Circulation Minutes 2014 06


Circulation Meeting Minutes June 5th, 2014

New Lion library : Hamden

– Plan to go live with Lion and Sierra on July 22.
– don’t put items on hold yet

Create Lists
– Empty/delete report lists – queries can be saved to run again –
– if need report for awhile report can be saved to smaller list or exported

In transit List
– Need to check shelves for in-transit items. Can run our own reports.
– New status “K” for missing in transit –
          – message field will include “in transit too long”
          – sometimes is not removed when item is checked in – so have to remove (Alan is contacting Sierra)
– Andy will run old in-transit lists – do we need to set date when these will be checked?
– Send list to Ccar – ask them to look for items under the seats in cars? Vans? warehouses?

Duplicate Patron Records
– patrons records can be merged if items and history warrant it
– Alan will send instructions

CCard field in patron records
– Connecticut Libraries should be set up with a ccard code (our lion code 200) to distinguish and be counted as ILL in reports (not be counted in ccard).
          – Also can use Lion patron type 0 for further identifying ILL types.
– People/patrons should be set up with hometown library ccard # and activity will be counted in ccard reports.
– Alan will change CCARD stats template to reflect Rathbun / East Haddam changes.

Miscellaneous patron record issues
– Lion email shows email delivery rejections for Sierra notices (hold/late)
          – Add message to patron record requesting email update (include date/library)
          – also can use Patron Message “Check email address”
          – remove message when corrected.
– Can add an address line using dollar sign ("$") as a separator

C-Car Issues
– Follow CCar instructions for branches and same town libraries
          – Ledyard Bill (b-94) & Ledyard Gales Ferry (b-93) are individual libraries
          – Rathbun ?
          – libraries with branches,  wrap items separately and write branch name of remarks line
                    – North Branford (A-137) Smith / Atwater
                    – West Haven (A-205) Main / Mason / Piantino
                    – Hamden (A-75) Miller / Whitneyville / Community

Billed Items / Issues
– Judy S. – survey
– Payment may be collected by lending library for Lost and/or Damaged items belonging to other libraries, have   check/money order made out to the owning library.
– Appears most libraries block patrons only when items are billed/lost.
– Billed/lost Items while usually suppressed or withdrawn are left on patrons records
– Varies by library as to when items are withdrawn from system

Hold Issues
– If problems – like message on OPAC “call library for status” item usually on holdshelf
          – notify Lion with questions 
– Patrons can use “frozen” on opac to delay holds – or ask library to modify receive date
– when are email notices sent? Is there a problem?
– currently sent at 5am – perhaps should sent be more often
– Alan will test running at other times – early afternoon and closing (8/9pm)

Agency Holds
– the Board approved adding the Agency Holds module to Sierra which allows hold prioritization for libraries with branches. No date has been set.

Reciprocal borrowing policies
– Mitchell / East Lyme Students using respective library cards at public libraries / vice versa.
– Libraries handling this differently based on internal policies
– back to Board meeting – EH and MC patron cards not guaranteed use at LION libraries?

Report training needed
– need to schedule with Lion

Thanks to Old Saybrook for use of their meeting room.
Next meeting September


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