Board Minutes, 2016 08


9:30 a.m.

August 16, 2016

Wallingford Public Library


Present: Bonny Albanese (MA), Marian Amodeo (HA), Colleen Bailie (WH), Deb Barberi (MD),Matt Beardsley (LION), Nancy Bruckner (NW), Melissa Canham-Clyne (BE), Beth Crowley (MA), Richard Conroy (EX), , Brandie Doyle (MD), Meryl Farber (OR), Mary Fiorelli (OL) Jane Fisher (WA), Janet Flewelling (WA),Andy Gardner (LION), Michael Gilroy (RA), Alan Hagyard (LION), Bob Hull (NB/NT),  Karen Jensen(BL) Pat LaTerza (NH), Jess Lobner (ML), Rob McCoole (GU)Cornell McNair (NW), Katie Nazarian (MC),Brittany Pearson (WE)Tom Piezzo (HA), Alice Pentz (ST), Karen Roesler (ME), Cyndi Shirshac (DU), Justin Strickland (LION), Lisa Timothy (EL),   Michele Van Epps (OS) Eric Werthmann (WD),  Rick Widlansky (LION)

I. Call to Order: Jane Fisher called the meeting to order at 9:41. Introductions and library news

II. Additions to Agenda: None

III. Public Comment: None

IV. Approval of Minutes from June 28, 2016 Richard C. moved. Marian A. seconded.

V. Treasurer’s Report: Bob Hull noted the personnel increase in the budget was due to the Leap Year. Lisa T. moved to approve.  Karen R. seconded.


  1. DeliverIT: Richard C, Eric W. and Colleen B. are part of a joint study group with LCI members to review service and investigate other options. The service was described as the “infrastructure for our libraries” and deemed essential whether it is provided by the State library or other. Alan stated that the 5 hold limit had resulted in a 30% reduction in holds from May 9-Aug. 15. The number of patrons placing holds went up. Some libraries are still experiencing significant backlogs of bins not delivered. Hamden Library reported more than 100 bins that day. The next task force meeting is August 24. The next State Library Board meeting is September 26 at 1:00. Beth Crowley has written a letter to library patrons describing the DeliverIT                                                                                           She offered to send it out for other libraries to modify for their own use.
  2. Network: Rick has been working to fend off hacking on the LION website. CIPA compliance requires every PC must be filtered, including staff computers. He is reviewing filtering vendors and the costs: Sophos and iboss, for libraries upgrading their networks.
  3. Shoutbomb: Janet F. submitted reviews and cost of purchasing the Shoutbomb texting service for LION. Motion was made by Beth C. to adopt the service. Colleen B. seconded. There was discussion about the costs possibly impacting the purchase of other services. The motion carried, with two opposed.  Alan will contact the vendor rep. to discuss


  1. Shared Objects: Brittany P. updated the lending policies for the Shared Object program, based on recommendations from the Board review. The total cost of the selected objects is $12,786.91.  The items will be housed at the LION office.  They will not circulate through the DeliverIT service. Borrowing libraries will make arrangements for delivery. The objects will be purchased in September, a website for sharing will be created this fall and the objects will be ready to circulate by January 2017. Descriptions and reviews will be posted on the
  2. Collection HQ: Additional web demos will be offered so the board can review this software for creating and managing library collections. The price is significant: $34,000 with a set up cost of $10,000.
  3. The next meeting is scheduled for October


  1. LION Staff: Alan brought up the issue of self-registration and access to Overdrive. Should we allow access to Overdrive with a temporary card? The consensus is that the service was not being abused and we will discuss it at a later date. Andy reported that there will be a Sierra upgrade in a few weeks. Justin is planning a Minecraft meeting in mid-September and he will review the service with participating
  2. LION Committees:

-The LUX committee met on June 9. 3 titles were added to ZINIO and an auto checkout default was removed from Overdrive. The next meeting is September 29 in New London.

– The eBooks committee has a new budget. They are purchasing $11,250 per month, with 80% spent on adult materials. They are reviewing demand and the high holds list. There were a record 20,000 plus checkouts in July. Deb B. is requesting another volunteer from the Board to help maintain the collection, both purchasing and weeding titles. She said Collection HQ might help with the maintenance. They are planning a fall meeting.




The Board offered best wishes to Mary Fiorelli as she retires as Director of Old Lyme Library.


X. ADJOURNMENT: A motion was made by Melissa C. to adjourn. Richard C. seconded. The meeting adjourned at 11:50.



Minutes respectfully submitted by Alice Pentz.

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