Board Minutes 2014 10

9:30 am Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Middletown: Russell Library

PRESENT: Karen Jensen – BR, Cyndi Shirshac – DU, Lisa Timothy – EL, Richard Conroy – EX, Sandy Ruoff – GU, Cindy Muhlbach – HA, Marian Amodeo – HM, Gale Bradbury – LB/LG, Beth Crowley – MA,
Katie Nazarian – MC, Deb Barberi – MD, Karen Roesler – ME, Bob Hull – NB, Lois Baldini – NH,
Suzanne Maryeski – NL, Cornell McNair – NW, Meryl Faber – OR, Michael Gilroy – RA, Alice Pentz – ST,
Jane Fisher – WA, Janet Flewelling – WA, Lynn Serra – WD, Colleen Bailie – WM, Lew Daniels – WS,
Alan Hagyard – LION, Andy Gardener – LION, Melissa Canham-Clyne – BE.

I. CALL TO ORDER: Beth called the meeting to order at 9:25 a.m.



IV. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Two corrections: addition of Janet Flewelling – WA to attendance list and price of backup storage unit is $1,300 not $13,000. Sandy moved accepting minutes as corrected and Karen seconded. Minutes accepted by vote.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Bob Hull presented the financial statements through September 2014. There were no questions. On a motion by Meryl F. and a second by Lisa T. the reports were placed on file for audit

a. Auditor’s Report: Mike Solakian, CPA, reported that the audit of last fiscal year’s activities show that the organization remains in good financial shape. Revenue is up with the addition of new members and expenses are in line with projections. There are no significant deficiencies or weaknesses. Suggested that the organization create an audit committee; this is separate from the Finance committee. In reply to question about the appropriate amount of money to have in our reserves, he said that there is not a specific amount but that it is best to designate monies in reserves for intended use [i.e. capital improvements].

b. Budget and Fees: The draft budget was included in the meeting attachments. The Finance Committee and Alan have begun work on the budget and fee schedules for FYE 2016. Bob H., chair of the Finance Committee, explained that there is a 10% increase reflective of increases with Overdrive. Members received schedules of fees for Overdrive with individual libraries’ fees noted. These fees are comprised of the operational cost of Overdrive and individual community content usage. If needed we might consider adding $20,000 towards building Overdrive content.

Alan reviewed his notes on the proposed budget for FYE 2016. These notes were also including in the meeting attachments. He expressed the need to maintain reserves for potential system replacement and also for the contingency of losing a member library. Alan specified that the budget is still in draft form but that the fee schedule is final. Overall there is a 4% increase in library fees. Time will tell if this is sufficient for maintaining Overdrive’s content needs or if we will need the extra $20,000 dollars. As Zinio is still in the experimental stage, it is not in the draft budget.

Sandy R. moved to accept the proposed library fees and Jane seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Discussion about proposed Overdrive fees ensued. Richard C. moved that we accept the proposed Overdrive fees including a $60,000 increase for content purchasing and allowing the possibility to take $20,000 from reserves to help with content, if necessary. Gale seconded. Vote passed unanimously.

c. Mitchell/ELHS student cards: There was discussion about how students from Mitchell College should be allowed to use their student library cards. Karen J. made a motion that academic members of LION shall receive reciprocity at any LION library. Seconded by Sandy R. Passed. The issue of reciprocity is a staff educational opportunity for all libraries.

d. Next Meeting: There will be no November meeting. Next meeting in West Haven on Tuesday, December 16 at 9:30 a.m.

a. LION staff reports
i. Alan – With regards to providing training, libraries should give dates and the type of training needed. Training should take 1 to 2 hours. Reminded us that we have access to the Sierra Manual via the password. Asked about the possibility of using Decision Maker software, Alan said that he would get a quote.
ii. Andy – There was a scoping problem with Triple I but it has been fixed. However, please let him know in there continues to be scoping problems.

a. Nominating – none
b. Finance – none
c. Personnel – none
d. Planning and Negotiations – none
e. Bibliographic – Magazine material type will be added. Reminder to be careful with proper attachment of Blu Ray records.
f. Circulation – There will be a meeting on Thurs, Nov 6 at 1 p.m.
g. LUX – Tentatively planning for a December meeting
h. E-Books – Made recommendation toward budget. A work force process has been agreed upon for ordering new e-books.

a. Jane F. asked about the possibility of using credit cards online to pay fines. Alan is getting a quote about this aspect of service.
b. Marian A. updated members on Hamden’s growing pains, specifically problems with C-Car deliveries. Asked Directors to remind staff of the issue and those closings due to renovations might also impact deliveries.
c. Beth asked members about interest in a holiday party – Dec? Jan? Or perhaps a get together in the spring. Executive committee will review interest, perhaps via Survey Monkey.

a. Cyndi S. queried Alan the recording of stats for the state report. Discussion about the state report ensued. Stats depend on criteria used – terminal or item.

XI. ADJOURNMENT – Richard C. moved and Lisa T. seconded. Passed. Adjourned at 10:53 a.m.

Next Refreshments: Westbrook Next Meeting: West Haven, Dec. 16 at 9:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted on December 9, 2014, 2014 by Melissa Canham-Clyne.

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