Board Minutes 2012 12

9:30 am Tuesday December 18, 2012
Russell Library, Middletown, CT

PRESENT: Barbara Cangiano – BR, Cyndi Shirshac – DU, Marie Shaw – EH, Lisa Timothy – EL, Richard Conroy – EX, Rob McCoole – GU, Cindy Mulbach – HA, Gale Bradbury – LB/GF, Beth Crowley – MA, Bonny Albanese – MA, Katie Nazarian – MC, Deb Barberi – MD, Karen Roesler –ME, Bob Hull – NB, Pat Dortenzio – NH, Suzanne Maryeski – NL, Cornell McNair – NW, Mary Fiorelli – OL, Meryl Farber – OR, Pat Griswold – RA, Leslie Scherer – WA, Janet Flewelling – WA, Todd Fabian – WD, Kathy Giotsas – WM, Lew Daniels –WS, Alan Hagyard – LION, Andy Gardner – LION, Rick Widlansky – LION, Matt Beardsley – LION, Justin Strickland — LION

I. CALL TO ORDER: Richard Conroy called the meeting to order at 9:38 A.M.



IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the October 23, 2012 meeting were accepted as written on a motion by Meryl F. and a second by Lisa T.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Bob Hull presented the cash flow statements for October and November 2012. The Reports were filed for audit. The auditor will present his annual report and audit to the Board in February.


  1. Annual Reports: All annual reports were written and distributed. A summary of the year’s highlights includes the e-book discussion between libraries and publishers, the transition from Millennium to Sierra, the addition of Justin Strickland to the LION staff, plans for adding Acton Library, Old Saybrook to the membership, and the retirement as of January 1, 2013 of Wallingford Public Library Director Leslie Scherer, a founding LION library director. The LION staff added the upgrade to fiber for the LION Office, website improvements, and LION’s strong financial position to the list of highlights.

  3. Sierra update – Alan/Andy: The transition to Sierra went relatively smoothly with no major problems although a few annoying issues remain to be resolved. Communication between member libraries and the LION office during the process might be improved by setting up a circ listserv or a wiki. This should be investigated. A question was asked about the Newspaper/Community database. At the present time the database can only be edited in Millennium. Alan reported that he is uncertain if Innovative will ever make the module available in Sierra. This initiated a long discussion. A handful of members have utilized this module for almost 20 years. It was determined that after a period of adjustment to Sierra and the resolution of some of the circ/cat/acq problems, that Alan will talk to Innovative to determine the future the index to this local database.

  5. Overdrive (high demand titles and Advantage): Alan asked that the Board review its position on allowing individual LION members to subscribe to the Overdrive Advantage Program especially since there is a special price deal for new Advantage members this month. Although there is still a strong desire, particularly for some members, to increase the e-book collection size and reduce waiting lists, it was decided to stay with LION’s current policy. Instead of some members buying an Advantage collection, more money should be spent on the collection available to all members.

    MOTION: Beth C. moved and Lisa T. seconded that LION spend up to $10,000 from reserves to purchase sufficient e-book titles from Overdrive to achieve a holds ratio of 4 holds per title. The Board is to revisit this limit standard in February 2013. Motion was approved. 

  7. The next meeting: February 26, 2013


  1. LION staff:
    • Alan reported that Innovative is offering 50% savings on new SIP2 ports. This means savings for Acton Library, Old Saybrook when they join this Spring. He proposes buying extra SIP2 ports for future needs of members. Consensus of the Board is that Alan should purchase ten (10) SIP2 Ports at this time to take advantage of the special pricing.

    • Andy reported that he is preparing for the Old Saybrook migration. Rick and Matt summarized the scope and highlights of their work in 2012 as was reported in their annual reports.

  2. LION Committees
    • Nominating: None
    • Finance: Will be meeting before the next Board meeting
    • Personnel: None
    • Planning/Negotiations: None
    • Bibliographic: Will be meeting in January
    • Circulation: Will be meeting in January
    • LUX: Met on December 13 and reviewed the Advantage offering and Overdrive policies. An Overdrive Purchasing Guidelines draft was submitted. A survey will be sent to all members (one vote per library) to assist the committee in continuing their work.



The Board presented Wallingford Public Library Director, Leslie Scherer, with flowers to wish her well in her upcoming retirement and to thank her for her contributions to LION over the past thirty years.

IX. ADJOURNMENT: Richard C. adjourned the meeting at 11:43.

Next Refreshments: Mitchell College

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