Board Minutes 2014 12

9:30 am Tuesday, December 16, 2014
West Haven Public Library

Present: Cyndi S – DU, Richard C – EX, Marian A – HM, Gale B – LB/LG, Elizabeth D – MC, Deb B – MD, Karen R – ME, Bob H – NB, Pat D – NH, Cornell M – NW, Mary F – OL, Meryl F – OR, Virginia C – OS, Michael G – RA, Alice P – ST, Jane F – WA, Kathy G – WM, Colleen G – WM, Lew D – WS, Melissa C – BE, Alan H – LION, Andy G – LION, Rick W – LION, Matt B – LION, Justin S – LION.

CALL TO ORDER: Jane F with introduction and appreciation to our host – 9:35



APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Karen R moved, Richard seconded, passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Oct/Nov sent out- bottom line looks like we are over budget but this is normal [maintenance, Overdrive, new and old members, system expenses] and is where it should be. Meryl F moved to accept, Mary F seconded, passed.


• Beth’s report included in handouts.
• Alan – systems stable, no major changes. Added agencies hold in Sierra. Implemented patron self-registration – 4 libraries are using. Three libraries installed self-circulation operations. 20% with re-subscription with Zinio. Frontier bought ATT – causing some worry. Officially added Clark Memorial and Hamden joined LION. Working on East Haddam and Rathbun co-equal branches. New committee for e-book/overdrive collection. Began training sessions for library staff [reports/stats]. Three have been done. Call to schedule your training. Very impressed with staff – best part of LION. Staff makes LION what it is. Eight years without turnover. Increased Karan’s hours. Staff receives professional development. Fun fact: 30,000 miles traveled by staff to reach member libraries. Not adding any libraries. Concerned with network issue.
• Andy – Main challenges were adding Bethany and Hamden.
• Rick – Upgraded fiber with Norwich Otis to connect with CEN through city institutions. North Haven joined with CEN at NH high school. Reminded all that with CEN LION is able to connect all internet activity through one router. This eliminates the need for dual systems.
• Matt – 266 new computers installed. Higher than normal. More than thousand computers in LION now. Visionware and Deep Freeze installations at a couple of libraries. Very busy year.
• Justin – Celebrates two and half years at LION and is finding things are becoming more routine. Enjoys the variety of issues with adding new libraries.

2. Frontier/Network Update:

This update pertains to libraries with a LAN connection. Rick shared frustrations with the lack of customer service and support from Frontier. The methodology Frontier uses to respond to a need can take up to 24 hours just for a response to take a look at an issue. This means there could be quite a lot of down time for a library. Rick’s solution for libraries with a second form of internet (Comcast, DSL, or Cablevision) , is to create a site to site VPN which routes Sierra Traffic over and libraries could use Sierra. He offered this idea. Proposal: Consider buying your own router ($300) so if there is a problem, could easily bring it up. Site to Site VPN routes everything back to LION so all service can be up. Rick promised to summarize up in an email (note: Rick sent an email explaining this issue and solution on Dec. 18).
He suggested that since some town halls are upgrading to fiber, libraries may consider connecting to their Town Hall fiber.
He reported he is still waiting to hear from Frontier about a private Ethernet. He is also looking more closely at E-Rate reimbursement (Alan) to help out

3. Sierra eCommerce – Alan looked into ecommerce. Handout was provided. It allows patrons to pay fines through OPAC. Effectively there is no library involvement in the payment process as it is done on a public computer or at home. Currently Library Connection uses this system to retrieve fines.

• Yes, everyone has to be involved. Payment goes to Patty. She would run a report to determine dispersal of funds.
• The library which owns the item gets the money.
• Set up is with PayPal and need merchant acct with bank. Probably upfront setup costs, even for testing.
• With PayPal money goes to PayPal and then is reported to LION and divided up with libraries.
• Credit Card information is never shared with libraries.
• There are fees involved because of credit cards. Need to subtract fees from total collected – per reimbursement. LION would keep the fees money.
• This does not supplant collecting cash, just provides another option for payment.
• Other library sites say they capture more fine monies because of this option. Very positive reviews.
• Some issues to consider: Academic libraries (because fines paid through Bursar’s office) -Might be able to scope it so it is not too visible for users at Mitchell. Municipal reporting needs to be explored. And, networking concerns need to be explored.


Alan – Reported on the site “library h3lp”/ real time chat reference site for patrons, The cost would be $3,000 or so a year for LION. Seems to allow multiple users. There is a free 90 day trial. LUX will investigate viability for LION.
Also reminded libraries to set up training times with him and Andy. They will come out to any library requesting training on the many aspects of Sierra.

Rick – Invited all to CEN May annual meeting. Can register for the meeting. $50 to attend all day meeting. He also reported that he thinks it might be a good time to explore a Bibliomation and LION joint technology round table. Perhaps this could also become a statewide round table. Also he is looking into the filtering system iBoss and would like a trial library to test it on. The filtering system, offered through CEN, prevents illegal downloads. Russell might be interested.


  • Nominating None
  • Finance None
  • Personnel – Jane thanks for feedback for Alan’s evaluation
  • Planning/Negotiations – None
  • Bibliographic – None
  • Circ. – Minutes emailed out
  • LUX – Alan, met and saw Guildford’s 3D printer. The OPAC form will now directly send OPAC inquiries to individual libraries.   This also permits inquiries about Overdrive. He will write up most commonly asked questions and answers for libraries.
  • E-Books – Deb passed out information packet about recommendations from the committee. The recommendations are to  simplify e-book selection by removing pub date and adhering to price restrictions while increasing the limits. The budgeted amount for purchase is $7,500 a month. The committee is developing metrics for seeing how collection is used, which will help shape collection development policy. Richard C moved to accept, seconded Karen R. Passed.

Old Business – None

New Business – None

Adjourned Elizabeth D moved, Richard seconded 11:10 am.

Next Meeting: Feb 24 if luncheon, start later. Refreshments: Woodbridge


Respectfully submitted by Melissa C, Feb 9, 2015


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