Board Minutes 2014 01

9:30 am Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Guilford – Guilford Public Library

(Dec meeting postponed due to snow, Meeting took place January 21, 2014)


PRESENT:  Melissa Canham-Clyne – Bethany, Karen Jensen – BR, Trish Connolly – DU, Kathleen Sasso – EH, Lisa Timothy – EL, Richard Conroy – EX,  Sandy Ruoff – GU, Cindy Muhlbach –HA, Gale  Bradbury – LB/LG, Beth Crowley –MA, Bonny Albanese – MA, , Deb Barberi – MD, Karen Roesler –ME, Bob Hull – NB, Lois Baldini – NH, Frances Gibbs-Kail – NL, Cornell McNair – NW, Mary Fiorelli – OL, Meryl Farber – OR, Michele Van Epps – OS,  Alice Pentz – ST, Jane Fisher – WA, Todd Fabian – WD, Kathy Giotsas – WM, Colleen Bailie – WM,  Alan Hagyard – LION, Andy Gardner – LION, Justin Strickland – LION, Rick Widlansky – LION


  1. CALL TO ORDER: Todd F. called the meeting to order at 9:43 a.m. and asked that everyone introduce themselves since many new members were present.
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES:The minutes of the October 29, 2013 meeting were accepted as written on a motion by Gail B. and a second by Beth C.
  1. TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer Bob Hull presented the cash flow statements for October, November and December 2013 and noted that they were “unremarkable”.  There were no questions.  On a motion by Mary F. and a second by Meryl F. the reports were placed on file for audit. 
  1. Annual Reports were included in the meeting’s packets.   Alan pointed out the following  positive notables for 2013:  LION moved to the Sierra platform a little over a year ago and overall the transition went smoothly,  Acton/Old Saybrook, Bethany and Hamden libraries joined LION,  Zinio was added to LION’s offerings, and there was much more membership involvement. 


  1. Orientation.  Todd F. reported that the first orientation gathering at LION headquarters was held.  Jane F. commented that it was very helpful and that others who may not be as new to LION might benefit as well.  Having a “buddy library” for new members seems to be useful as well.


  1. Bethany/Hamden update.  Alan reported that Bethany began LION circulating as of mid-January.  The conversion went smoothly.  LION staff are now working with Hamden which currently is on a Dynix system.  Once the conversion to Innovative is done, their staff will need to be trained.  Hamden has a larger staff than the last members to join the consortium.  East Haddam is merging the East Haddam Library with Rathbun.  LION will use the “branch model” similar to Ledyard’s and will begin the merger after Hamden is up, probably in the Fall.


  1. Next meeting:  In lieu of a February meeting, LION will set up a couple of days for staff training on running reports.  Two locations will be selected.  Information will be sent to members as to date and locations.
  1. LION staff:  Alan reported that he had contacted the grant writing consultant about offering a workshop for LION members.  He has not yet heard back from the person.  Also, included in the “free products” LION received from Innovative, is a self registration product.  It allows patrons to enter their own information to create a temporary patron registration which would then allow whatever privileges that a library chooses.  Most frequently, it would permit patrons to place holds.  This is functionality is available to use now, and does not have to be done by all LION libraries.  After questions and discussion,


    Karen J. moved that Wallingford Library try out the product and report back to  the Board at the next meeting.  Bob H. seconded.  Approved.

  1. LION Committees
  • – Nominating: None


    – Finance: The committee met in December to review the proposed budget.  A 5% pay raise was recommended for staff, and determining the member fees for Zinio were put on hold until there is a longer track record of use.

    – Personnel: None

    – Planning/Negotiations:  Orientation for new members was implemented.

    – Bibliographic:  Meeting in March is planned.

    – Circulation:  Need to set a meeting date.

    – LUX:  None

  1. OLD BUSINESS:  None
  1. NEW BUSINESS:  Meryl F. asked how last minute cancellations of Board meetings would be communicated.  As of now it would be through e-mail.  Alan will look into a phone system for mass calling/messaging.  Todd F. mentioned problems with C-Car delivery and encouraged everyone to be vigilant and report problems to the State Library.  Todd also thanked Sandy R. and Beth C. for arranging for the lunch which follows this meeting.
  1. ADJOURNMENT:  On a Motion by Karen J. and a second by Trish C. the meeting was adjourned at 11:18 a.m.

Next Refreshments: New London Public Library

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