Board Minutes 2015 10


9:30 am Tuesday, Oct 27, 2015

Middletown, Russell Library

Present: Jane Fisher – WA, Bob Hull – NB, Lois Baldini – NH, Kathleen Sasso – EH, Lisa Timothy – EL, Richard Conroy – EX, Gale Bradbury – LB/LG, Bonny Albanese – MA, Elizabeth Davidson – MC, Deb Barberi – MD, Karen Roesler – ME, Suzanne Maryeski – NL, Cornell McNair – NW, Michael Gilroy – RA, Janet Flewelling – WA, Lynn Serra – WD, Colleen Bailie – WH, Cyndi Shirshac – DU, Jessica Dans – HA, Alice Pentz – WWML, Sandra Ruoff – GU, Meryl Farber – OR, Laurie Prichard – EH, Lew Daniels – WS, Alan Hagyard – LION, Andy Gardener – LION, Rick Widlansky – LION, Justin Strickland – LION, Melissa Canham-Clyne – BE.

I. Call to Order: President Jane Fisher to order at 9:40 am. The Board congratulated Colleen Bailie on her recent appointment to Library Director of West Haven Public Library.

II. Additions to Agenda: Discussion of Minecraft

III. Public Comment: None

IV. Approval of minutes: Two corrections – Minecraft was and Digipalooza were misspelled. Lisa T moved and Richard   C seconded. Minutes as amended passed.

V. Treasurer’s Report: Bob Hull submitted his report, noting that all looks good and proper.   Robert C moved to accept the report and Lois B seconded. Passed

Best Practices: Jane Fisher introduced the idea of creating a working group to examine the wide range of circulation policies and practices across the consortium. The thought is to encourage more consistency among libraries to be more helpful to our patrons and our staff. People interested in participating on the group were invited to send Jane an email of expressing interest.

CIPA and eRate: There was discussion about whether or not apply for eRate to help pay for moving six libraries away from Frontier to Comcast fast lines. Costs for doing so would be $12,750. Under eRate requirement libraries must conform to the guidelines of the Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA).   This requires filtering the internet. A discussion about whether or not we wanted to meet the CIPA requirements ensued, focusing not only on filtering but also on the costs to become compliant. Total reimbursement from eRate would be $6,600, which leaves LION still paying $6,000. Sandy R moved that we not apply for eRate, Kathy S. seconded. Motions passed.

Minecraft: CEN originally offered to host our Minecraft server but it didn’t work. Rick did have a server available and with Justin’s work the LION Minecraft server is ready for staff members to give a try. Plugins will be added to enable moderation and administration. This is necessary to help keep it a safe space for patrons. Discussion took place about how libraries could help in the moderation, get kids to our Minecraft space, registration at libraries, costs per account ($27 per license) and about remote accessibility. We do need a critical mass to make the effort viable, server can handle a few hundred players at a time. It was suggested that there be a workshop on Minecraft for staff to help inspire usage. This patron service is a product of many individuals working together: LUX Committee helped to form the game committee and LION’s IT staff have brought it to life.

VII.  Next Meeting: Dec 8 Russell Library – Middletown, 9:00 a.m. sharp for the auditor’s annual report

VIII.  Reports

LION Staff Reports:

    1. Alan – E-Commerce is ready to begin. Libraries can practice using it with “dummy” accounts. Will go live to patrons in mid-November
    2. Andy– We have been using the same version of Sierra for about a year. Lately the upgrades have not been stable. We will eventually need to upgrade. We will be given lots of warning before any Sierra upgrades.  Also, noted that item records are only editable by the holding library. Scoping is setup but can turned off if it doesn’t work.
    3. Rick – Recently the email server crashed but luckily another server was put into service. Secure email has been turned on via HTTPs and the old way will be turned off. Emails will work with iphones.
    4. Justin – Referred back to his work on making Minecraft a reality.



1.  Nominating: None

2.  Finance: None

3.  Personnel: None

4.  Planning and Negotiations: There will be a committee meeting scheduled after the next LION board meeting

5.  Bibliographic: none.

6.  Circulation: Bonny A. reported on the committee’s September meeting, which addressed missing/billed items checks at
each library.

7.  Lux: Janet F also reported on Minecraft and the excellent collaboration that has made it possible. Kayleigh Sprague from Wallingford has agreed to chair the new Minecraft Committee. She noted changes in Zinio marketing (rotating collection windows on catalog page), and informed members that Selfie the self-publishing platform offered by Library Journal is available LION-wide purchase for $6,750 per year. The Keva blocks recently purchased are a huge hit. There will be another LUX meeting scheduled for early Dec.

8.  e-Books: Deb B. reported on the extensive research of circulation metrics done by the committee. These were presented to the board in draft form of the Minutes of the LION eBook Development Committee Meeting of Sept 10, 2015. The observation is that there has been a gradual increase in patron registration and circulation. Also it was noted that when items specific to teens and children were purchased, these items were borrowed. This has boosted circulation among teens and children.

Recommendations from the committee for the Board to consider: Examine hold ratios effectiveness and the budget; with expiring item licenses do we leave item up while purchasing a new copy; and how and when to weed the collection.

Alan spoke of combining Zinio and Overdrive into one budgetary line know as downloadable digital. The committee would like to see this budget increased to $175,000 (currently at $100,000 for Overdrive and $25,000 for Zinio).


XI. New Business: None

XII.  ADJOURNMENT: 11:40 a.m.

Minutes humbly and respectfully submitted: Dec 4, by Melissa Canham-Clyne.

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