Board Minutes, 2016 04


9:30 am, Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Middletown, Russell Library


Present: Bonny Albanese (MA), Marian Amodeo (HA), Lois Baldini (NH), Deb Barberi (MD), Gale Bradbury (LB/LG), Nancy Bruckner (NW), Melissa Canham-Clyne (BE), Beth Crowley (MA), Richard Conroy (EX), Lew Daniels (WS), Elizabeth Davidson, (MC), Meryl Farber (OR), Mary Fiorelli (OL), Jane Fisher (WA), Janet Flewelling (WA), Michael Gilroy (RA), Alan Hagyard (LION),  Bob Hull (NB/NT), Karen Jensen (BR), Pat LaTerza (NH),  Jess Lobner (ML), Suzanne Maryeski (NL),  Cornell McNair (NW), Tom Piezzo (HA), Alice Pentz (ST), Matt Poland (MD), Karen Roesler (ME), Sandy Ruoff (GU), Kathleen Sasso (East Lyme HS), Cyndi Shirshac (DU),  Justin Strickland (LION), Lisa Timothy (EL),   Trish Tomlinson (DU), Claudia Volano (WH), Eric Werthmann (WD),  Rick Widlansky (LION),  Michele Van Epps (OS)

I. Call to Order: President Jane Fisher called the meeting to order at 9:35 am. Jane welcomed Tom Piezzo to his first LION board meeting and congratulated Tom and Beth Crowley on a great CLA conference.  Jane also offered congratulations to Cornell McNair for Otis Library’s IMLS award.


II. Additions to Agenda: none


III. Public Comment: none


IV. Approval of minutes: Karen Roesler made a motion to approve the minutes of the February 23, 2016 meeting as submitted; Gale Bradbury seconded the motion and all voted in favor.


V. Treasurer’s Report: January and February reports were sent to members via email. Bob Hull reported that LION’s finances are in good order.  Melissa Canham-Clyne made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report, and Richard Conroy seconded the motion; all voted in favor.


VI. Action/Discussion:


1. CT deliverIT: Jane Fisher opened a discussion on the State Library’s delivery service, emphasizing the importance of remaining collegial while    noting concerns. She asked members to focus on the approach that LION should take in response to the delivery problems we are facing. Issues brought up by members included:

  • Members want positive, rather than defensive, communication from the DLD that focuses on possible solutions.
  • Libraries rallied at the capitol last year in order to save funding for c-car using the regionalization argument. We feel that the service is basic and universal.  We want to ensure its success. We should gather our success stories to show how crucial this service is.
  • Members feel that the DLD has not considered the impact of the impending statewide catalog on the service, and what happened to volume data survey information? There was also concern that the delivery problems have not been addressed at State Library Board meetings.
  • Members wonder about LCI being a major factor in the delivery problems.
  • Some members feel that the State library is not giving enough budget priority to deliverIT.


There was some discussion regarding a Plan B in case the DLD cannot repair deliverIT.  No resolutions were made, and the consensus of those present was not to change the way that we handle holds for now.  We can help out by making deliveries if we choose, with the caveat that we should record what we deliver.

The discussion concluded with Jane Fisher promising to report on an upcoming meeting with Ken Wiggin and consortia presidents.  Several LION members indicated that they would attend the State Library Board Meeting scheduled for Monday, May 16 at 1pm at the State Library. Matt Poland and Beth Crowley agreed to ask that deliverIT be added to the meeting agenda.  We would like to invite Ken Wiggin to the May 17th LION meeting to hear his perspective.

  1. CEN: Rick Widlansky provided an update of what is happening with CEN.  First, the libraries that currently have a fiber connection may be required to pay for the cost of bandwith; possibly $150 per month for a basic connection; up to $450 per month for a 100 mbps connection.  There may also be an additional cost for the maintenance of the fiber circuit, unless CEN can bundle the cost into the monthly fee. This may depend on the number of libraries and schools that join the program.  Rick explained that current estimates of maintenance fees range from $300 to $5600 per year.  He did not feel the costs make sense.

On May 4th, legislators will vote on the state budget, which now includes $3.3 million for CEN.  You can help by encouraging your local legislators   to support this.

Member libraries with fiber connections will need to decide whether to continue with fiber, and pay extra costs, or make the switch to cable.  Rick reported that 100 mbps service from Comcast costs approximately $250 per month and this exceeds most member libraries’ current needs.   If member libraries switch to cable, Rick will need to redesign the network before July 1 when new CEN rates are expected to take effect.  Another question to be discussed at our next meeting:  when July comes, who pays the cost of converting to cable-LION or individual libraries?  A discussion followed on the various cable companies, and how this would work.

For libraries that currently have DSL and might like to move to fiber:  The state library has issued an RFP and selected CEN as the provider.  Libraries have sent their letters of agency to the state; they now need to sign up for erate which will cover the cost of the installation.   Once the fiber connection is installed, the cost for service through CEN could still be $150 per month, minimum, plus a maintenance fee.  A bonus is that the CEN will not bill until July of 2017, so basically the first year is free.

The bottom line is that if libraries without a fiber connection should follow the steps to have it installed.  Whether or not it will be more cost effective is yet to be determined, as the numbers coming from CEN seem to be changing.  Also, libraries that participate in erate will need to start filtering-requirements are posted on the CIPA website.

This discussion will continue, hopefully with more information available at the next meeting.


  1. New London High School: Suzanne Maryeski asked if LION would provide a proposal for New London High School to join the consortium.  Richard Conroy made a motion to allow Alan to provide an estimate; Sandy Ruoff seconded the motion and all voted in favor.


  1. Shoutbomb Proposal: Janet Flewelling reported that the LUX committee has researched an SMS platform that integrates with Sierra and sends two-way text messages (ie holds notices, etc.) The cost is $7460 to install, with a $4960 annual maintenance fee.  There was some discussion of the product, and the decision was tabled until the next meeting so that members could have more time to try it out.


VIII. Reports:


  1. LION Committees:


-Nominating: Sandy Ruoff reported that the following members are nominated for positions in the 2016-2017 fiscal year:

Trish Tomlinson:               President
Marian Amodeo:              Vice President/President Elect
Bob Hull:                             Treasurer
Alice Pentz:                        Secretary


-Planning/Negotiations: Karen Roesler reported that the committee will solicit feedback from libraries by first dividing them into 3 regions, with a host library for each region.  The host libraries are Meriden, Durham and East Lyme.  Sometime in the next few weeks, members will receive a doodle poll invitation from their host library to choose a meeting date to discuss issues pertaining to the future of LION.


VIII. Old Business: none

IX. New Business: none

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17 at 2:00 pm.  Location to be announced.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Karen Jensen.

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