliano – MD, Deb Barberi—MD, Rebecca Hagstrom – ME, Bob Hull –NB, Lois Baldini—NH, Suzanne Maryeski – NL, Cornell McNair – NW, Mary Fiorelli – OL, Meryl Farber – OR, Michael Gilroy – RA, Leslie Scherer – WA, Janet Flewelling – WA, Kathy Giotsas – WM, Lew Daniels –WS, Alan Hagyard – LION, Andy Gardner – LION, Justin Strickland—LION, Rick Widlansky – LION

I. CALL TO ORDER: Richard Conroy called the meeting to order at 9:37 a.m.



IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the August 28, 2012 meeting were accepted as written on a motion by Mary Fiorelli. and second by Gale Bradbury.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Cash flow statements for August and September 2012 were available. The Reports were filed for audit. Alan asked for Board feedback regarding rate of reimbursement for the capital reserves which will be expended for the Sierra upgrade. He will prepare the budget with options for rebuilding the reserves. Treasurer Bob Hull commented that he will schedule meetings with Lion staff to better acquaint himself with the budget.


1. Overdrive – publisher pricing. Hatchette recently raised prices on their ebook offerings, and with the increase, cost for their titles is comparable to Random House. Board consensus is to apply the same purchasing standard to all publishers, and that it is reasonable to pay more for a new release than for backlist titles. Pricing for both Hatchette and Random House titles is unpredictable. Vince presented an Ebook price analysis from Douglas County, and several board members expressed frustration with the industry pricing models. Lion does not currently buy any ebooks priced over $40 – $50. The consensus was to continue Lion’s de facto moratorium on overpriced ebooks from any publisher. The selection committee was asked to draft a statement on pricing for Board consideration.

2. Overdrive donor recognition: Alan distributed a screen shot from the CLAMS consortium’s Overdrive catalog that encourages and recognizes donations. The consensus was that Lion should try something similar, and that Lion should use the word donor rather than sponsor. Alan will investigate what parts of the page can be customized, and if needed, a task force will be appointed to develop policies and procedures for the donations.

3. BookPsychic: The Lux Committee does not recommend purchase of Book Psychic at this time, so no action was taken.

4. Sierra Update: The new server is very fast. Offline circ worked well, and should work even better in November now that Lion staff has experience with it. Lion expects that the system will be up by early afternoon on November 27, and the members will have an opportunity to see Sierra in a read-only mode by early November. ATT emails have been bouncing, and Lion is working to fix the problem.

5. IUG scholarship. Richard C.mentioned that the Innovative Users Group offers a scholarship for conference attendance. He will not be attending the IUG meeting this year due to a conflict, and will consult with the executive committee to recommend an alternate to represent Lion members at the conference. Lion staff also attend this meeting.

 The next meeting: December 18, 2012.


 1) LION staff: The update to Millenium 2011 went very smoothly. A new router contributed to the increased speed of the system. Windows 8 will soon be out, but Lion is staying with Windows 7 until 8 is stable.

2) LION Committees

    • Bibliographic: The committee met in September and is monitoring RDA. They will meet again in December and discuss any changes Sierra brings.
    • Circulation: Met in September, and will meet again in December after Sierra is up.
    • LUX: The final version of the new Overdrive catalog is ready. When it is launched, patrons will be able to choose a 7, 10, or 14 day loan period, with 14 days as the default. The per patron checkout limit will be raised to 6, and it will be possible for patrons to make purchase recommendations from all titles available on Overdrive.

VIII. OLD BUSINESS: Richard C. asked when Old Saybrook will join the system. Alan expects that will happen in February or March.


X. ADJOURNMENT: Richard C. adjourned the meeting at 11:13 a.m.

Next Meeting December 18, Refreshments by Madison

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