Board Minutes 2016 10


 9:30 a.m.

October 25, 2016

Meriden Public Library


Present:  Bonny Albanese (MA), Marian Amodeo (HA), Colleen Bailie (WH), Michelle Baker (ME),Deb Barberi (MD), Gale Bradbury (LB),  Beth Crowley (MA), Richard Conroy (EX),  Lew Daniels (WE), Brandie Doyle (MD), Meryl Farber (OR), Jane Fisher (WA), Janet Flewelling (WA),Andy Gardner (LION), Michael Gilroy (RA),Susan Griffiths (NH), Alan Hagyard (LION),  Bob Hull (NB/NT),  Karen Jensen(BL) Pat LaTerza (NH),  Jess Lobner (ML),Suzanne Maryeski (NL), Cornell McNair (NW), Katie Nazarian (MC),Tom Piezzo (HA), Alice Pentz (ST), Karen Roesler (ME), Sandy Ruoff (GU, Lisa Timothy (EL),   Michele Van Epps (OS) Eric Werthmann (WD),  Rick Widlansky (LION)

I. Call to Order:  Jane Fisher called the meeting to order at 9:45.

II. Additions to Agenda—members were invited to gather after the Board meeting to discuss the DeliverIT service and presenting a collective voice to the State Library Board at the November 14

III. Public Comment: None

IV. Approval of Minutes from August 16, 2016. Karen R. moved to approve.  Beth C. seconded.

V. Treasurer’s Report: Bob will meet with Alan soon to plan for dues for next year.  Marian A. made a motion to approve.  Karen J. seconded.


  1. Strategic Plan:  Karen R. will schedule a meeting with a smaller group by December.
  2. Best Practices: Jane will resend an earlier email that reviewed circulation policies, universal sharing of materials, uniform loan periods for materials and whether to continue with overdue fees or switch to a “pay as you wish” model where it is feasible.  These Best Practices issues will be discussed at upcoming Strategic Planning meetings.  There was a request to Alan and Andy to let us know how best to simplify practices within the Sierra system as we attempt to implement shared best practices.
  3. Budget:  Alan reported that Library Connection has added a $50,000 contingency delivery service fund to their budget for next year.  He asked if LION should also consider increasing reserve funds for possible delivery contingencies.  An as-needed, one-time courier service would cost approximately $500 to handle backups in delivery.  The Board discussed the idea of increasing reserve funds to handle intermittent delivery problems in the future.   The State Library Board will meet in November and hear from a consultant hired to review the DeliverIT program.  There should be more information on the status of the program over the next few months.   Alan will propose different budget scenarios with possible costs of covering some of the delivery expenses.  Brandie D. proposed looking into Open Source to reduce ILS fees as part of the Strategic Plan.
  4. collectionHQ: Alan contacted other library systems using collectionHQ and found that there are concerns about it working in a consortium.  Any LION library should proceed on its own with this service.
  5. Next meeting: December 13, 2016.  Russell Library, Middletown.



  1. LION Staff: Alan reported that Shoutbomb was complicated to set up.  He is working on a Help Page with the intent of going live in early November.  Libraries can begin promoting.  Report any problems to Alan with patron barcode # and item barcode #.  A staff member has to register for broadcast capability.  Alan will send instructions.  It is possible to create subsets for patrons to choose.

Andy reported that that the Sierra 2.3 upgrade was completed.  A problem with the holdshelf is being assessed by Sierra.

Rick reported that the head of CEN left which leaves some uncertainty with the program.  Fiber upgrades will go forward and begin in Spring 2017.  Rick is still investigating various filtering options.  There could be fees for fiber in the future.


  1. LION Committees:
  • Nominating:  Sandy will nominate a Vice President by January 2017.
  • Finance:  will meet at a later date
  • Personnel:  None
  • Planning:  Strategic Planning meeting dates will be announced.
  • Bibliographic:  None
  • Circulation:  Have not held meeting recently; Nov. meeting tbd.
  • Lux:  Met on Sept. 29.  Discussion of Overdrive.  The Recommend feature has been turned off.  Hoping Overdrive will fix the problem.
  • eBooks:  Deb reported that it is too soon to analyze the statistics on new budget as it has only be in effect for 3 months.  Her new committee members have been purchasing about $11,000 worth of titles a month with 80% going towards adult.  The selection committee focuses on high holds, new items and expired titles.  She said they could use more help with assessing renewal of expired titles.  They plan to review the collection development policies.  Some publishers are charging more for a title when it becomes popular causing a problem with the holds ratio.  There was a discussion among Board members about funding eBooks at the cost of the Print budgets.



X. Adjournment: Beth C made a motion to adjourn.  Lisa T. seconded.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Alice Pentz.
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