Circulation Minutes 2009 06

Lion Circ. Meeting – Thursday June 11th 2009

Items we discussed:

Moving on from Holds Task Force: Alan provided feedback from the Holds Task Force, and we discussed Wallingford’s and Guilford’s change in policy in terms of transit holds. The main ‘controversial’ material continues to be New Books and DVDs. Wallingford and Guilford libraries have decided upon a policy of reciprocity in the interests of fairness and equality. Each library stated that they would be happy to send out any holdable materials to any library which would reciprocate in this. Meriden and Middletown intimated they would soon be joining Wallingford and Guilford in this approach.
It emerged from the discussion that there was some confusion as to how Hold priorities were established. We clarified that holds are prioritized according to pick up location. For example, if a piece of material is owned by Guilford, then patrons who elect to pick it up at Guilford will be prioritized over others.

The Paging Lists: We talked about running the Item and Title paging lists, including Alan’s views of best practice for Lion libraries. Each list should be run at least once, preferably twice per day. Items on the list not found on the shelf should be marked missing (or trace.)

Stale Holds Lists and Single Copy Holds Lists: Andy is continuing to send out stale holds list. We should all be auctioning these regularly in order to clean up the stale holds in the system. If you are still unsure as to how to deal with these stale holds, feel free to contact Andy, Alan or me (Julian.)

Placing Item Level Holds: Unless there is a good reason to do so, we should not be placing Item level holds. Doing so generally reduces the options for a patron who is waiting for a hold.

Miscellaneous Holds topics: Thanks to Alan for the new HELP screen in the OPAC: I think many of us, as well as our patrons, will find useful information there.
We took a look at the High Demands Holds function available with the new iii release. If you have any questions as to how this works, please do contact Alan, Andy or Julian.

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