Circulation Minutes 2009 10

Lion Circ. Committee Meeting 10-08-09 Notes

Alan discussed patron blocks and how we currently limit materials for patrons (e.g. the number of CDs or DVDs a patron can have checked out on their card at any one time.) We all agreed that the current system is working just fine, although it does mean that some libraries will occasionally need to override limits.

Print Notices: There was some discussion as to whether we wanted to move away from the carbon print notices we are currently using to warn patrons of overdue materials. The current notices can be difficult to read by the time they are delivered to patrons, and Alan has investigated the following alternatives:
-A non-carbon print notice. However, the print of these notices was quite faint, and appeared no better than our current notices;
-Laser printed notices. This option would require investment in a new laser printer, and Alan stated he wished to do more research on the pricing and efficacy of this approach.
As an alternative to these options, we discussed moving to a generic postcard warning patrons that they had overdue materials. This appeared to be the most popular solution, and we agreed we would take the following suggestion to the Lion Board:
Instead of sending out first (detailed) overdue notices, Lion will mail generic postcards warning patrons they have overdue materials and providing contact details for potential renewals. This should both save money, and overcome the problems of illegibility we sometimes experience with the current carbon notices. We will continue to send out detailed Bills where necessary.

Recovery of Overdue Materials: We had a general discussion about how Lion libraries individually go about recovering overdue materials. The advantages and disadvantages of a collection agency were discussed, as well as the dollar amount at which library privileges are withdrawn.
We also discussed amnesty days. A number of libraries said they used amnesty days to recover material, and both Meriden and Durham said they would be using them in December. This led to a discussion as to whether it was acceptable to waive other libraries fines during amnesty periods. There was no absolute agreement on this point, and it was agreed that this might be something the Lion Board would wish to discuss further.

Password Protecting Hold Override functionality: Wallingford Library explained how it was using different levels of iii privileges to reduce the number of staff members who can override hold blocks. It was agreed that individual libraries who were interested in this functionality should contact Alan or Andy.

Self-Check Systems: Wallingford and Durham gave reports of their self-check systems. Each library was very happy with the system they have in place, and offered further information to any interested libraries.

Circulation Sounds: Wallingford Library explained how they were using different sounds available in the circulation module to differentiate between scans performed. This is being done in an effort to reduce user errors. Any libraries interested in using this iii feature should contact Julian or Alan.

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