Board Minutes 2013 07 Special

Special Meeting Wednesday, July 10, 2013
E.O. Smith Library, North Branford


PRESENT: Karen Jensen– BR, Cyndi Shirshac—DU, Tara Borden—EL, Richard Conroy –EX, Stephanie Johnson—GU, Gale Bradbury—LB/LG, Beth Crowley—MA, Paula Soares—MD, Karen Roesler—ME, Bob Hull – NB, Lois Baldini – NH, Cornell McNair—NW, Meryl Farber—OR, Alice Pentz– ST, Jane Fisher—WA, Todd Fabian – WD, Kathy Giotsas – WS, Alan Hagyard—LION


I.  CALL TO ORDER: President, Todd Fabian called the meeting to order at 9:39 A.M. 



In the recent months, LION has received inquiries from the Hamden and Bethany Public Libraries about joining LION.  The consensus at the June 25, 2013 regular LION Board meeting was to accept Hamden Library should they confirm that they wish to be members.  We now need to know if the consensus of the Board is to allow Bethany to join.

Alan distributed a sheet showing the estimated fees for members if Hamden and Bethany join.  Todd noted that Bethany has a new Director and several new Board members who enthusiastically support joining LION.  Bethany has a collection of 45,000 items and has three staff computers and 5 public computers.  It is currently running a Follett circulation system.  Alan feels that the library is small and will not have much effect on LION staffing.  Todd explained that Bethany is part of the same regional school system as Woodbridge which makes it a good choice for membership.

Todd F. asked for a show of hands to indicate who was in favor of Bethany becoming a member of LION.  All present raised their hands, therefore membership of Bethany will be on the agenda of the next regular Board Meeting in August.

Alan updated the group on Hamden Library’s decision to join LION.  He stated that the Director is ready to move forward but that the Town may want to investigate upgrading to a newer stand-alone system.

Alan reported that he also received a membership inquiry from Mansfield Public Library.  This led to a philosophical discussion of LION expansion.  The consensus was to continue a ‘smart growth” plan targeting libraries located contiguous to current members or offering special collections.  The pros and cons of limiting the number of members (perhaps to 30) was also discussed. 

The consensus of those present was that Mansfield is not a good candidate for LION membership.

Since LION has acquired quite a few new members over the past couple of years, as well new Library Directors replacing retirees, it was decided that new member orientation should be done in a more formal way. Jane Fisher, Richard Conroy, Kathy Giotsas, and Karen Roesler volunteered to be on a task force to work on this.

Next Regular Board Meeting:  August 27, 2013.    North Haven will provide the refreshments. 

On a Motion by Meryl F. and a second by Richard C. the meeting was adjourned at 10:48 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Roesler, Secretary


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