Board Minutes 2016 02


9:30 am, Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Middletown, Russell Library


Present: Bonny Albanese (MA), Marian Amodeo (HA), Colleen Bailie (WH), Lois Baldini (NH), Deb Barberi (MD), Gale Bradbury (LB/LG), Melissa Canham-Clyne (BE), Beth Crowley (MA), Richard Conroy (EX), Lew Daniels (WS), Elizabeth Davidson, (MC), Mary Fiorelli (OL), Jane Fisher (WA), Andy Gardner (LION), Michael Gilroy (RA), Alan Hagyard (LION),  Karen Jensen (BR), Jess Lobner (ML), Suzanne Maryeski (NL), Rob McCoole (GU), Cornell McNair (NW), Christine Michaud (DU), Alice Pentz (ST), Matt Poland (MD), Karen Roesler (ME), Kathleen Sasso (East Lyme HS), Kayleigh Sprague (WA), Lisa TImothy (EL),   Trish Tomlinson (DU), Eric Werthmann (WD),  Rick Widlansky (LION),  Michele Van Epps (OS)

I) Call to Order: President Jane Fisher called the meeting to order at 9:45 am.

II) Additions to Agenda: Minecraft report by Kayleigh Sprague

III) Public Comment: noneinutes of the December 8, 2015 meeting were approved with the following correction: Alice Pentz (ST) and Kathleen Sasso (East Lyme HS) should be added to the list of those in attendance.

V) Treasurer’s Report: December and January reports were sent to members via email. In the absence of Bob Hull, Alan Hagyard reported that expenses continue to fall in line with the budget.  Karen Roesler made a motion to approve the December and January treasurer’s reports; Michael Gilroy seconded the motion, and all voted in favor.


VI) Action/Discussion:


  1. Best Practices Task Force:  Jane Fisher reported on the results of the January 14 Best Practices Task Force meeting.  Members of the task force, which included library directors and circulation managers, had their first meeting on January 14.  A very productive discussion resulted in a draft survey to be circulated among all member libraries.  Results of the survey will be used to create recommended guidelines for member libraries.  The task force will send out the survey on February 23; one response per library is due by march 4, 2016.
  2. Shared LION Objects Task Force: A proposal outlining recommended materials to purchase and share, along with procedures for sharing them, was mailed to members in advance.  Christine Michaud presented the proposal, and there were several questions from LION members.  After some discussion, Rob McCoole made a motion to approve the proposal as submitted, with a $15,000 budget for purchasing the materials.  Funds will be taken from LION reserves.  Richard Conroy seconded the motion and all voted in favor.
  3. C-Car/DeliverIT: Trish Tomlinson reported that Durham Library recently went an entire week without a C-Car delivery. No other LION libraries reported problems with the delivery service, and Trish noted that she had volunteered to serve on the statewide C-Car/DeliverIT task force. Jane Fisher suggested that C-Car become a standing agenda item during the time it takes for the State Library to transition the service from AVANT to in-house.
  4. Overdrive Statistics: Alan Hagyard reported that he will begin to count items with “pending” status in the monthly Overdrive report. Pending status refers to a book that is checked out on a patron’s account, but not actually downloaded or read.  Since the item is technically in use by the patron, Alan felt that the statistic should be counted.
  5. Minecraft Committee: Kayleigh Sprague has volunteered to chair this committee. So far the committee has drafted policies and guidelines, and set up test servers.  Each library will get its own world.  13 libraries are participating so far; each one has agreed to spend at least one hour moderating the game.
  6. Next Meeting: Scheduled for Tuesday, April 26 at Middletown Library (location pending confirmation by Deb Barberi).

VIII)  Reports:


  1. LION Staff: Alan Hagyard and Richard Conroy are both participating on Southern CT State University’s Library Science program re-accreditation team.  They noticed that SCSU’s tuition is higher than comparable programs.  They wondered if LION would consider creating a scholarship to help defray tuition costs.  Richard agreed to present a full proposal at a future meeting.

Andy Gardner reported that Levi Coe Library has successfully joined LION.  The Sierra upgrade on January 28 went smoothly.  He also participated at the January 14 best practices task force meeting.

Rick Widlansky reported that the State Library has no control over CEN funding.  It has to be presented at the state bonding commission meeting which may be held in July.

  1. LION Committees:


  • Nominating: Sandy Ruoff will chair the committee; please let her know if you are interested in serving on the executive board in FY 2016/2017.
  • Personnel: Trish reported the committee will work with Alan on goals for the upcoming year.
  • Planning/Negotiations: Karen Roesler reported that the strategic planning process has begun.
  • Bibliographic: Nancy Bruckner from Otis library was not present.
  • Circulation: Bonnie Albanese reported that the committee will meet once the best practices committee has done its work, to make sure both committees are in sync.
  • LUX: A meeting is being planned for March
  • eBooks:  Jason Neely has left the committee (and LION) to become the director of the Enfield Public Library.  Deb Barberi is now coordinating the monthly orders.  The orders are now being placed twice per month, to offer the opportunity for patrons to discover new titles more often.  Random House has decreased its highest price to $65.  LION’s ceiling is currently $60 per title; Deb requested that the board approve raising it to $65 in order to purchase several titles published by Random House that patrons are requesting.  Elizabeth Davidson made a motion to approve the cost ceiling increase to $65; Eric Werthmann seconded the motion and all voted in favor.


VIII)  Old Business:  none

IX)  New Business:  Rick Widlansky sent an email to all LION members yesterday, regarding a ransomware virus.  He reiterated that files affected by this virus are not recoverable, and he strongly recommends that libraries have strong file backup procedures in place.


With no further business, Lisa Timothy made a motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Richard Conroy.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Karen Jensen

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