Circulation Minutes 2013 03

Circulation Meeting Minutes 3/28/2013


New Lion library : Acton –Old Saybrook

– In preparation for adding Acton, Alan did an analysis of short barcodes in LION.  There are around 500 that are not the standard length (11 or 14 digits).  Some of these are clearly errors, but it appears that people are intentionally entering short barcodes for their own purposes – quick retrieval of in process records seems to be one.  Given that Acton has “real” short barcodes, this could cause a problem.

– Hamden and Bethany interested in Lion

Search/Holds Function

– Order of request type in dropdown to be changed so that Barcode is first

– also note that ‘b’ can be entered and barcode will pop-up –  or ‘t’ and title will pop-up – or ‘a’ and author will pop up


Patron Expiration Date    

 – Agreed to have the “Override” message displayed if patron card has expired – can override at all user levels.  Implementation in the works.

– Each library decides how to deal with their patrons and patrons from other Lion libraries. Most seem to override expired patron card – but do not update in the system.

– Please package the 2 North Branford libraries – Atwater & Edward Smith – separately. Route # for each is A137.

– If problems see contacts and numbers:

In transit List
– Need to check shelves for in-transit items. Can run our own reports.

– send Lion list of old in-transits to Ccar?  They could look in their cars and warehouse.

Create Lists
– get rid of your old lists – queries can be saved to run again

– if need list for awhile report can be saved to smaller list

New Mailer Server
– if problems check with Rick

– check Sierra email responses from patrons –usually holds & notices responses

Series – dvds
– no Lion rules – each library packages & assigns our loan rules of how many out at one time / how long

Logins & assigned functions
– Can be changed – contact Lion

Print Icon at top of patron page
 – is a random problem


Call number searches
-are a mess in create lists and opac searches
Click to see how Michelle from Meriden is using Create Lists for call #s:

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