Board Minutes 2013 06

9:30 am Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Middletown, Russell Library

PRESENT:  Cyndi Shirshac – DU, Marie Shaw – EH, Lisa Timothy – EL, Richard Conroy – EX,  Stephanie Johnson – GU, Gale Bradbury –LB/LG, Beth Crowley –MA, Bonny Albanese – MA, Katie Brossard– MC, Deb Barberi – MD, Vince Juliano – MD, Karen Roesler –ME, Bob Hull – NB, Lois Baldini – NH, Suzanne Maryeski – NL, Mary Fiorelli – OL, Michele Van Epps – OS, Michael Gilroy – RA, Alice Pentz – ST, Jane Fisher – WA, Janet Flewelling – WA, Todd Fabian – WD, Kathy Giotsas – WM, Colleen Bailie – WM, Lew Daniels — WS,  Andy Gardner – LION, Rick Widlansky – LION, Matt Beardsley – LION, Justin Strickland – LION

I. CALL TO ORDER: Richard C. called the meeting to order at 9:50 a.m.



IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes of the May 7,  2013 meeting were accepted as written on a motion by Beth C. and a second by Jane F.

V. TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer Bob Hull, presented the cash flow statements for April 2013 and May 2013 and noted that LION is in good shape financially. The Reports were filed for audit.


Election of officers: The Nominations Committee’s presented the slate of officers for 2013/14 as follows:  President – Todd Fabian – WD, Vice-President/President Elect – Beth Crowley – MA, Treasurer – Bob Hull – NB, Secretary – Karen Roesler – ME.  There were no nominations from the floor.

Vince J. moved and Suzanne M. seconded a motion to approve the proposed slate of officers.  Approved unanimously.

Todd Fabian,  LION’s newly elected  President, took the meeting over from Richard Conroy.

  1. ZINIO update:   A list of questions about Zinio with answers from the Old Colony Library Network was distributed.   In addition, Janet F. reported on the LUX Committee’s discussion of the service.  Deb Barberi – MD has agreed to be the “point person” for libraries interested in a group purchase of Zinio magazines.  She will be polling members to see how many are serious about acquiring a collection.  It was noted that the main advantage of participating as a group is the ability to purchase a bigger collection of titles.   Costs for the “platform” would be close to the same amount whether subscribing as a group or as individual libraries.
  1. Hamden membership:  Alan H. and Todd F. have been invited to make a presentation about LION membership at the Hamden Library.  A pre-approval for membership is required.  After discussion, the consensus of the Board was to approve Hamden Library for membership.
  1. The next meeting: August 27, 2013


  1. LION Staff :  Alan H. – absent;   Andy G. – No Report;

Rick W. reported that he attended CEN’s first annual conference in May.  He found it extremely valuable and thinks that LION members should plan to attend next year.  CEN announced their plans to get all libraries in the state  on fiber within the next five years.  Justin: No report.

  1. LION Committees

– Nominating: None

– Finance: None

– Personnel: Committee is working on the Executive Director’s performance evaluation

– Planning/Negotiations: None

– Bibliographic:  RDA starts July 1!  Member Libraries are re-doing all of their templates.

– Circulation:  None.

– LUX:  The committee met on June 6 and discussed Zinio.  Deb Barberi was appointed the “point person” and LUX will use this model for investigating future products/technologies that members are interested in.  Alan demonstrated the new Spanish interface packet as well as the temporary self registration program.  These will be available for members soon.


IX. NEW BUSINESS: Suzanne M. suggested that committee meetings be held in a central location so that it is easier for libraries to send staff.  Rick urged members to call the emergency on call number appropriately—for times when the system or equipment is down – not for problems that can easily wait until normal business hours.   

The entire Board thanked Marie Shaw for her years of contributions to LION.  Marie is retiring from East Lyme High School this month.

ADJOURNMENT: Todd Fabian adjourned the meeting at 10:48 a.m. on a motion by Marie S. and a second by Richard C.

Next Refreshments: North Branford Libraries

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