Board Minutes 2015 12

9:30 am, Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Middletown, Russell Library


Present: Bonny Albanese (MA), Marian Amodeo (HA), Colleen Bailie (WH), Lois Baldini (NH), Debra Barberi (MD), Matt Beardsley (LION), Gale Bradbury (LB/LG), Beth Crowley (MA), Richard Conroy (EX), Lew Daniels (WS), Elizabeth Davidson, (MC), Meryl Farber (OR), Mary Fiorelli (OL), Jane Fisher (WA), Janet Flewelling (WA), Andy Gardner (LION), Pat Griswold (RA), Alan Hagyard (LION), Bob Hull (NB), Karen Jensen (BR), Lydia Main (EL), Suzanne Maryeski (NL), Cornell McNair (NW), Sandy Ruoff (GU), Cyndi Shirshac (DU), Justin Strickland (LION), Trish Tomlinson (DU), Eric Werthmann (WD), Rick Widlansky (LION), Michele Van Epps (OS)

 I.  Call to Order: President Jane Fisher called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.

II.  Auditor’s report: Michael Solakian of Solakian & Associates submitted the annual audit report, noting no signs of any deficiencies in LION finances.

III.  Additions to Agenda: CLA report by Beth Crowley

IV.  Public Comment: none

V.  Approval of minutes: Sandy Ruoff made a motion to approve the minutes from the October 27 meeting; Trish Tomlinson seconded the motion. The motion passed with all voting in favor.

VI.  Treasurer’s Report: Bob Hull submitted October and November reports, which were also sent to members via email. Bob noted that expenses were in line with the budget.

VII.  Action/Discussion:


1.  Annual Reports: LION staff members provided highlights of written reports that were emailed to members in advance. Matt Beardsley indicated that LION will be upgrading library computers to Windows 10 in the upcoming year; Justin Strickland has done great work on getting the Minecraft server started; Rick Widlansky hopes that the CEN network will be able to upgrade to fiber in the next fiscal year, and Andy noted that the consortium will begin to think about circulation policies in the upcoming year. Andy also sees more need for training as new staff join LION libraries. Alan Hagyard thanked the LION staff for their good work over the past year. Jane Fisher also thanked LION staff for a job well done.

2.  Fees 2017: Proposed library fees, Overdrive fees and downloadable fees were emailed to members in advance. Alan explained his formula for calculating the fees, which has not changed from previous years. Bob Hull presented a draft budget based on the new fees for FY 2017, also emailed to members in advance. Bob and Alan asked that members approve the fees and suggested that approval of the FY2017 budget be voted on at a future meeting. After some discussion, Meryl Farber made a motion to approve the 2017 fee schedule, and Sandy Ruoff seconded the motion. The motion passed with all voting in favor.

3.  Shared LION objects: Janet Flewelling proposed that LION form a task force to investigate the possibility of loaning physical items such as keva planks, small robots, 3-D pens, magna-tiles, etc, among members of the consortium. Libraries may be interested in utilizing these materials for programming, or trying them out before purchasing for their own collections. Janet envisions the task force recommending types of items that may be of interest to member libraries, and how to administer the program. It was duly noted that Justin Strickland requests LEGO Mindstorms. Elizabeth Daniels made the motion that LION establish a task force for this purpose; Bob Hull seconded the motion and all voted in favor.

VIII.  Reports:


  1. LION Staff: Alan reported that approximately $1400 in credit card payments had been made through ecommerce in November.   He said the program is working very well. Patty Hovick has created an ecommerce report that she can send out weekly. Members are asked to send her a message to request it. Ecommerce checks will be issued quarterly beginning in January 2016. Alan also stated that he can run notices to patrons with a fine level determined by the library in order to send emails encouraging patrons to pay through ecommerce. Members can contact him if interested.


Rick mentioned that Blackstone library recently purchased scanners that can read barcodes on smartphones. Since these scanners are only nominally more expensive, they will become the default replacement scanner going forward.

Andy mentioned that a change in Sierra will make it impossible for members to edit item records from other member libraries in the near future.


  1. LION Committees:


Nominating: no report

Personnel: Trish will set up a meeting in near future

Planning/Negotiations: Jane reported for Karen Roesler. The committee is beginning the strategic planning process and wants to hear from all members. There will be individual meetings of 6-7 libraries at a time, facilitated by members of the committee and LION staff. Questions to be examined include consortium size, priorities, communication and governance structure. The committee will bring the results of the meetings to the board for discussion and hopes to have a plan in place by July, 2016.

Bibliographic: Nancy Bruckner from Otis library will take on the role of chair

Circulation: no report

LUX: Janet is looking into the possibility of SMS notifications. Library Connection has purchased the SMS module, and she will work with them to test it out in order to determine if LION should consider it.

eBooks: A new interface for Overdrive is set to debut in spring 2016. Simon & Shuster is now offering a two-year license for ebooks; Penguin/Random House will drop its highest price down to $65 in January. The committee will discuss weeding practices-at least for obsolete titles.


IX.  Old Business: Jane reported that a task force to examine best practices has been established and will meet in January.

X.  New Business: Beth Crowley gave a report from CLA. She reminded members that the C-Car delivery service, Avant, is pulling out of its contract as of December 31 and the state will be taking over the service. Beth said there is an important call to action: the state legislature is looking at a common ground budget this week that appears to include an additional 5% reduction to the state library’s database line. If this happens, we could lose databases in iCONN. Members are encouraged to contact their local legislators to make them aware of this. Beth also informed members that CLA is in the process of hiring a new lobbying firm; the firm will be announced in January. There will be sessions scheduled in January in each CLA region to present a new advocacy toolkit developed by Libby Post.


The next meeting date will be February 23, 9:30 am at Russell Library.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:55 am.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Karen Jensen


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